Reply to a comment by one Sally Baker who is clueless

Autmn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly Nicolle and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn with their real Mom Alice Samanth Thomason

I received this comment in my box today about one of the blogs that was posted about returning Samantha’s girls back to her. The writer of this comment whose name is Sally Baker and who wrote it from BlackShear Baptist Church in Flowery Branch. She wanted her fifteen minutes of fame so it shall be given to her. Below is her comment and it starts out with “What troubles me in reading this blog are the following:”
Now when I get a comment like that it tells me so much about the person writing it.
1. They are clueless
2.They have not been following this blog from the beginning
3. They have no idea how Child Protective Services works ie how corrupt they are and how they use children for money
4. They have no idea about Title IV-E Funding and how their tax money is supporting the buying and selling of children
5. They have a preconceived idea about how “wonderful CPS is and that if “A parent really didn’t deserve to have their children taken….”
6. Time to educate this person
So beginning with her comments like
“how can children be returned when the mother has nowhere to live with them and no stable job?”
When the children were stolen the mother had a stable job. Because of her constant apperances in court and because the other set of grandparents threw her out of her home that she was renting from them she lost her job and her home.

“how can a case plan be complete when those things aren’t intact?” Apparently this Sally Baker has no clue as to how many case plans caseworkers will put a parent on just to keep them off center. Everytime a new caseworker takes over they change the plan. Second there unemployement rate in Jackson County is above the national average at 12.5% the national average is 9%.

” Most case plans say stable housing and employment for a MINIMUM of 6 months. ”
The question is how does Sally Baker assume to know this unless she herself is a case worker or has heard others talking. There is no justifiable reason for these children not to be with their mother. She has done everything she was required to do and continues to look for a job and housing. Government housing is now a premium with over half the population in Jackson County out of work. There are only so many government apartments and even more people standing in line to fill out applications – even then there is a two year minimum wait. DFCS also had no justifible reason to snatch these girls and Judge Guidry knows it.

“Plus these little girls have been left in care for over 2 years now. who will give them the permanancy they need?”
This statement is more than absurd. They were with mother much longer then they have been in foster care. They were stable and it was permanant. Sally needs to go back and read the entire blog site.

“and when? how long must they suffer being torn between two families?”
They need to be returned now and if she had read titile IV-E Funding she would have seen that DFCS is supposed to help this mother aquire housing and job. She could support herself and her children on what Donna Webb is making off their backs. And that brings me to the next statement.

“and why do your articles keep calling them slaves? they aren’t slaves. are they being made to work for their keep?”
Sally Baker apparently hasn’t read about the 13th Amendment. Yes, they are slaves in the sense that a foster care provider is making tax free money from having them in her home. She is building a new house in Madison County using that tax free money. Oh yes, Ms. Baker that is your tax money she is using.
The people who are held in slavery don’t always have to work, they are bought and sold like cattle. They are not human they are commidities to be used as the buyer or seller sees fit.
And there you have it. The answers Ms. Sally Baker sought but will not like. The bottom line there is no one watching the watchers and they have become corrupt and greedy. It is all about the money.

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One Response to Reply to a comment by one Sally Baker who is clueless

  1. Prayersyourway says:

    I am so sorry this is happening to you and your Daughter. I think I went to school with her in Highschool (didnt know her personally). I just dont understand how DFCs can just take children. Weather you have a job and your own place to live does not effect your ability to parent and love your children. If I left my husband I wouldnt have a job and my own place, so are they gonna take them? I think not. Them little girl needs to be with their mother. I really feel for ya’ll and send prayers to you. Im ready over your blog now so dont know the full story, but I do know that this world is crooked, so please keep fighting. I am here to support ya’ll.


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