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Another Child Stolen by the State and Judge Whitwell

November 29, 2010 4 comments

Judy with her son the day he was stolen

Brief History-Prior to My finding out

During the summer of 2005 my son’s mini mare had a foal on John’s and my anniversary on 6/6/05…there was nothing implied or apparently wrong to my knowledge at that time. We had the mare at a friends house, that way she could help if there was a problem when he was born and I took Connor back and forth to see her. We told John via webcam and Connor was very excited. We named the colt Stryker in honor of the base (Ft Stryker) that Johnny was stationed at overseas at the time. We brought them home home when he was 2 weeks old.

My daughter and son spent time between our house and John’s parents for the summer, with me working a few days a week. We all lived on the same driveway on several acres. The kids had so much room to run and play. They had dogs, cats and horses of their own as well as horses I was training or rehabilitating. Both children helped with the horses. They helped in training, care and tack maintenance. I was running an equine/dog rescue and had been for a few yrs.

August rolled around and my mother had to have surgery and had complications landing her in the hospital for a week. Then we received the lab results of cancer . We were all stressed. I sent my daughter to spend a few weeks with them mid September to help her grandma out. Mom had to start radiation therapy. I even took her to a few VERY early in the AM. Despite the fact we lived 50+ miles from my parents. I was the model mom, daughter and Army Wife. I was going to Family Support meetings as well, helping where I could. Then I got an Email that ENDED my Ideal world…
I sent my daughter to my parents house I the night after I found out that my husband was cheating on me from his girlfriend.(as my daughter was old enough to understand what John had done, and to catch on, I wanted to shield her from getting involved). The Girlfriend, “Jessi,” had emailed me with all the details as well as told me that he also liked wearing women’s clothes. She sent her phone number to me and I called her. Apparently he had been seeing her since he had been deployed to Ft. Stewart. She did not know he was married, did not know he had step children or anything of the sort. Before he came home the last time before deployment overseas, he said a few things that did not sit right and apparently he also was talking to her on webcam as well from OUR house and closed it quickly one time when I came in the room and again when the kids did. She hacked his email and found out about me. She was livid and contacted me and told me everything. In light of everything I chose to get my daughter who was 12 and more apt to notice there was something afoot out of the house for a few weeks…if I had only done the same with my son…

Jessi (the girlfriend) over the next few days proceeded to send me several pictures of Johnny in drag. To be honest my first reaction was OMG that is my dress, shirt, etc! The next was I cannot believe this, how long has this been going on? She sent me pics and saved conversations, told me where I could find ads of his online (At sites such as I did not know what to do. I did go to his mother about his straying and thought she was just as appalled. She asked me to forward the email and I did. I warned her about what Jessi said and had pics to back it all up and she said not to say a thing to Johnny’s dad. I agreed. I had no clue they would do what they did. I was still going down there and eating dinner when I worked and the kids were there (at John’s parents) after school. They acted like nothing was wrong. The day BEFORE they took Connor, a friend of mine (Amanda) from Animal Control in Butts County who was always hanging around at my house after work had come over, and we both went riding and Connor wanted to ride double with me, so I stopped and let him. I used to have the pictures on CD but lost them in the war that John’s parents waged on me to be explained later on.


I came home from a family function (mine) and we were unloading from the car and all of a sudden John’s mom came tearing up the driveway and called Connor over to them. Then the Sheriff’s Dept. and Jackson Police showed up. I was served the paperwork that they were claiming a deprivation suit against me. I will not lie, I blew the hell up. I tried to get to my son and the cops showed me the temp custody order and I said I would have my parents pick him up, and they said it was not allowed. By this time, his mom had Connor in her car and was heading back to her house with him crying and trying to get to me and her saying he could not see me anymore, that I was not a good mom. He was bawling my heart was breaking and his dad was laughing. I told the cops to tell John’s dad to keep himself and his wife and his other family members off the property.

I went to Johnny’s command and demanded that he send his BAH (basic housing and allowance) to me since he was keeping it. I had been informed about this amount and the BAH from the Family Support Group leader. I felt Ignorant. Considering I did not see anything but about 100 a month for groceries that he sent me. He was getting about 900 a month with all of us. He was ordered to pay me by his commander that through his pay and direct deposit but he told them he would send me a check instead directly and I was to email his command when I received it each month.

In retaliation before my first court date he sent his parents a Power of Attorney. They took his F250 from me which I had been driving because Diesel was cheaper than Gas in my F-150. When they did that, John’s Dad started mouthing off at me and was waving some of my modeling pictures around. I knew then that someone had been in the house and in my computer. I had finally had enough and responded to him as I got my stuff out of the car and into the house…I looked at him from behind a cop and said “At least MY son does not wear his wife’s clothes and screw other men”. Granted I had told his mom originally I would not say anything about that to his dad but they took my son. Tough crap! I was pissed. He came after me and the cops almost arrested him for battery.

I called my parents and told them I was going to leave Liz with them because of what was going on and I called my son’s father and grandfather (his dad) for help. Ed & Matt Macleod agreed to come down so I could tell the judge I would like the custody removed from John’s parents since I was divorcing their lying cheating cross dressing son. Of course when that was done, they would no longer had any claim on my son. They were just trying to discredit anything I would say or do before I could expose their son for cross-dressing to the military and ruin his career and his pension. Matt and his dad hired an attorney (Denise Hemmann) She had the legitimization papers etc for me to sign so Matt and his dad could push their Motion to intervene and Defensive Response that first court date.

I gave her all the pics of John, even the unmentionable pics. She blew up some that even I was a bit embarrassed about to have in court. When we were called into the side room off of the main courtroom Matthew & Edward Macleod, Ms. Hemman, myself and my service dog, John’s parents and their attorney all went in. We settled in and I had to sit and listen to the Hodges bash me over and over, and over…I was not allowed to protest, defend myself, refute any of it, or see the pics that John’s mom pulled out of her purse. They were not taken by DFCS but by someone that broke into my house, trashed it and then took pics. But I got a glimpse of a few when I had Ed get Denise to grab a few. ***(I remembered back to a day when I told his mom I would leave a movie I made for her of John on the kitchen table so the door would be unlocked. I got home from work and I came home to a HUGE mess. The litter boxes were overturned all over the galley in the kitchen, I had a littermaid electric box hard to turn over by a cat! One of the cats was in the kids room hiding and their door was open there were toy boxes dumped everywhere. I had spent 2 hrs cleaning the room just that weekend. There was also dried dog poop in the room I was really mad at that and figured that John’s cousin did it because I would not let Connor spend the night. They say hindsight is 20/20 right?) *** We prodded Denise and she did not say anything. I did see one pic of dishes in the sink and I spoke up and said I objected because I did not eat condiments and there clearly some on those but Judge Whitwell basically told me to shut up and wait my turn and was not much nicer than that.
John’s parents went on and on, showing my modeling pics that had been stolen from my computer. ** I do say Stolen because I had taken to locking the doors and they had been pried open a few times already but the cops would not take a report because my ex gave them a power of attorney** I used to do all kinds of modeling but NO porn (Art/nude modeling yes, but again NO porn).

Finally, when pestered enough, Denise broke into their tirade of “lets slam Kelley and cover up our son being a cretin” and said “wait a minute, what about these pics?” and shoved the pics of John across the table…Judge Whitwell picked them up, glanced down, and threw them back at us and said OMG! How DARE you put those up here?!. I said “well, it IS the truth, and why we are here.” That is when she decided she had heard enough for the day. Started preaching at me for having such a nasty house, and how I must be on drugs and demanded I take a test at my cost at these certain places they used($100-150 I think).

I asked again for a court appointed attorney so I would have a voice, and she said call legal aid…I told her they were not set up to help people like me only cases like of family violence etc. She shrugged and blew me off, kept temporary custody with John’s parents but gave Matt and Ed visitation, and ordered Kristi Rowell as the GAL, and that the GAL was to investigate the homes of Matthew & Edward Macleod, and John’s parents. Once this was completed, to make a report to the court of her findings. Judge Whitwell never ordered the GAL to come check the original house. I also had told her I had a new residence and she never told the GAL to check that, either. Judge Whitwell then ordered a continuance to reappear in Court for 27 October 2005. When the Gavel came down, and everyone started to get up, I waited because it takes me longer. I called my Service Dog up to help me brace to stand. And All Hades broke loose!

Judge Whitwell jumped out of her chair and started screeching and screaming at me. And I quote “How dare I bring a God Da*n dog in her God Da*n Courtroom? Who the F**k did I think I was? I must be on Drugs to bring a God Da*n Dog in her F**king courtroom! Her secretary and I think the GAL tried to stop her and tell her that she could not say that to me. She told them “the hell she could not, it was her God Da*n Courtroom and her God Da*n Courthouse she made the rules. I was not blind.” I almost fell three times trying to stand I was so scared and shocked I especially needed Sydney’s help. She then told the Secretary and GAL to change my drug test to a follicle test and I had to go get it done that day! I got out of that courtroom as fast as I could. I did not stop I just got out and ignored my parents too. We got outside and I was bawling. John’s parents and their Lawyer strolled out and laughed at me. My parents saw this and Mom and my friend Barbara had to keep my dad from getting into a fight with John’s dad, who was taunting him.

I signed the lease the next day for my new place in Covington along with 2 friends of mine. We leased a 36 acre ranch with a separate Bunk house, 10 stall barn, wash rack and several pastures. We already had people ready to bring their horses to board along with my current horses. (One of my ponies was in his 40′s.) I could easily afford to take care of my son. I asked several times for the GAL to come out and check my house. I contacted her office directly. I would have followed ANY case plan that would have been offered but none was forthcoming. Kristi Rowell continually blew me off.

Meanwhile, as I am trying to get all the fencing and so forth ready at the new place so my horses won’t get out and get stuff moved little by little, John’s parents began their campaign of harassment and bullying. First, on the week of the 27th, Sept 05 (approx I know it was right before the next court date) they shut off my power. Okay I can live with that. I was just taking cold showers or showering out at the place in Covington in the wash rack since we put in a hot water heater out there. Since the Judges illegal blow up at the first court date I left Sydney at home on the 27th Sept 05. I also stuck a piece of tape in the top of the door to see if anyone came in…but we will revisit this topic in a bit.

Kristi Rowell refused to try to work with me on any thing before this next hearing. She did come by the old house when she visited the John’s parents right after they cut my power off and I was there packing things. (A coincidence that was planned, now I think) She went through the house and I showed her the kids room that was clean and they BOTH had clean clothes, that the house was not a wreck (other than packing boxes), and how hard it was to tip my litter box. I told her over and over I want my son back. What do I need to show the judge and do I need to take my own pics to flash for the judge or a video to show her? She would not answer… only to say “I cannot legally advise you, I am here as the child’s advocate.” and that it was cold in the house. No brainer there the power was off Duh. I know a little better now. God I was ignorant!


Court rolls around (27 Sept 05) and supposedly Kristi gives her reports those of which I have never seen or heard. I am guessing they are stealth reports? She has never been to my residence since I moved from Jackson. For that matter neither has Butts County DFCS. And Temporary Custody is given to Ed Macleod. Not to Matt or myself. Ok weird but okay. But still gives John’s parents visitation. My parents and myself were never given written visitation. I was given supervised visitation when Ed decides. That statement has made OUR (my whole family’s) life HELL for the past 5 yrs.

Then when I complained about John’s parents talking bad about me to Connor (he had told us about it because it made him mad) she added that no one could make any derogatory remarks, or undermine his relationships with any other parties. (Yeah right I know we behaved but then we were hardly allowed to see him). She sets the next court date for May 25, 2006 I argued this and asked that it be removed to another county since my son lived elsewhere and I did as well, and she said NO. She wanted to keep track of this case. Oh and the creme de la crème, my service dog is missing. I cannot say that John’s parents had her stolen but I got home and the tape was off the door, she was missing and I was frantic. I did not totally think that they really could be part of her disappearing until I came outside looking for her and they drove by they stopped and were laughing looking at me calling her. Before taking off and before I could do something to their car, which I did consider. I did get a call later on asking if I lost something from their number and then it hung up. I do not have that record anymore though.

****Sept ’05- May ’06****

I proceeded to get moved out as soon as possible. I moved when I had help and as I could but it was hard to get help knowing that the John’s parents would have a cop to meet me at the house EVERY time I was out there usually when I was mostly loaded up. Then one day they cut my water off…went and dumped the water troughs first thing in the AM, and then since Larry worked for the Water Dept. of Jackson he had them shut it off later in the morning. Nice people huh? (I know this because of a friend I had watching. This friend went and refilled the troughs before the water people came out unbeknownst to John’s dad and called me immediately so I could get over there before the water company got there. Then I got a call from my Dept of Ag rep saying “Someone” called again and said that I had tons of horses out there with no water and there had been no water for a few days.” He went and met my friend and waited for me. We agreed that we would just let the Karma come back on them.

We got the horses moved that night because as soon as the Ag rep left among Hugs goodbye and tears (he was cool) We were stopped again by the cops. My friend that had been watching came down from their perch in the woods when I got there. He was a bail enforcement agent and had gotten sick of me being set upon. So at night would watch the horses for me from a secluded spot in the woods. We got the horses loaded and loaded more of my stuff in the trucks and as much tack as we could grab. The Cops came and his dad said I was taking some of my husbands stuff. And they demanded to be let into the basement. So I said OK no Problem and I left the Bondsman with them. If they could not prove it was not mine he would not let them take it. They had a list from my ex husband for a locker with his drag clothes I told him let them take it I have pics. So they did. But they tried to take my computer and He would not let them. Then he told the cops about the grenades and such that were illegal in one of the other lockers… they got those too (the cops did) It pissed them off. But I was tired of it.

The next day a girlfriend of mine and I came back out to grab as much of what I had left as we could. We had my horse trailer (12 ft open stock) and the F150 ext cab fully loaded. They and sat and watched til we were getting ready to pull out. Amy had her van loaded as well. We were pulling up to the main driveway and the cops showed up. This one cop had been out at least 7-8 times and he just looked at me with chagrin. He told me he was sorry but they wanted the F150 and since it was still in John’s name. **(he totaled my car when we were dating and bought me an explorer but we sold it when he got the big truck and he gave me the F150 but he never changed the tags or registration so I got screwed)** But he was tired as hell at coming out there and if I could show him any receipt for anything I personally paid for including tires he would let me take them off the truck. I showed him the canceled check for when I paid for the tag that yr. and he gave the tag to me. They were pissed. They NEVER left me alone when I was at the property. Even harassing me on Thanksgiving Day! Making the cops come out to check my truck tags and even served me eviction papers 2x I got them the first time and won the first go round then the second time they waited for the sheriff to leave and as soon as they were posted they took them off the door so I did not know. But Back to what happened with the Grandfather that had temp custody:


In the next 8 months Ed Macleod rarely if ever let me see my son on purpose. He never answered messages. Sometimes I would get lucky and Connor would answer the phone. Ed took him to a therapist That was his deceased wife’s therapist and she was a piece of work. She did not know ANYTHING about me but thought she could pass judgment about me. She was basing everything she said about me without meeting me. It is like looking at a picture of a person with a shaved head and tattoos and thinking they are a skinhead or Neo- Natzi

I truly feel to this day that John’s family got to Ed and made him start believe their crap. Ed had lost his wife Jean in early ’05 so he was ready to latch on to something/someone. He had thought of going back into the priesthood until I sent him Connor. We all think he latched onto my son as a lifeline. This psych was telling Ed to keep Connor busy so he did not miss us. She then told him we (my family) triangulated him so seeing us was bad. By us that meant any of our family. We all called and left message upon message. I would happen to catch him at home and say can I come see him that day and he would hem and haw and if he did say a time I would get there and they would not be there. However we would tell Connor I was supposed to have been there earlier. Ed was a little more lenient with my parents but not much. At first he let Connor spend 1 night at a time every so often with my parents but then it stopped cold. Then I found out by accident when I called and Ed answered and John was there at his house spending time with Connor. Ed left him alone with Connor. As in out of his sight. I was beyond livid. I asked myself how could a man who was a priest let him back in his house knowing what he did.

I found out Ed originally had no problems letting Matt and his wife have time with Connor after they moved to their own apartment. They helped pay for his Hockey stuff and everything but Ed was telling them the same thing he was telling Connor about me. They came and took Connor when Ed could not and they spent a lot of time with Connor. When they were out of town Matt talked to Connor daily.

We were issued a continuance from May 25, 2006 to June 14,2006. We all received this continuance letter. The continuance was asked for Wilson Bush and Granted. KEEP THIS DATE IN MIND
******June 14,2006******

In court were myself, my parents, Edward Macleod (paternal grandfather) and atty, The Hodges and Atty, and the GAL Kristi Hodges. Connor’s Father, Matthew, was NOT in Court that day and therefore could not be asked his opinion in any matters. In my ignorance of how this whole thing worked I actually thought I was going to get to show how I could take my son back. My daughter was also with us because she wanted to tell the judge what her brother had told her about John’s parents paying him to lie but we had her waiting outside the courtroom. She wanted the Judge to know how SHE felt in all of this and what this had done to us as a family.

Somehow reports were given by Kristi Rowell (once again none of us heard them) but according to Connor as well as Matt (father) Kristi Rowell only ever came out the one time at the beginning of the case way back in 2005. Connor was doing well in school, this was not a surprise he always did well. My father asked to speak to the court and told the judge he knew I had done some dumb things as a younger kid but I was blameless in these trumped up charges. That John’s parents were doing nothing but trying to protect their son who was the one that cheated and was deviant and destroy my reputation. He and my mother wanted to make sure that ALL of his family were to have NO further contact with Connor. I then got up and spoke, I told the judge that my circumstances had changed and I had told the GAL repeatedly. I asked at least for the order to reflect that DFCS to be requested to check the house so that I could have unsupervised and set visitation with Connor because Ed was not letting us have him very often. I wanted that so I could work with them to get him back. The judge agreed and told John’s family that since I was divorcing John that the visitation was to discontinue and they were to have no further contact and John was never to have any contact with Connor. She also told Denise to Include the request for DFCS in the order. Then at the end she gave TEMPORARY custody again to ED because she wanted to keep an eye on it as she always said. If she had said anything but temporary we would have had an argument right then and there trust me. My dad would have jumped into a fray with her at this point because he was sick of being denied his grandson by Ed Macleod. Once again a change of venue was denied.

******June ’06-Aug’09******
My divorce lawyer kept checking in with Denise to see if the custody paper had been filed for a yr before I ran out of money. He was going to take the case. Then I kept calling the courts nothing. Denise Hemmann Finally filed it 4/14/08. At that point in time Ed Macleod REFUSED to call me back. I would call and leave 10-15 messages in a week and no response, my family the same way. If by chance we caught him on the phone he would not let Connor come to the phone very often. My best chance to catch Connor was to call from a number he did not know. That is sad. Liz and I had our own house then 3 br/2 bath. Now granted my health declined later that yr but I had support none the less and had plans in place for when my health did start going that bad.

I was contacted in July ’09 by Matt Macleod because he had heard my increasingly irritated and then frantic messages on Ed Macleod’s Phone and Cell phone. My fiance and I had even gone and sat in Ed’s driveway for over an hr and a half waiting for Ed to come home. As I said Finally Matt Called me, Ignoring his father’s wishes and told me that his father was in the hospital and had gone through surgery for bladder cancer (in May ’09)and was in a bad way and was going in between the recovery type home and the hospital for infections. Matt told me at first before school let out he and Trish had come and stayed at the house and took care of Connor while still paying rent/bills on their apartment. Then when Ed had surgery they were there for Connor and made sure he got to school, was fed, did his homework and everything else just like he should. Just like a FATHER (and step mother) should. They took him to and from his Hockey games (Roller and Ice) just like always.

When the school year was over all of a sudden Matt’s ½ brother Tim came into the picture (at Ed’s request unbeknownst to Matt) and said he was going to take Connor over there for a bit. Ed backed him up stating that Kay (Tim’s wife) was not working and was always home thus had more time for him. Matt works from the house so it really did not make sense. All of a sudden Tim started Freezing Matt and Trish out of Connor’s life just like his dad did to me.

In July when Matt finally contacted me and let me know what was going on I was upset to hear Ed was sick because despite all I do care for Ed. But here into the picture is Tim Embry. Tim and Kay never had anything to do with Connor’s and My life when he was growing up except for Thanksgiving or Christmas when I would meet with Ed & Jean to share Connor for the Holiday. Tim & Kay were always looking down their noses at me because I did not have the money they did. They have always looked down at Matt. Tim has NEVER let Matt grow up. He refuses to see that Matt has become a successful person and provider. I am impressed at what Matt has done with his life.

Tim has taken up where Ed has left off. He NEVER takes my phone calls and it takes 5-10 emails to get a response. Even then if I write 8 paragraphs I get 1 sentence if I am lucky and it is usually negative or derogatory. Thanks to Matt and Trish I did at least have last seasons Ice Hockey schedule and I went to every practice and every local game unless I was in the hospital. I have pics and video proof and I know the other parents will verify.

Going to those games and practices was Agony for me physically (rheumatoid arthritis) with the wet and cold of the rink. But if it was the only time to see my son So be it I was there! My parents went to a few games and they asked to take Connor after the game and Tim would make excuses that is if he was there and not the Nanny he hired because he was too busy. They got to take him maybe 3 times. Tim would purposely rush Connor, one time slammed into me and ran over my feet with Connors hockey bag in his haste. He always seemed bothered by us coming to see our own son. Kay was a little more laid back and my fiance Gil would help Connor with his bag so I could spend more time with him.

******August ’09******

On the 9th of August 2009 I sent into Butts County Juvenile Courts a Motion for Disclosure of Transcripts. (In July Matthew and I had found out that Ed Macleod’s Lawyer had taken 18 mths to file the last order of the courts. We were finally able to get a copy. I had tried for the past 5 yrs. But Judge Whitwells office would not call me back. They told me I had to have her permission at the record dept.) The order written up by Denise Hemmann was full of errors. I was seeking to have the transcripts released to correct those errors. I also noted her order stated nunc pro tunc and a judgement of nunc pro tunc can only be issued when the delay has arisen from the act of the court. This did not apply here it was her laziness .

Court was set for 3 September 09. We showed up for Court and as I sat by the door to the court I could hear Judge Whitwell say my name, Matt’s name and someone else say them as well and they were laughing. I went in cane in hand with my head high none the less. I addressed Judge Whitwell and she asked who was with me. Which was my fiance Thomas ‘Gil’ Williams and my mother Elsie Seabolt. Then for Ed Macleod, Denise Hemman stood up but one thing was weird. she said she was there for Wilson Bush, John’s parent’s lawyer too. That seemed like a conflict of interests to me…..

But I addressed each different and very valid point from the date we were in court listed on the order to the people that were in court the judge ridiculed and mocked me. Told me that they were scriveners errors. I told her that Ed was never given permanent Custody. Judge Whitwell only gave him Temporary Custody because by her words she wanted to keep an eye on this case. She responded that she gave him Temporary Permanent Custody. When my fiance who was sitting behind me just crinkled his brows together Judge Whitwell yelled at him “ Don’t make faces at me or I will throw you out of my Courtroom!” I was shocked.

I asked if she would release the transcripts and Judge Whitwell mocked me saying “Did you hit the lottery?” Transcribers charge by the page (which went to by the word later on in the session). She had a wall full of lawyers that were sitting there listening and laughing at every mocking thing she did to us. I redirected her attention to me . I addressed the fact that there was no order for DFCS to come to check my residence so I can have unsupervised and ordered visitation. She blew it off and did not order it. I even told her Cherokee County DFCS had already inspected my home and approved it. Judge Whitwell looked at me and flat out said “ The only thing I remember about you is you were stupid enough to bring a dog into my courtroom.” I counted to 5 before I responded.

I tried to explain the ADA laws and she blew me off saying I am not blind. I looked to the court reporter and asked if this was on the record and ignored Judge Whitwell. I asked twice and got nothing but a deer in the headlight stare and yelled at by the judge. When I looked back up I told Judge Whitwell I have the right to bring my Assistance Dog in here and she could not do anything. Then I kept going without stopping and asked for a change of venue since none of us live any where near Jackson. All of us have to drive for over an hr without traffic. Judge Whitwell denied me once again.

I then brought up the petition that Matthew had before the court for Custody since his father was unable to take care of Connor. I had a copy and had copies ready for anyone else. When there was a protest from the GAL I handed her one. Judge Whitwell said “Oh yeah just another idiot that never went to law school trying to practice law!” and literally circular filed it (trashed it ) in front of us. It never got a court date. I know Matt had it looked at by our lawyer friend before it was submitted. We were mad. All of the “lawyer gallery” was laughing at what Judge Whitwell said. I looked at her and asked again are you sure we cannot have a change of venue? And she said no and I said ok. And I left. I never got a response on my motion. So even now no one will answer my messages I have no clue if I can open it.
Then that following Friday I get a Petition to intervene and Modify from Tim Embry’s lawyer. To say I was irate would be nice. I did not know what to think. We had to sit on it no one at the courts would answer my calls. The GAL would not answer. I doubt that she went out there either. The next thing we know (Matt and I) is that Connor asks why we weren’t at court and Tim’s wife says to me in passing “ Yes, we were surprised you were not in court the other day” and I was like what and she walked away. Finally Connor told me that his grandfather gave custody to Tim but they all told him not to tell any one. I was so mad. I raised my kids not to keep secrets from me or each other ever. It was really bothering him so he told me.

We found out finally about his practices but he is playing on the other side of Atlanta. It is hard because I do not drive much. His sister is in High School and goes at night. His soon to be step-sister is 8 and restricts our movements on Mondays. Matt has gone but Tim is very threatening towards him and rushes Connor out before he can really talk to him.

About 2 weeks ago (week of Halloween) Connor got in trouble in school. He got in a fight with Tim & Kay about it and got really mad and told them he was running away and took off. Connor told them he wanted to go live with his father Matt. They could not find him for almost 4 hrs. They called us, his father (Matt) and I called my parents. My parents and my sister and brother in law went to go help sweep the area. Trish, Matt’s wife, went as well to help sweep the area. Matt stayed with their new baby due to his totally deteriorated relationship with his brother.

This is where we are now. I need help. There are a million errors (scriveners or so she calls them) in all of the court paperwork I need help!!

The Story of A Mother’s Stolen Children By CPS

November 28, 2010 11 comments

The story below was written by a mother in California a State that is broke. Her children were stolen by CPS in Medesto. The reason she has a son who is autistic and they don’t have cognitive thought process. She had to lock his bedroom door at night to keep him from wondering. Her children were stolen because she was trying to keep them safe. Medesto CPS is earning quite a bit of money off these children as is the foster care provider espeically James the one who is autistic.They need to be returned to their mother now!

When does cps really act in the best interest of the child? When does children serve as a dollar sign with child protective services? Offering parents “services” that they don’t need. Offering them to parents because they get paid to do so. Getting federal bonus money for each child they adopt out and an extra 2k for a special needs child. Before my kids were taken; I thought cps acted in the common good of families and not rip children away from families that loved them. My name is Tiffany Pritchett and I have three beautiful children. My oldest son’s name is James Pritchett. He has Autism.
I have loved and cared for my kids since the day they were born. As a young single mother; I have worked so hard to provide them with what they need in every aspect of their life. I went to college so I could better myself and had my kids attend one of the best daycares in Modesto to ensure they got the love, attention, socialization, and education they deserved. I have attended the Parent Resource Center in Modesto, Ca since 2007; as I was a new mother and took them voluntarily knowing it would only benefit me and my kids.
When my son was 1yrs old, I noticed something was wrong. People kept saying, “He is just a boy. They are naturally slow” even though I knew something was “off”. I worked so hard and made significant efforts to put him through VMRC (Valley Mountain Regional Center) so he could have the therapy and resources he deserves. He has had many therapists come into the home including a speech therapist, physical therapist, and an overall therapist that came to the home weekly since 2008. Autism has always been a “red flag” for both me and his therapist, Sandra Fields. Even though he progressed in most of his development; he still wouldn’t and couldn’t talk. By the time he was 2 ½ yrs old, I pushed for VMRC to put him through B.E.S.T. (Agency that specializes in Autism) as that is what he deserved and to have more progress be made. I started receiving services with them in Sept 2010 while his diagnostic assessment was underway. I pushed for a diagnostic assessment because getting him diagnosed would open up a lot of doors and resources for him. Throughout him receiving therapy since 2008; I have always been right by his side and was involved to the upmost extent during the sessions and even after the therapist left. I have always loved my son (and all my kids) and taken care of them since the day they were born. I have always been my son’s biggest advocate; reasoning why I’m fighting this hard so the truth can be upheld and justice can be served. They are my life. They are the air that I breathe and I will not stop fighting until they come back home.
On Sept 2, 2010 at 1pm, CPS came to my residence. They said that they got a report that I “locked my kids in the room”. Was it true? Yes. Was it neglect? NO! I let them in my home as they requested. They continued with their “concerns” about the door being locked. I began to explain to them that my son had Autism. I tried to explain to them what behaviors associated with my reasons behind locking the door. I told them that I had to do it as my son “wanders” during the night which is common in children that have Autism. I said that is started after an episode my son had. One night I woke up to my son crying. I jumped out of bed and found him standing in the bathtub filled with cold water. As a mother, I had to find a way to protect him during the night. I previously tried the gates. They didn’t work. He knew how to hop over them and push them down. I tried the safety locks for the door knobs and those didn’t work either. He knew how to push them down to where they would pop off. I then began doing research, like cps should have done, on credited Autism websites on what safety measures other parents took to protect their Autistic child from “wandering” at night. I found that many professionals advised parents to “lock the bedroom door” during bedtime to protect their child. I explained this to Madeline Perez (The initial cps worker that came out during the investigation). She didn’t care. She didn’t know anything about Autism and didn’t care to understand what I was saying. Just because she didn’t “approve” of the method, it did not mean it was wrong and certainly did not mean it was neglect! However, I did comply with everything they asked! They wanted the door open and gate up, I did that! They wanted “different alternatives”, I did that too! I bought a taller gate so my son wouldn’t be able to hop over it. I bought a door knob handle that had no lock on either side. They were both installed! I called Madeline Perez, during the investigation, that Debbie was going to drive me to get the new gate and new door handle. She said, “ok”.
Rosa Mercado and Madeline Perez came on Sept 8, 2010. The purpose of that visit was to try to get me to do the VOLUNTARY “Case plan”. I never refused services. I just gave them valid reasons why I felt I didn’t need them. The case plan included Parenting Classes, Domestic Violence Assessment, and a Mental Health Assessment. In the beginning, Rosa Mercado said, “Madeline Perez wants to close the case. We just want you to do these classes”. “Are they voluntary”, I ask. “Yes” they reply. I thought I had a say in the matter. I told them I didn’t need parenting classes for the mere fact that I have been taking parenting classes since 2007 at PRC. I didn’t need a mental health assessment because I recently had one done and have had a mental health caseworker since 2007. I didn’t need a domestic violence assessment as it wasn’t a current issue and something that happened years ago. It wasn’t my fault I didn’t need their services. I get a call later that day and they said they were going to “staff” the case. They neglected to inform me what that meant.
On Sept 9, 2010 four people came to my residence. One of them being Madeline Perez. She had papers in her hand and said they were going to remove the kids from the home. Tears immediately started streaming down my cheeks. “Why” I ask. “Honey, you didn’t comply with the case plan”. Later I would found out that by law, it is illegal for a social worker to remove kids from the home just because they refuse to do a voluntary case plan. It also completely violates “due process” rights. In the report it states that they were in immediate danger. How so? Because I chose to lock my son in his bedroom during bedtime to protect him? Because I complied with everything you asked of me from the beginning? If they were such in “immediate danger” why did they wait until the 9th to remove my kids? Its ironique how they removed them from the home a day after Rosa Mercado came to the home, wanting me to do the case plan. Did they bother calling an Autism Specialist to find out if the reasonings why I locked the bedroom were accurate? No. Did they have them come to my home to inspect the situation to make sure it was neglect and not a safety measure the parent had to take to keep her Autistic child safe? No. They didn’t call anyone that specialized in my sons diagnosis nor did they call anyone that actually knew me and knew what kind of mother I have always been to my kids. They made me interrupt my sons therapy session and they made me wake up my daughter from my nap only for them to rip them from my arms moments later. They didn’t even put my son’s best interest at heart as they put him with a complete stranger, his dad. His father, Juan Espinoza, has never been Involved in James life. Nor did he care enough to be involved. I have many court records showing that he never showed up to any of them. He even went to the extent of moving to Oakland, Ca to reside with his girlfriend, Kami Martell, instead of staying in modesto and being involved with his son. I explained to cps that they couldn’t do that to James. I explained that an Autistic child doesn’t do well with change and it will be highly detrimental to him to be placed with a complete stranger. They didn’t even care. How accurate is it when cps states that they act in the child’s best interest? My sons interest and his rights were the last thing they were concerned about. At the time during the investigation I was 39 weeks pregnant. After my kids were taken, I gave birth to my second son. When the hospital tried to discharge us an alarm came up stating to hold the discharge as a social worker had to come talk to me. He didn’t really talk at all. He just said I had to sign these papers to relinquish my son into cps custody. “Why”, I ask. “Because you recently had your other two children removed from your home and it wouldn’t make sense for us to let you keep this one”. At that point I just started crying really hard. I was grieving over my kids being recently taken from my home just because I was protecting my son and now they were going to detain my newborn for no valid reason. “I just need you to sign this; otherwise we are going to have to call the cops”. Later I found out that cps isn’t allowed to make threats and they did that afternoon when they took my son away from me.
Since my kids were removed, I have had multiple court hearings including two detention hearings and two jurisdictional/dispositional hearings that kept getting extended because of the ICWA. Cps kept submitting their reports which included the detention report and the Jurisdictional Report. Yet, I wasn’t allowed to submit my side of the story. I already wrote up my Objections and Corrections letter since Madeline Perez lied throughout the whole report and falsified peoples statements and twisted words around to her liking. Two people that were mentioned on the report had to write rebuttles stating that what the cps worked said was false and how they reinstated what they actually said. My court appointed attorney wasn’t doing much to help my case so I hired a private paid attorney that would actually defend me in court and bring my kids home. At the last hearing my Lawyer stood up and contested the allegations, like it deserved to be as I never neglected my kids. We are bringing this to trial which will be held on Dec, 10th 2010 at the Stanislaus Superior Court House in Modesto, Ca at 10am with honorable Judge Ann Q. Ameral.
I have never in my life cried as much as I did when my kids were removed from my home. My heart has never ached so bad. I have cried a thousand tears and fighting everyday to prove that I never neglected my kids. I have spent many nights searching online about California Laws, CPS corruption (, Autism Websites, etc. I have called multiple Autism Agencies where they even said what I did was not neglect. I need people to come together for my kids but most of all my son, James. His voice can’t be heard in court and his rights as a child with Autism should be protected and upheld. CPS should be mandated by law to have an Autism Specialist come to the home if a special needs child is involved in an investigation to observe the situation because what may seem like neglect may very well be a safety measure the parent had to take. I should not have had my kids removed from the home purely based on cps lack of knowledge about Autism and the behaviors associated with it.
I’m taking this to the media because it deserves to go that far. I am not only fighting for my kids to come home but I need the public more aware about cps and to try to prevent this from happening to other familes whom have children with Autism or a child with special needs. I will not stop fighting until my kids come home. I will take this up through the court of appeals if needed. I will take this up to state and congress level. Parents should decide what’s best for their kids, not the government. The government has overstepped their boundaries by telling the parents how they can and can’t raise their children.
As parents, we all need to come together for the common good of our rights as parents and for the rights of our children. I need my story to be heard across the board. I need people to come together to not only help bring my kids home but to try to prevent this happening to another loving family. I need everyone to share my story with everyone you know. To also bring it to higher authorities, agencies, companies, lawyers, advocates parents, organizations, etc. I need people to try to attend my trial on the time, place, and date given above. To have so much people behind me where the hallway would be packed. I need you guys to contact the people at the numbers I provided below. I contacted ABC news and our local newspaper ( and they said that I need to have a lot of people to call in because as of right now, it’s just my word vs. cps. I need you guys to be persistent with the calls and keep calling them as I’m going to do the same. If you need to contact me to find out more information or for whatever reason, you can call me at (209) 221-5149 or email me at Thank you.
The Modesto Bee
Nan Austin
(209) 578-2339, Fax (209) 578-2207
ABC News (10)
News Hotline: Main Number:
(916) 321-3300 (916) 441-2345
KCRA (3)
(916) 444-7316
When you call, direct it as “I’m calling regarding the cps/autism story that needs to be aired”. Something to that affect.

The People Some of Them Caseworkers for CPS Protected Children in Their Care to DEATH!

November 23, 2010 8 comments

These are the faces of those who protected children to death. All of these adults were given children to care for all of them but three were paid to take care of these children, several of these adults were employees of DFCS/CPS or in other postions of authority to look after children. All of these children died!

Joy Heaven

This is Joy Heaven,also known as the murderer of Emily Meno.Emily wet her pants and got in Joy’s way so Joy shoved her so heard she flew and landed on her head.Emily became unconscious but Joy got her up and sent her to bed.Later that night Emily woke up and puked and then collapsed.Joy then called and lied saying that Emily had suffered an epileptic seizure. Emily was on life support two days before she died of a severe brain injury, after death an autopsy was performed and would shine light on the truth of Emily’s last hours.Joy, after being faced with this came clean.As far as I see Joy is not in prison.

Cages, or Beds

Cages or beds, you decide…at least they had the heart to paint them primary non cage like colors….Also these foster parents like all others received quite a bit of funds for these kids, especially since they were all special needs children.Certainly enough money to provide proper beds.Makes you wonder if maybe they had a reason for only fostering special need children…just something to think about.

Michael and Sharen Gravelle

This wonderful duo is Michael and Sharen Gravelle .How kind they are, adopting 11 special needs children.A variety of special needs from autism to HIV, sweet right.Well I guess it would’ve been sweet if they were poultry or some other small farm animal.Apparently these kids were kept safe by being put in cages….CAGES…bunk bed type cages, built like a bunk bed with thin rubber mats in them and were encased in chicken wire.I don’t think anyone needs to be told what would happen if CPS showed up at your house and your kids were in cages.They’d take them without a doubt and rightfully doing so because children don’t belong in cages.One of the children testified that he spent 81 days in the bathroom because of a bed wetting problem, he said he would have to dry out the tub to go to sleep in.The children also testified that they had their heads dunked in the toilet and hit with a 2×4 as punishment.These nuts claimed these children couldn’t be disciplined by normal means because of their conditions….this is plain ignorance, being a foster parent is not a requirement, it’s voluntary so don’t do it then bitch about, it’s a choice people make.Also if you have so many children with these conditions that you need to cage them…pretty good sign that MAYBE YOU HAVE TOO MANY! These two said it was okay because the cages didn’t have locks, and they told the truth, there were no locks but there were buzzers on the cage doors so these freaks would know the kids were climbing out of their cages and the children were afraid so they didn’t climb out.These two still tried to regain custody, they also said that if they got the children back they would get rid of the cages

Jose Huetas-Aponte

Jose Huertas-Aponte, he worked for Northampton County as a county social worker in the county’s Children, Youth and Families Division.He plead guilty to charges of aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and endangering the welfare of a child, all felonies.He sexually assaulted a 12 year old over an 8 month period in several different places. He was also wanted in Puerto Rico for a sexual assault on a 14 year old boy there before he came to work with children here. He is sentenced to 12-24 in state prison for the abuse of the 12 year old boy and awaits extradition to Puerto Rico for the sexual assault of the 14 year old boy there.

Mark LeVrier

Mark LeVrier, this nice man helped a family move from Arkansas to Alaska..How nice of him…well until mom and dad were told by their daughter that he was molesting her!! He left Alaska when he learned the little girl had told on him, but returned to turn himself in when he found out there was a warrant issued for his arrest.
During the investigation authorities learned that LeVrier worked for……bet ya can’t guess…duh duh DAHHH..Texas Child Protective Services..Police believe he had more victims..He also admitted to molesting the little girl.
It’s okay everyone, they are just here to help our children

Al Zimmerman

Al Zimmerman, looks like a nice guy right? WRONG.Arrests reports list 8 counts of using a child in a sexual performance…but Al wasn’t just any Ole guy, Al was the press secretary of DCF in Florida.Authorities also say he offered money to 2 boys while taking pictures of them doing sexual acts, one of which was in DCF custody.DCF says he was terminated immediately after his arrest, don’t see how this helps the kids he was trying to solicit.Also a simple background check would’ve showed he had a record, but instead they choose to promote him to a high level where it was easier to be a pedophile and make money….according to DCF this isolated incident was not gonna change there devotion to saving kids, though she forgets that last year their spotty investigation resulted in a child being beaten to death.

Christopher Payne

This is Christopher Payne, the father, the monster the murderer.The things he did to Adriana and Tyler were so horrible.Imagine being 5 and left in the locked closet with your dead sibling. It’s not even human.I don’t think I need to re-type what he did do I? nor do I need to re-type how protected they were by CPS because the outcome speaks volumes about all this crap.

Reina Gonzales

This is Reina Gonzales.She did heroin so she could tolerate watching her boyfriend murder his two children.She is the girlfriend of Christopher Payne.When first approached about the children she played dumb, told authorities she thought the two children we’re sent back to there mother’s.Later she testified the following: “He told me not to worry, they were his children.After that I started getting high on heroin more so I could block what was happening to the children” -Riena Gonzales-

Carole DeLeon

Carole DeLeon, she like to bake pies, torture children, cook pancakes, and do crafts.She Applied for her foster license in 1987 and was approved.The first child placed in her care was a 12 year old girl, from this point Carole’s abuse begins without as much as a thought.The 12 year old girl suffered from dehydration.The 12 year old complained to the babysitter that Carole had withheld food and water from her, struck her in the face, tied her up in the basement for taking a snack.The girl was removed from Carole’s care. You would probably think this story ends here…WRONG.
Carole’s 2 teen biological son’s who had lived with their father before moved in with her.The two boys were removed when one of the boys ran out of the house bruised and bloody…maybe it should end here? WRONG AGAIN. Carole applies for foster license in 1996,she is granted a license.It gets me quite angry by this point because from how the story reads CPS tries to justify letting this monster have kids by saying “she didn’t put that she lost those other kids on the application when she was trying to get the license.”.It seems to be a big blame game for CPS from this point on.This woman actually had a case number from the previous abuse, she had been reported from as early as 1988.Guess child protection was so busy protecting they forgot…CPS had the tools to save Tyler right in their hands and chose not to use it.CPS failed Tyler miserably.

Frank Lombard

Frank Lombard, licensed clinical social worker from Duke University.He was a homosexual who lived with his partner (for those who wanna go into why homosexual is relevant, because it’s in the story, he was a Duke University Graduate too doesn’t make it a bad place it’s just the facts).According to Frank he preferred to black boys because they were easier to adopt.Frank is no exception to this sick group he was just as bold and obvious as everyone else.In chat rooms his name was “PervDadForFun”.While his partner wasn’t home he would drug one of the boys with benadryl to have sex with him. He was also busted in a sting offering his 5 year old son to an undercover agent for sex, even as far as suggesting what hotels were good to use for it.As far as I can find, Franks partner had no place in this crime.Frank admitted to doing this while his partner was away.This case of course is a no no because of all the politics involved, homosexuality, interracial, that shouldn’t cover up a 5 year old being drugged and raped and offered to strangers to have sex on the Internet.if you believe it does, then there is something wrong with you not me.

Sean Lamont Birdsong

Sean Lamont Birdsong this 38 year old CPS employee was charged with false imprisonment sexual assault with the intent to commit rape or sodomy, lewd acts with a child, and felony child endangerment.The 15 year old victim told police that this man placed him in a foster home, then called him to tell him he found a better place for him and told the child to sneak out of the current foster home told the boy to meet him down the street where he picked him up in his CPS van.He then stopped to buy a bottle of Bacardi 151 then went to Birdsong’s apartment.He ordered the boy to drink rum and coke, the child refused then birdsong told him he had a gun so the boy began to drink and Birdsong backed him to a wall and started to sexually assault him.He then told the boy he had to go have a cigarette, the boy found someone in the complex who he told he needed the police. PICKED A KID UP TO RAPE HIM IN A CPS VAN….need I say more? Yes these people ARE this bold

Lynda Barnes

This wonderful woman is Lynda Barnes, She was hired by CPS even after they knew she had been found guilty of conspiracy to murder.She was trying to have her former husband killed for 10 thousand dollars. The sad part is that she admitted this in her application process to CPS, THEY STILL HIRED HER.Hard to say which action is worse isn’t it? Apparently its okay to wanna kill people and save kids, right? This is a WTF one for me.

Robert G Rother

This is Robert G. Rother, he was a school social worker he was also been charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a 13-year-old boy, police say.Not even sure what the hell that means but, I know I don’t want it done to my kids by some man put in place to protect them.

Gary E Anderson

This is Gary E. Anderson, he was a child protective services director, he also plead guilty to raping a 9 year old and molesting another girl who was around the same age.He worked for CPS for 36 years. These are the standards we choose for people to protect the most important thing on the planet.

Sally Schofield

This is Sally Schofield, the caseworker that taped little Logan up and killed her, I find it ironic that after she killed a little girl you can find interviews where she still is making judgments on Logan’s mother and other families, I’m not putting any of that here because in my opinion when you MURDER a child, you sure as hell aren’t on top of your parenting techniques.AGAIN she was not charged with MURDER but MANSLAUGHTER.Try to find a case where a biological mother bounds her child with duct tape in a basement and the child dies of asphyxiation and the mother gets MANSLAUGHTER, I don’t think you will.

Pastor Neil Edgar Sr and Wife Christy Edgar

Pastor Neil Edgar Sr. and his wife Christy Edgar, a pastor who hogties and duct tapes kids.They did leave little Brian’s nose untaped, and that apparently was a gesture of kindness in their minds.Over a fucking cookie. How many times have you or I or any loving parent caught our kids scaling up the counter for a cookie? How many of us laugh when our kids do it and then find themselves stuck on the counter and you have to go lift them up and put the back on the floor and chuckle because its cute? Brain was just a kid getting his cookie.He died a slow miserable torturous death for a cookie at the hands of these monsters.

Eric Ferber

This is Eric M. Ferber.He is a caseworker Investigator in Florida who coerced women to perform sex acts on more than one occasion or be at risk of losing their children.He is what your state determines as a safe place

David Smith and His Wife

Look like anyone you know? Look like anyone who would tie a 3 year old autistic child up in a closet and leave for days while he dies alone in the dark with no food or water? Look like people who would burn up a 3 year olds tiny body? Well They are, this is David and Liz Carrol who cared more for their dog than they did for Marcus Fiesel

$10 Million In Foster Care Abuse Case

November 22, 2010 5 comments

I read the article twice just to make sure I read it correctly. CPS did not see any red flags. Beginning with the fact that the foster care provider was unemployed, she had already returned one child who had been in her care due to alledged health issues- and then when she was asked to take Raffy her comment to CPS was that she didn’t have the money to care for the child and would need DFSA to rush the assistance that is routinely provided to help with costs such as additional food.
She also told a neighbor that the assistance from the District would keep her from being evicted.
The agency checked on the newborn once in 43 days. He was supposed to be visited once a week.
Why was the case worker not charged with neglect as well. Why was the foster care provider only charged with neglect? Why wasn’t CPS charged with child endangerment?
This goes on more than people know. CPS kills more children by snatching them and placing them in foster care than are killed in their own homes.
In Jackson County Ga there are three girls who had a home, their mother was working was not on drugs or alochol and she lost her children. But yet- CPS gives a newborn to a woman who is not working is getting ready to be evicted and has no resources to care for herself- much less a newborn.
What is wrong with this picture? No amount of money will give this child back his life, no amount of money will undo what has been criminally done to him at the hands of a stranger! It is time to stop this abuse by CPS.
It is time to put a stop to them stealing children and placing them in abusive homes. This child had been taken from a drug addicted mother and placed in a stranger’s home to be abused for life – Where is the justification in that act? Who will be held accountable besides the foster care provider?
D.C. settles for $10 million in foster care abuse case

By Henri E. Cauvin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 8, 2010; 11:43 PM

An abusive foster mother nearly cost Rafael Pearson his life, and now the District has agreed to pay $10 million for placing him with the troubled woman, whose beatings left the boy with massive brain damage.

Rafael was just a few days old when he was taken from his drug-addicted mother and placed in the foster home in fall 2005. Beaten and shaken by his foster mother, the baby suffered catastrophic brain damage. He was on life support for days, not expected to survive. More than five years later, he remains profoundly disabled. He can sense light and shadows and movement but otherwise his vision is extremely limited.

The settlement, to be paid out in three installments, beginning with a $5 million payment this month, is one of the largest the District has ever agreed to.

But with a lifetime of round-the-clock care ahead of Rafael, the settlement is hardly a windfall, his attorneys say – the agreement is structured to ensure that Rafael’s needs are funded for as long as he lives.

The lawsuit, filed in 2007 after the foster mother, Tanya Jenkins, was tried and sentenced to 12 years for cruelty to children, sought $50 million from the District. The suit was about to go to trial in early August in D.C. Superior Court when the parties indicated that they were closing in on a settlement.

Over the next three months, the agreement took shape, and late Friday, after a few final tweaks, the judge in the case, Judith N. Macaluso, approved the pact.

Sitting in the first row of Courtroom 415, in his tiny white Nikes and his black reclining wheelchair, was Rafael. He occasionally uttered sounds, but he cannot speak. Next to him was his grandmother, Sylvia Pearson, 57, who filed the lawsuit on his behalf and who has been his champion since the day in late October 2005 when it looked like Rafael would not survive.

“You can’t replace what would have been a great, normal life,” Pearson said after the hearing, “but I have faith in him and his ability to progress more rapidly than people expect.”

Already, Raffy, as his grandmother calls him, has defied expectations. He made it out of Children’s Hospital. He made it out of the Hospital for Sick Children. And by early next year, he is expected to leave the nursing home in Dunn Loring where he has lived for the past five years.

If all goes according to plan, Raffy will move into his grandmother’s Fairfax Station home, which is being fitted with an elevator and other accommodations, and where he will have a home health aide around the clock.

It could, of course, have been worse. But it also could have been altogether different for Raffy, born Sept. 9, 2005, in a motel in Northern Virginia.

When his mother, Renee Pearson, brought him to Virginia Hospital Center later that day, he was 5 pounds 14 ounces and had traces of cocaine in his system. Concerned, the hospital called child welfare officials in the District, where Renee Pearson said she lived. The social worker couldn’t verify the the mother’s address in Northwest Washington and called the baby’s grandmother.
Sylvia Pearson, who had watched her daughter succumb to drugs and the streets, told the social worker to take the baby. Pearson had already adopted one of her daughter’s children, and her son had adopted the other. Now, they would have to find a way to help Raffy, who was going to stay in foster care while everything was sorted out.

He ended up with Tanya Jenkins, a new foster parent who was unemployed and lived in Southeast Washington with her 2-year-old son and her boyfriend. Earlier that year, another infant had been placed with Jenkins, but she had sent the child back after five weeks, saying she had health problems that made it difficult to care for the small child.

Despite the red flag, the Child and Family Services Agency came to Jenkins five months later when they needed a home for Raffy. Jenkins agreed but said she didn’t have the money to care for the child and would need CFSA to rush the assistance that is routinely provided to help with costs such as additional food.

But even without the additional child, she was struggling, according to testimony at her trial. She told a neighbor that the financial assistance from the District would keep her from being evicted.

Once Raffy arrived, the stress mounted for Jenkins, according to the neighbor, who testified that Jenkins was complaining about never sleeping. Meanwhile, the city’s long-troubled child welfare agency wasn’t keeping tabs on Jenkins or the baby who had been entrusted to her. A social worker should have visited every week for the first eight weeks. The agency made one visit during the 43 days Raffy was in the home.

It was another harrowing episode in the annals of the District’s beleaguered child welfare system, and when they filed suit, Pearson’s attorneys, Sidney Schupak and Michelle A. Parfitt of Ashcraft & Gerel, planned to put the entire system on trial.

Instead, the District agreed to pay one of the largest settlements in its history, as well as $2 million in attorneys’ fees.

Robert J. Spagnoletti, who was the District’s attorney general under Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D), said a settlement as large as the one in this case had never crossed his desk. “It’s a very big settlement,” but not necessarily unreasonable, said Spagnoletti, now a partner at Schertler & Onorato.

Patrick M. Regan, a leading plaintiffs attorney in the District, called the settlement a “significant” sum of money, but said the amount had to be viewed in the context of the needs the child and his family will face over a lifetime. “It’s fair,” Regan said.

D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles, who was involved in the settlement negotiations, did not return a call today seeking comment.

The Secrecy Continues in Jackson County Ga DFCS

November 19, 2010 1 comment

Alice Samantha Thomason the Real Mother of Shawna, Sara and Karly

I don’t know when Donna Webb the foster care provider who has Samantha’s children and Jackson County Ga DFCS will learn that I find out things that go on in that county. The latest thing happened last night. It appears that at the church – Peach Place where Samantha visits her children there was a Thanksgiving Dinner for “All the Foster Kids” and their real parents. You know the ones who actually gave birth to them and looked after them until they were stolen by Jackson County. There was one mother however who was not informed about it until it was over and done with and her children and Donna Webb the Foster Care Provider were in attendence. These three children were calling her mother. Which she is NOT!
My source also told me that some one was observed talking to the girls and the girls were told that the reason their mother wasn’t there was because she had not been informed.
The source also overheard someone letting the girls know that their mother loved them very much and would have been in attendence if she had been informed.
This was just another tactic by Donna Webb and Jackson County DFCS to manipulate the three girls into believing their mother didnt care enough to attend this dinner. Had she known she would have been there.
Donna Webb has already made it quite clear to several people that she wants the girls to be hers. Apparently she believes she is entitled to them. The real reason is that she wants the money that goes along with them.
What traspired last night was wrong on so many levels- Samantha is supposed to be informed of these events- so she will have the opprotunity to attend or not. This was deliberate and well thought out! It was a slap in Samantha’s face because she dared to stand up to them at the Panel. Because she dared to face down Donna Webb when she tried to tell Samantha that her children didn’t love her and were afraid of her. That they didn’t trust her. This is classic with children who have been stolen both by CPS and child molestors. They gain the children’s confidence by convincing them that their parents didn’t want them to begin with and that they never loved them. The children are brainwashed as Samantha’s children have been so they can be easily manipulated to do the bidding of the abductor. And these children have been adbucted and Donna Webb is playing classic mind games with them – So is Deidra Sands the guardian et lidum.
Once that seed is planted in a child’s mind it is easily brought to fruition. Adults know how to do this very well. It is a form of mental and emotional abuse on their part and should be considered a criminal act.
Tell a child that it’s parent doesn’t love it long enough and does not want it long enough and that child will believe it. Pavlov’s Theory is a great example. When Shawna who is almost ten says something that is lashing out at her mother because she really wants to be at home with her and Donna agrees with her or tells her she doesn’t have to see her mother- Donna just reforces a reflex which she should not. In other words she is telling Shawna it is okay because she now has a new “mommy” and the old one didn’t love her anyway. Shawna becomes conditioned to believe it and then she wants to “please her new mommy” so she will not stop loving her like her “old mommy” did. This is such a classic form of mental and emotional abuse. It is along the same lines as “IF you didn’t make me so mad I would have to hit you!”
Donna Webb is not helping these children to be reunified with their mother who does love them with all of her heart and is well on her way to finding housing which by the way DFCS is supposed to help her with. She has a job and a support system. This is what has Donna Webb and Jackson County DFCS pissed off. Samantha should be reunifed with her children- They are her children and will always be her children. Donna Webb is just a highly paid baby sitter.

The question was asked at the Panel how did Samanatha think the girls would feel later down the road if they found this blog. I can tell you how they will feel – they will see that their mother loved them so much that she was willing to not only put herself out there but her children as well to prove that DFCS is greedy, corrupt and abuses children. They will see that their mother was abused by the system- they will see that she was not allowed pictures of her children because of this blog. They will see that she was denied holidays with her children- that she was denied Thanksgiving meals with her children- that she was denied her rights under the Constituton- They will see that they were also denied their rights under the Constitution and they will see that family did love them and stood their ground when it seemed impossible.
Yes, Jackson County and Donna Webb- you may win the battles, but in the end you will not win the war. The children will learn the facts and then they will know what abuse they suffered at all of your hands.
It is time to stop this and get these girls home before they are totaly brainwashed against the only mother they have or will ever have.

Jackson County, Ga DFCS Threatens Alice Samantha Thomason in Front of The Panel Today!

November 18, 2010 7 comments

Alice Samantha Thomason and her Girlsl who have been stolen by Jackson County Ga DFCS

Today Samantha had a panel hearing. The people present at that hearing were Tempra Fields, her caseworker, the tenth one, Rebecca Boles the representative from CASA, Deidra Sands the Guardian et lideum, and Donna Webb the Foster Care Provider.
It was a day of attacking Samantha because she is one thing short of getting her children back that is housing and because of this blog.
She was told that she could no longer talk to me because of this blog. They attacked her personally about this blog. They told her that everything she tells me winds up on this blog. Well, for their information I find out things that she doesn’t even know about. In fact I found out about today’s results and never talked to her. I still haven’t talked to her. What Jackson County DFCS doesn’t know is that I have my sources and they are not Samantha. They were told in the beginning that I had sources, they refused to listen. So this threat is just that a threat. They want to operate in secrecy because they know they have no case. They know they are in the wrong they know as well as Donna Webb that they all are making money off these girls.
They have also been told to call me if they have a problem with this blog, but again they haven’t done that either. They are in violation of Samantha’s first amendment rights by threatening her about this blog. They are trying to violate my first amendment right by using her. They don’t understand, they can’t do that. Threats don’t work.
The people on the panel who are involved in this violation are appointed by Judge Kevin Guidry the panel Gloria Wall and Tracie Malcom two of the three panel members the third name has escaped me. They stated in a newspaper article in the Jackson Herald POSTED April 21, 2010 5:39 p.m.
“Training was held March 30-31 in Jackson County for volunteers from the community to become members of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit Citizen Review Panel.
The duties of the Judicial Citizen Review Panels are to review the situation of each child placed in foster care with the Department of Human Services Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) by the Juvenile Court.
Each volunteer was required to submit an application to the Court, submit to a criminal background check and get approval from Honorable Kevin J. Guidry, before they could be eligible to take the training to become Panel Members.
“These volunteers said they wanted to be Panel Members to make a difference in the children and families in their community,” said Program Coordinator Tracie Malcom.
The volunteers submit to the court the findings and recommendations as to the necessity and appropriateness of the child’s current placement, whether reasonable efforts have been made by DFCS in working with the family, the degree of compliance with the family’s case plan, and any specific changes that need to be made in the case plan, said Malcom.
“To do this, the Panel Volunteers meet at least twice a year with each child, parent, foster parent and DFCS caseworker in almost every case in which a family has had a child placed in foster care by the court,” said Malcom, who works from the Jackson County Courthouse office of Judge Guidry.
The volunteers will be monitoring the progress of abused and neglected children in the custody of the Division of Family and Children’s Services.
“This is a difficult, time consuming and emotional task that is invaluable in finding permanent homes for the abused and neglected children of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit,” said Malcom”
They all know each other they all are in bed together and none of them want to give Samantha her children back.
Diedra Sands the Guaridan et Litem has been against Samantha getting her children back since day one. She has talked down to Sam, verbally abused her and contributed to her loss of self esteem. Rebecca Boles has never wanted Sam to get her kids back either. They make money off these girls. They are paid by the county for their services per child.
Donna Webb is making money every month off these three girls and this helps her with her new house in Madison County. Last year she made over $16,000.00 off the backs of the three girls. This is the exact reason DFCS didn’t want them going to their Aunt and Uncle in Texas. Plus if they went to Texas Jackson County DFCS would lose the money under Title IV-E Funding it would have been paid to the county in Texas where the Aunt and Uncle live. They said that their Aunt and Uncle didn’t have a relationship with the girls- that is complete bull- family is family. They didn’t think anything of dropping these girls in Donna Webb’s house when they stole them. She didn’t have a relationship with them either. She was a stranger – and the last I heard children are not supposed to talk to stranger’s. It could get them killed or worse.
But yet Donna has the right to turn Shawna against her mother. I would call this a form of abuse. She just doesn’t want to lose her cash cow.

Donna Webb also is using Shawna to turn the court and panel against her mother, she said that Shawna no longer trusted her mother and they threatened to remove Shawna from visiting her mother.
Now this is wrong on several counts
1. Shawna is nine almost ten years old she is hitting puberty- as a girl she will say and do things that appear that she hates her mother. Been there done that.
2. The question is what is Donna Webb putting in her head? I already know she has told Shawna that she didn’t have to visit her mother- and that she would pick her up if Shawna wanted to leave. Donna is using Shawna’s pitting one person against the other to her advantage. We only have Donna side of the conversation. What is not being said? The answer is simple if Donna Webb “proves” that the children no longer have a relationship with their mother, guess what happens, Judge Kevin Guidry yanks parental rights, Donna Adopts the girls, she keeps receiving money and her house is paid for.
3. Shawna also knows how to play that game. She knows how to manipulate adults – Most kids do – It is in their makeup. Remember “Mother said it was okay- if you say it is okay”
Through my sources I have also found out that Donna Webb is afraid of me. For the record – she has never been threatened in any way. This blog just states facts and facts cannot be disputed. Facts are evidence and evidence cannot be disputed. With the background, education, knowledge and experience I have I know that.
Everything on this blog is factual. The laws quoted, the books and handouts from DFCS, the Court statements and rulings, the handbook that DFCS uses to make reunification impossible. All of this is public record. I also have the handbook for DFCS all of this is listed on the blog.
This blog is about the violation of the rights of parents and their children who are stolen and used as cash cows for counties who need money. The facts show that.
The facts also show that under the Constitution also give us rights that cannot be taken away, the right of freedom of speech meaning I can write this blog and if Samantha chooses she can talk to me or anyone she pleases. The right of the 6th amendment which protects due process which she has been denied on every level.
The right of the 13th Amendment that protects children from being sold into slavery which they are being done daily by DFCS.
The right that Samantha to all the evidence to face her accuser and to a fair and impartial trial which she has not been allowed. She was never even criminally charge with a crime. Which according to the GA Statutes- Neglect is a class three felony. Has to be heard in criminal court. It is all done in secrecy. Jackson County DFCS does not want anyone to know what they are doing- the reason is simple it is not legal.
So they threatened- intimidated and harassed Samantha today in front of the panel.
No I have not talked to Samantha, but I do have my sources. It is time to give these girls back to her mother.

Henry County Ga DFCS allows a Child to Be Murdered in Foster Care WHY?

November 17, 2010 5 comments

Georgia DFCS strikes again. Another child is murdered in Foster Care and the only person held accountable is the Man who did it. The Case workers get off scott free. They were told not to place this child in this home and they did anyway. This child was only a baby he didn’t have a chance. It is time to hold DFCS Accountable it is time to start charging them with criminal actions. We are losing to many children to the abuse of DFCS all over the country.

Foster Care Provider who Murdered Child

Foster Father Faces Felony Murder, Child Cruelty Charges
Joseph Charles Todd Dunn Charged With Murder
By Jennifer Mayerle, CBS Atlanta Reporter

POSTED: 2:55 pm EST November 16, 2010
UPDATED: 11:20 pm EST November 16, 2010

facebookdel.icio.usbuzzdiggreddit›› Email›› PrintHENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Henry County police said a foster father was arrested and faces charges of cruelty to children and felony murder after a 20-month-old child died while in his care.

Police said Russell Chapman died on Oct. 10 at Egleston Children’s Hospital from traumatic injuries.

The foster child lived with the Joseph Charles Todd Dunn’s family in a foster-to-adopt home along with his 3-year-old sibling, according to reports.

“He always called papa, mama when he needed something,” said a woman who was Chapman’s foster mother before he lived with the Dunns.

She doesn’t want to be identified, but she does want you to know her pain.

“He was like my little boy. I suffer a lot,” said the former foster mother.

Pictures taken in the hospital show Russell unconscious. At first no one knew how it happened. Police now say they’re sure Russell was killed, dying of blunt force trauma to the head.

Russell and his brother hadn’t been with their biological mother since last year. Michelle Johnson denies mistreating them and says she had her suspicions early on about what happened. On Oct. 13, Johnson said her boys never should have been placed with the Dunns.

“From what I understand, the case worker said, ‘Don’t put them in the home’ and the Department of Family and Children Services did anyway. And in July, Russell had a broken arm,” said Johnson.

Now Johnson, and Russell’s former foster mother are left asking, “what happened?”

“That boy shouldn’t be dead. Justice is good. He will have to pay for what he did,” said the former foster mother.

CBS Atlanta spoke to a representative for DFCS. She could not answer any questions about why Russell was placed with the Dunns in the first place.

Police said Russell’s brother is now with another foster family.

A Loop Hole Puts Children At Risk in Palm Beach County – DFCS Strikes Again

November 14, 2010 10 comments

In Sunday’s Palm Beach Post on the front page the headline on the front page screamed, ” Sex Offender, other felons ran camps for homeless kids, Operators rake in tax money; no background checks required”
The Sub heading ran “Loophole Puts Children at Risk”
The article was by Michael LaForgia

This article absolutly shows just how corrupt child protective services has become.
The first paragraph states “Palm Beach County paid a convicted child molestor, thieves, drugh dealers and other people with criminal records nearly half a million dollars to run summer camps for homeless and foster children during the past three years.”
One criminal sexuall assualted a 6 year old girl, another took several women for thousands of dollars and another dealt in cocaine in an open air market. All of these criminals rececived tax money to run summer camps for at risk children.
None of them were required to have background checks run.
Ronnie Green: Title President JITA Outreach ministries, Inc.
Camp: Nu- Attitude Development Center
His Background: Registered sex offender, arrested 30 times between 1981 and 2007. Pleaded guilty to 10 counts of attempted sexual battery of a child younger than 12 in 1994
While in prison he Found “God” and is trying to have his record expunged.

Artie Williams
Title Vice President for Mothers against Murderers Association Inc
Camp : Kids with Dreams
Background : Convicted twice of running an organized scheme to defraud

Bishop Edgar Allen Title Vice President Full Gospel Fellowship Ministries Inc
Camp Full Gospel Children of Purpose
Background: Now a Pastor Allen had been convicted of 23 felonies betwee 1966 and 1994 – says his criminal past helps him counsel children.

Since 2007 617 homeless, foster kids or disadvantaged kids have attended camps run by people with criminal records- felony records- The County paid 4473,059.50 to these criminals in tax dollars, grants and contributions.
The loophole is this:
State statutes require background screening for summer camp owners and operators but hold no agency responsible for running checks
Because the law specifically exempts summer camps from licensing requirements DCF (Department Children and Family Services) has no regular jurisdiction over the business, but thy are empowered to create rules for summer camps – but they haven’t done so.

Now Child Protective Services will not hesitate to go in a snatch a child if they feel like it for now reason from a parent who is struggling to make ends meet- doing the best they can with what they have. But yet, they allow children to go to camps where there are sex offenders who are in charge.
There is something seriously wrong with this picture. When County officials were presented this information they gave a myrid of excuses, Claudia Tuck director of the county’s Human Resources division wrongly stated that a law that took effect this year would allow DCF to run checks on camp owners and operators. When she was asked for a list of camp employees who interacted with kids she refused to turn it over.
The article was over two pages long and no one not the county- not DCF no one has accepted responsbility for this gross abuse of children who can not defend themselves. This in itself is criminal.
It is time to clean house. Time to take back our children-

Another Comment From a UnEducated Reader

November 9, 2010 2 comments

It never ceases to amaze me at the stupidity of some people. There really should be a law against it because there certainly is no cure. I received this comment on the post”Government Trampling on Constitutional Rights of Parents “
“So… we should not investigate reports of child abuse and just hope that the children live? If all CPS complaints were turned over to law enforcement, the police would be so overburdened that we would have to double their budget. The ridiculousness of asserting that the privacy rights of parents usurp the right of children to be safe is just one indication of how anti-government folk have lost ther minds.”
When I read it – I had to read it three times to see if Sarah the writer really said what I thought she said. And it appears she did.

Apparently this young woman whose IP address was from the Wisconsin Ed department has no clue of our criminal justice system, our rights under the constitution- or the rights of our children. She assumed and I quote ” So… we should not investigate reports of child abuse and just hope that the children live? If all CPS complaints were turned over to law enforcement, the police would be so overburdened that we would have to double their budget”

Apparently she has not followed this blog since the beginning and obviously she has no children and has never ever had to deal with the lies, and corruption of CPS. I am not an advocate of children being removed if they are truely abused, and that means, raped, assaulted, beaten, chained, burned, etc. All of you are smart enough to understand that. However, I am against CPS using their unfettered authority to steal children simply because they can based on allegations made by someone who lives in the darkness. I am against the rights of the parents being violated in that they have no due procees, they are not charged with a crime, are not allowed access to the charges which are alleged, are not allowed to face their accusors in court, cannot examine them on the stand and are robbed of their 4th and 6th amendments.

For Sarah’s information those rights are guarenteed under the Constitution of the United States. People who commit capital crimes are allowed due process in a court of law. They are allowed to face their accusor. I am against children being stolen for profit on false allegations and placed in the homes of strangers who profit off them. I am against children being stolen by the state so the state can profit off them. Again Sarah needs to read this blog and the post on Title IV-E Funding under the Adoption and Safe Families Act.
I am against parents being forced to jump through hoops to regain their children because they are poor and uneducated and are intimadated by CPS. I am against children being sold under Title IV-E Funding in violation of the 13th Amendment which states “No man shall be held in slavery.”
Apparently Sarah is the one who has no clue. She undoublty is not as educated as she assertains because it shows in her statement which paints all parents who are abused by CPS with a very wide brush – She states, “The ridiculousness of asserting that the privacy rights of parents usurp the right of children to be safe is just one indication of how anti-government folk have lost ther minds.”

She doesn’t seem to understand that the children’s rights have been usurped in violation of the 13th amendment. To add insult to injury her refenece to “anti- government folk have lost their minds.’ is both an insult and proof that she is the one who is lacking in a full deck. It is not about government it is about the non accountablity- and the non oversite that CPS has aquired. More children die in foster care and in adoptive homes who were taken by CPS then die in their own family. When a child dies in foster care or in the home of an adoptive parent the caseworkers involved are not held accountable. They are not charged as accessories as they should be. In 9 out of 10 cases where a child had died or been abuse in foster care of the adoptive home- the caseworkers excuse was “we didn’t know”. But yet they knew enough to steal the child from it’s natural parent. Hardly!

Sarah, while I appreicate the fact that you disagree – you need to go back and do your homework and then come back and have intelligent discussion before you make statements that you can’t defend. We have done our homework. We know the facts, we know the rights granted under the Consitituiton. We know the corruption and greed and abuse that goes on in CPS. We have seen the underbelly of CPS. We know the facts and we are going to change it.

Latest Update on the Case in Jackson County Ga involving Alice Samantha Thomason and Her Three Girls

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Alice Samantha Thomason and her children Shawna, Karly and Sara This is the real family

Imagine this: You are allowed to visit your children once a week in a supervised enviorment- The person who supervises you writes down every word and every action. She reports it back to DFCS (CPS). You as the parent are not allowed to tell your child that you love them, are not allowed to answer any questions regarding when that child might get to come back to you after being stolen by the state. You are not allowed to show any emotion in any form because it will be reported and misconstrued.
Added to that your olded child is going on ten years old- Female and she is getting ready to hit puberty.
Added to that is a Foster Care Provider who says, “You don’t have to stay and talk to your mother if you don’t want to.”
Added to that the child says, to her real mother, “I don’t have to talk to you about anything, I talk to my mother – meaning her foster care provider.”
This conversation took place on Monday Nov 8th 2010 at the location where Samantha goes to visit her children. Shawna the oldest was having a pre-teen female moment. When Samantha asked her what was wrong she said she didn’t have to talk to her – that she only talked to her “mother” meaning Donna Webb the foster care provider. She also stated that Donna told her she didn’t have to visit with her real mom and if she wanted to leave that she Donna would come and get her.
Now this is so wrong on so many levels. Donna Webb is making money off these girls. Now she is trying to sever the tie the children have with their mother who would die for them because she wants to show the court that she has establised a “relationship” with them. She had already thrown a fit when she thought they were going to be sent to Texas to their uncle and aunt.
She is brain washing the girls because she doesn’t want to lose the 16,000.00 a year she is making off them. She is using this money to build a new house in Madison County. Instead of turning them against their mother she should be encouraging them to stay bonded with her. She is after all their mother and always will be.
This is just the latest in the chain of events that prove the corruption and greed in this county. Donna Webb is not held accountable for any of her actions, not the broken arm of Karly, the black eye of Shawna or this. But yet if it the children had been with their mother she would have had them stolen in a heart beat.
This behavior is not acceptable. Samantha is working and will have her own place shortly. She will get her children back. She is their mother- has always been their mother and will always be their mother. Donna Webb is just a facilatator for the State. Someone who warehouses children for profit. She has no right to these children. She is only using them for her means. She has no love for them -they are just a commodity – She is mentally and emotionally abusing them by turning them against their real mother. She if forcing them to make choices about who they are supposed to love and she has no right to do that.


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