The Collusion In Jackson County, Ga DFCS between the Guardian Ad Liteum and Foster Care Provider

Once again I have it on excellent authority that collusion is the norm in Jackson County DFCS. It is amazing how I find out things when it is all supposed to be secret. But that is the problem with secrecy it does come to the light.
Today I found out that Deidra Sands a guardian et libum who is involved with Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thaomason, Sara Louvelle Texanna and Karly Nicole Wilfawn and Donna Webb who is their foster care provider are in bed together (in the figurative sense). It appears that Deidra and Donna have a system worked out where Donna helps snatch children for Donna to care for and get the money.
Now that in itself would appear to be impossible, however, it isn’t. Again due to my sources I found out Donna who is a stay at home mom makes between $150,000.00 and 174,000.00 per year. Would someone please tell me how that is possible if one is not employed. Her husband only makes between 32 and 40K a year. These people just recently built a new house in Madison County and moved from their old house which was 864 square feet with one bathroom. They have six foster children who live in this house.The children are stacked up like cordwood, but yet Samantha is told she must have a bedroom for each child.
The new house was bought using and paid off off the backs of these foster children.
Jackson County is a small county and most of the people who live there know each other – are related to each other – or socialize with each other. So it is a great way to “find a way to earn extra money” aka stolen children. Deirdre also makes money off the girls 5.” Compensation. O.C.G.A. §15-11-8(4) “Reasonable compensation for a guardian ad litem” [shall be a charge upon the funds of the county upon
certification thereof by the court]. In paternity actions, O.C.G.A. §19-7-44
provides that “payment of the guardian ad litem shall be as ordered by the court.”
Deidra Sands has done everything she knows how to keep the three girls away from their mother. She has belittled Samantha, talked bad about her, tried to influence Judge Guidry, verably abused Samantha and even said the children don’t want to be with their mother. All of this so she keep the girls in Donna’s care.
According to my sources this is not the first time she and Donna have colluded. Apparently they know each other very well.
According to the job description of a Guardian et Lidum they are not supposed to curry favor for anyone. They are supposed to be impartial, however, that is not happening in the county.
The system is broken there is now one watching the watchers, there is no one making sure that parents are not railroaded and families destroyed all because stealing children for profit has become a money making business. The losers are the families and their children. It is all in black and white.
It is time to give these girls back to their mother it is time to put the brakes on and it is way past time to stop the corruption that is an epedimic in this county. It is time for an investigation into the corruption and cronyism that is taking over.

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One Response to The Collusion In Jackson County, Ga DFCS between the Guardian Ad Liteum and Foster Care Provider

  1. Amanda Harrell says:

    I am in a similar situation only my Gaurdian Ad Litem takes children to adopt them permanatley for money! there are many that believe she is apart if the illegal adoption ring that is going around in West Virginia..They stole my two small children because I missed an immunization!! Two years since ive been with my babies and its killing me please if you know anything that would help i lost my rights but am in the process of filing for a federal lawsuit to sue them for my kids back this is a Travesty and needs to be delt with I just cant find anyone to back me up so PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION CONTACT ME ASAP!! OR ANYONE WHO DOES THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AMANDA HARRELL


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