Henry County Ga DFCS allows a Child to Be Murdered in Foster Care WHY?

Georgia DFCS strikes again. Another child is murdered in Foster Care and the only person held accountable is the Man who did it. The Case workers get off scott free. They were told not to place this child in this home and they did anyway. This child was only a baby he didn’t have a chance. It is time to hold DFCS Accountable it is time to start charging them with criminal actions. We are losing to many children to the abuse of DFCS all over the country.

Foster Care Provider who Murdered Child

Foster Father Faces Felony Murder, Child Cruelty Charges
Joseph Charles Todd Dunn Charged With Murder
By Jennifer Mayerle, CBS Atlanta Reporter

POSTED: 2:55 pm EST November 16, 2010
UPDATED: 11:20 pm EST November 16, 2010

facebookdel.icio.usbuzzdiggreddit›› Email›› PrintHENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Henry County police said a foster father was arrested and faces charges of cruelty to children and felony murder after a 20-month-old child died while in his care.

Police said Russell Chapman died on Oct. 10 at Egleston Children’s Hospital from traumatic injuries.

The foster child lived with the Joseph Charles Todd Dunn’s family in a foster-to-adopt home along with his 3-year-old sibling, according to reports.

“He always called papa, mama when he needed something,” said a woman who was Chapman’s foster mother before he lived with the Dunns.

She doesn’t want to be identified, but she does want you to know her pain.

“He was like my little boy. I suffer a lot,” said the former foster mother.

Pictures taken in the hospital show Russell unconscious. At first no one knew how it happened. Police now say they’re sure Russell was killed, dying of blunt force trauma to the head.

Russell and his brother hadn’t been with their biological mother since last year. Michelle Johnson denies mistreating them and says she had her suspicions early on about what happened. On Oct. 13, Johnson said her boys never should have been placed with the Dunns.

“From what I understand, the case worker said, ‘Don’t put them in the home’ and the Department of Family and Children Services did anyway. And in July, Russell had a broken arm,” said Johnson.

Now Johnson, and Russell’s former foster mother are left asking, “what happened?”

“That boy shouldn’t be dead. Justice is good. He will have to pay for what he did,” said the former foster mother.

CBS Atlanta spoke to a representative for DFCS. She could not answer any questions about why Russell was placed with the Dunns in the first place.

Police said Russell’s brother is now with another foster family.


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7 Responses to Henry County Ga DFCS allows a Child to Be Murdered in Foster Care WHY?

  1. Kelley Sue says:

    And I quote “That boy shouldn’t be dead. Justice is good. He will have to pay for what he did,” said the former foster mother.” WTH???? It should never have happened. So what if he is going to pay for what he did. Personally I feel it should be an eye for an eye. The child died of blunt force trauma? But wait he had a broken arm a few months ago first so let’s start there! Did this not raise eyebrows back then??
    Even the biological mother said the caseworker said not to put the child in that home. But they did and now there is a Sweet Angel that through no fault of his own did not make his second birthday.
    Leaving it at “Justice is good, he will pay for what he did” is not good enough. He should pay and pay dearly. A life for a life. Not these life in prison sentences. I fully feel they should bring “Old Sparky” back to life down at the state prison in Jackson. They say that lethal injection is more “humane” but was what he did to that sweet baby humane? A broken arm and then blunt force trauma a few months later that ended his life. I don’t think we should be dragging it out when he is convicted. Why use our tax dollars to take care of him in prison. Convict him and then carry out the sentence. Saves tax dollars too.
    Maybe then we can afford to hire people that actually care in CPS?


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  3. CRystal dupree says:

    i believe that dfcs should be investigated like they investigate the parents…i am going to sue them myself for what they put me and my family through..in 2007 dfcs in cobb co took my children and my then three year old son complained of being hit and dfcs turned the other cheek..now we have a new case based on lies and i feel enough is enough..


  4. MGriffin says:

    Yes sir
    i do believe there is some corruption going on in Henry co DFCS cause my son has been railroaded by his estranged separated wife that while trying to to repair their marriage had him return home while still under restrain order she was guilty of inviting him back without first dropping the order but held it over his head ,now has received back child support for that time,,WRONG,,and also she has gotten papers served in a lighting speed somehow by fabricating lies of being the the good girl husbands wrong syndrome, i for a fact know someone that has taken 2 years to have papers for child support served, what is it ???
    i have witnessed for several years his wife abuse him Dragged him down my driveway torn the flesh off his toes and nothing happens to her she continually harasses him with text and phone calls with the restrain order in place doesn’t that apply to both party’s even if one orders it.? NO CONTACT… something is going terribly wrong in Henry co.she has managed to persuade the courts to garnish his wages to where he has NOTHING to even sustain his own well being, she even has managed to convince the IRS that he wasn’t living there during the last tax year and has somehow taken all of their joint filings,, something is WRONG maybe there needs to be a federal investigation into the some how corruption between DFCS and the county judges on some kind of KICK BACKS on DFCS cases because something is REALLY WRONG he has gone to hearing and basically wasn’t able to state or prove his side of the story, it was all ONE SIDED


  5. tasha says:

    My nieces and nephews are in foster care through Henery county defcs. I live an hour and half away I have been trying for 4 days now to get someone to set up an appointment so I can meet with them and get the kids here in my care.


  6. ann blandy says:

    Throw the so called foster parents in jail and throw away the key the defects officers that place these children into the hands of the monsters also need to be in prison throw em all on death row because these children shouldn’t have died to take them out of the original parents hands into the hands of the people that killed them.


  7. Linda Gilchrist says:

    This is why Im fighting so hard to get my neice out of the system. Dfcs would rather adopt her out. We have willing and able people in our family to take her. Look me up on crowdrise.


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