Jackson County DFCS Is Taught How to Steal Children

Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Karly Nicole and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn they will always belong to their mother Samantha

The State of Georgia and Jackson County DFCS in particular know how to terminate a parents rights without all the required standards. They are in fact taught this in a workshop “Best Practices in Termination and Adoption Cases, A report from the Best Practices in Adoption Workshops – A Project of the Georgia Model Courts Projects.” Yes it is available on the internet. If I can find it anyone can.
In this workshop the caseworker is plainly instructed to gear up toward adoption and not really work with the parent no matter how hard the parent it striving toward their goal of getting their children back.
This is a direct quote from this workshop “The best practice is to continue to offer reunification services until the petition to terminate parental rights is heard unless there is a specific finding by the Court that continuation of reunification efforts is, in fact detrimental to the child. This is a high threshold that should not be compromised. Discontinuation of reunification services is not a condition precedent to the filing of a termination action and in fact, discontinuation of reunification services prior to termination seems to be in disfavor with the Court of Appeals. The WorkGroup believes that, unless actual harm would result to the child, reunification services should continue to be offered up to the time parental rights are terminated. There was some concern expressed about this practice making for unnecessary work for the Agency and the panels. However, the reunification plan is already in place and all that has to be done is to monitor progress. Also, in most cases, the parents are not, in fact, accessing the services offered anyway, so there is not a lot of work involved in offering and monitoring services. We believe that the value in offering the services and the impact that may have in the appellate courts outweighs the disadvantage of continuing to offer services. This approach also allows us to avoid the necessity of having a permanency hearing except in cases where it is absolutely necessary, that is where actual detriment to the child can be clearly established. Keep in mind also that, if the time frames proposed herein are met, we are not talking about continuing to offer the services for an extended period of time .”

In the case of Alice Samantha Thomason, she has met all of her requirements except for housing which Jackson County DFCS is supposed to help her acquire un title IV-E Funding. They have not made reasonable effort to do this. Also there is no reason for her rights to be terminated because she has taken advantage of “ALL” that was offered. She finished her Parenting Classes, her Anger Management Classes and her Therapy. These “Services “ are part of the larger Ponzie Scheme that DFCS has built. They are paid by DFCS which gets their money off the backs of the children they stole.
Samantha also has a job. But yet she has received a set of papers to appear in Court on Jan 24 the day before her Birthday to have her children placed on the auction block. And yes that is a true statement.
Gary Stangler who resigned as Director of Missouri’s Department of Social Services stated “As soon as I take a kid out of a home, I begin to earn money for the cost of caring for that child. All of the Federal Incentives are in the Institutional Side.”
This is exactly what is happening to Samantha and her children, Jackson County DFCS has been making money off of these three girls and stand to make even more once they sell them to the Foster Care Provider Donna Webb who also will make a mint off them. She will get money for the “Adoption Fees” which she can claim on her taxes and she will also be sent a check for each girl until they are eighteen years old. Jackson County gets upwards to $20,000 per girl and so does Judge Kevin Guidry’s court. Last but not least Tempra the case worker gets a bonus. What a nice present here at the end of the year for all concerned, that is except for Samantha and her children who will be destroyed and torn apart.
They had no intention of ever giving Samantha her children back. They intent from the first day was to sell them. They just had to go through the motions to cover their backs just in case it went south. They are taught very well how to manipulate the system, Samantha had ten caseworkers, and just as many case plans. She has been threatened, abused and harassed in order to keep her in line. That is in order to keep her beat down so she could not fight the termination of her rights as a parent. The thing is they didn’t beat her down. Sure, they may say on paper that she is not any longer their mother, but they can never erase the fact that she is indeed their mother and always will be. She gave them birth she has loved them through all of the things that have been thrown at her. She has withstood persecution, abuse, and threats by Jackson County DFCS. Donna Webb may change their name to WEBB but she will never be their mother. She will always be just a paid baby sitter.
Those of us who have been involved with the corruption – greed and abuse of CPS, DFCS know what they do and how they operate. It has nothing to do with the “Best Interest of the Child” it has to do with “MONEY” and how much they can rake in especially now with the economy in the tank. When the unemployment in Jackson County is at 12.5% that means no taxes are being paid, if no taxes are being paid then there is no money in their coffers. Yes, it is your tax dollars that is buying my grandchildren and all the other children who are stolen for profit.

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