Jackson County, Ga DFCS Is Getting Ready to Sell three Children for Profit

Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Karly Nichole and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn on the Aution Block

The latest on the abduction of Samantha Thomason’s children Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly Nichole and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn (her great grandmother’s namesake) happened today. She was served a wad of papers that resembled a Sears and Roebuck Catalog by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. The essence of this wad of papers was two court dates, One Jan 24th the day before her birthday and it was to appear in Judge Kevin Guidry’s court to terminate her parental rights. The second set was a court date for Feb 17th for what reason we have no idea. The third set of papers was her case plan for each of her girls. Now this set of papers is a joke as she has already fulfilled all of her plan with the exception of housing. She has a job which she loves – in face she had one when her children were stolen. According to Title IV-E Funding Jackson County is supposed to help her find housing- and if they tell Judge Guidry that they have made reasonable effort to help her they will be lying. As usual.
Now back to the first set of this catalog- There is no way in hell that she deserves to have her rights terminated. That is unless one believes the Foster Care Provider Donna Webb who was promised the girls where she got them. She was told they would be adoptable and she could adopt them.
Now for the sake of this discussion if this does occur, Jackson County DFCS will get thousands of dollars under title IV_E Funding for terminating Samantha’s rights. The caseworker Tempra will also get a bonue and Donna Webb will continue to receive money on the girls until they are 18 years old. That should pay for her new house which she bought off the money she now gets for them as their baby sitter.
The kicker is that Judge Guidry’s court will get at least $16,000.00 per girl for taking them away from their mother. Yes Slavery is alive and well in Jackson County DFCS.
Now to the second set of papers in this catalog – The court date in Feb. the question that begs to be asked is this Why give her another court date when they are planning on stealing her children for good. She had already received this set of papers last week via a Jackson County Deputy Sheriff. He was even confussed as to why he was serving them again.
We all know that Donna Webb the foster care provider is manipulating Shawna the oldest girl – She is encouraging Shawna to say she does not trust her mother or love her. I know Shawna and I know that Shawna is very good at the manipulaiton game. She knows how to play people She has known how to do that since she was little. Donna is encouraging that. Donna wants the girls for her own personal gain and she will do anything she can to make it happen.
Samantha has had no representation in the court room in over a year, her PD Crandell Heard quit- he of course was worthless. He had no idea what he was doing or that he was supposed to appear with her at the panel hearings.
At this last Panel Hearing Samantha was threatened because of this blog, Donna Webb was allowed to say that Shawna who is ten years old is afraid of her mom and doesn’t trust her- Shawna as not made to testify. Samantha was not allowed to rebut this statement nor cross examine the alledged professional who said that Shawna told her that. The professional didn’t even show up –
So it was a gang bang on Samantha by Jackson County DFCS, the Panel, Deidra Shands the Guardian et Litum and Rebecca Boles with CASA and of course the foster care provider Donna Webb. It has come down to revenge for this blog.
Samantha has completed all of her case plan but housing. She deserves to get her children back, but according to Tempra the caseworker “The Feds” are on their backs. that is not the case, they need the money.
Time to give the children back to their mother, who loves them and didnt deserve to lose them in the first place.
Several years ago a casworker that I knew who worked at Jackson County DFCS told me that no child needs to be in the system because once they are – they never get out. This proves her point!

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2 Responses to Jackson County, Ga DFCS Is Getting Ready to Sell three Children for Profit

  1. CPS is above the law. They have the power to do as they please with children. Not because they are into Child Saving. The inguiry will do nothing. I am sure we could list endless times different states have already done an inquiry. What we need is to end the total lack of lawlessness our children face to be a paycheck for these people. I have sat in court cases in Topeka. For what ever reason the judges don’t care that SRS is breaking Fed and State laws along with SRS own policy. People are in shock what is going on but no one knows what to do to save the children from CPS. All we can do is write. Thank You for your powerful stories!!!


  2. yvonnemason says:

    Thank you for your comment. And you are right, the pen is very powerful. The reason the judges don’t care is they get a cut of the pie when a child is adopted out. They get it through the Title IV-E Funding. They are all in bed together and like the IRS they don’t care who they hurt in the process. They don’t care that 99% of these children wind up in the penal system as adults, that they age out of foster care and adoptive homes and wind up on the streets. They don’t care that they have literlly ripped them from loving families just for a profit. How these people sleep at night is beyond me. They will all answer for their deeds one day.


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