Tempra Fields Caseworker Jackson County GA DFCS and Judge Kevin Guidry Strike Again!

About twenty minutes ago Samantha was served court papers again, this time for Feb 9,2011. These papers are for child support. This is so asinine. She goes to court later this month for them to take away her rights as a parent and now they add insult to injury by suing her for child support. This is called double dipping. They are already getting money from the Federal Governement and so is Donna Webb the Foster Care provider.
This county must really be very broke to pull this type of illegal stunt. They have already stolen her children Shawna, Karly and Sara for profit and now they want another pound of flesh from Samantha. How more corrupt and greedy can one county get? This county must be investigated by an independant source. The judge needs to be investigated as well.
It is time to stop the corruption of Tempra Fields, caseworker Jackson County DFCS, Judge Kevin Guidry Juvenile Court Piedmont district. IT is time time to give these children back to their mother. She owes them nothing. They stole her children and now are holding them hostage for a ransom of child support. Wrong on so many levels. Donna Webb the foster mother lives high off the hog in her new house built off the backs of these girls while thier mother struggles to make ends meet and jumps through all the hoops that Jackson County and the court has put in front of her just to show she “deserves” her children.
They had no intent of ever giving Samantha her children back, and yet they still want to blackmail her and steal from her. This should be criminal
Time to bring them home

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3 Responses to Tempra Fields Caseworker Jackson County GA DFCS and Judge Kevin Guidry Strike Again!

  1. Elisa Breitenbach says:

    This family will be in my prayers. I only wish that I could help them more somehow. The days are long and the nights are longer but the weekends are by far the worst. If this mother reads this please know you are not alone. Try and learn how to blog. It truly helps and when you do try to go to sleep. Know that you have done your best. That is what is important. That is what truly matters. Only hang out with people with Good Hearts. The world is full of Dark Hearts. Keep an arms length away from them and take care. Never ever give up on being a “Mom”. No matter what they put on paper YOU know the TRUTH!!! xox


  2. AutieZombieGirl says:

    I understand this so well. I’m paying child support here in Indiana for my son who I have not been allowed to see or talk to in 3 years. It’s heart breaking what the family courts get away with!


  3. Kelley S. Seabolt says:

    It amazes me that the courts will pull crap like this…I feel your pain, my son who should be back in my custody (and should never have been taken) but the person that has him is BEATING him with what amounts to a wooden oar. I had the local police go out and check him after getting him on audio and video and the police said they asked his “Captor” and he admitted he hit my son with a sorority paddle but they left him with the Captor! IT IS IN THE POLICE REPORT! THIS IS THE REAL ABUSE!
    BUT NO they have to take these poor girls away from their mom. They make her lose her home, her family, her way of life and then to make matters worse they are paying someone else to keep her children from her. This other woman is telling them that their mother does not care about them, or that it is ok to not want to go see her if they don’t want to. This paid jailer as I see the “foster” woman is just using the children for her own benefit. The children are forming what my son has formed with his uncle it is called Stockholm’s Syndrome. (Stockholm Syndrome describes the behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors.) They are young and form bonds easily. They are they VICTIMS. Just like my son is with his captor.
    They need to return Samantha’s girls to her but instead of returning the girls to her and going after the real criminals really abusing children. They choose to harass people like Samantha and I that could not afford to fight back. Samantha I am sorry I cannot afford to help more than pray hard that somehow someone with intelligence will come forward and do the right thing. It is all I can do right now but if enough of us do it maybe it will work.


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