This is Just One Example of How Corrupt CPS is

Would these young girls have been hurt in their own home? Would they have been molested? Was more damage done to them by these two men than could have ever been done to them by their own family? CPS should be tried and convicted as well. How do they get off scott free for the mental, emotional and physical abuse these young girls suffered at the hands of strangers. This is not an isolated case it happens all over the country. CPS hides their own dirty laundry and skews threir numbers. They know this stuff goes on – they know children are abused in foster care more than in their own home. But they don’t care it is all about the money!
It is time to stop this criminal act of stealing our children and forcing them into slavery at the hands of CPS and abusive foster and adoptive care.

What I found interesting was the statement that they didn’t feel anything was going on. Did they really believe these young girls would tell them anything. Who knows what they were threatened with and who knows what those men would have done to them if they had told.
The children probably knew they would be placed in yet another stranger’s home to be abused more!
Texas Family and Protective Services agency didn’t stop foster home abuse
Posted: October 24, 2010 – 12:40amAdvertisement
ELKHART — A frame house surrounded by connecting mobile homes served for years as a home for dozens of the most vulnerable children in Texas foster care. But instead of being a safe haven, it was a place where young girls were repeatedly molested and the abuse long ignored.

In a case with implications that reach beyond Elkhart, a community of 1,215 about 125 miles southeast of Dallas, a criminal prosecution has revealed how the state continually ruled out allegations of child abuse at the home before many of the same charges sent the man who served as its foster father to prison last year.

Officials with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services consider the case an aberration, saying it in no way reflects how standard cases in the child services system are managed. But some foster care experts say it calls into question how the state investigates abuse in its largely privatized network of foster homes. The Anderson County district attorney says investigations should be done by an independent office.

James Vick, who operated the home for 10 years with his wife, Marilyn, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to 18 counts of indecency with a child by contact. Marilyn Vick was not charged in the case.

Anderson County prosecutors believe as many as nine preteen girls were abused by Vick, 47, and his adopted son, Michael, over 13 years, usually under the pretense of playing games such as hide and seek. Michael Vick has pleaded not guilty to three counts of indecency with a child and is free while awaiting trial.

The number of victims makes the case one of the worst examples of foster care abuse to emerge in recent years, experts said. But as troubling for many is the back story, detailed in court records, of how state investigators ruled out allegations of sexual abuse against James Vick on at least three occasions before his arrest.

Even if the Department of Family and Protective Services couldn’t immediately prove the allegations, the mounting number should have been a sign something was seriously wrong, foster care experts said.

“This is damaging in a million ways,” said Susan Lambiase, associate director of the New-York based child welfare advocacy group, Children’s Rights.

The case raises questions about the personnel group within the Department of Family and Protective Services that oversees foster homes. That unit, Residential Child Care Licensing, allowed the Vick home to continue taking in children even as case workers removed those who alleged abuse.

Patrick Crimmins, spokesman for the Department of Family and Protective Services, acknowledged mistakes were made in the Vick case, but said they don’t point to a larger problem. He said no other case has presented similar circumstances.

“Our investigators are well trained and do good work, and the Vick case was an unfortunate exception to that,” Crimmins said. (What? You have got to be kidding me! Well trained? Not Likely! This is called CYA!)

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  1. mutuelle says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ;)…


  2. Excellent brief and this article helped me alot. Say thank you I looking for your information….


  3. what is sad the chances of those children coming home is slim to none due to the white collar criminals from the courts,
    also if you go to or the court web page for any state , you will find if you enter a few attorneys names you will find attorneys from those same law firm appoint themselves legal guardians over adults aged 19 on up after those adult are declared incompetent and some of those attorneys have interest in assisted living facilities where those individuals are placed such as Mary’s Ranch from Malden area which is I believe New Madrid county, so it is not just children, when the children become adults they are kept in the system for a pay check to the same attorneys that had taken part in stealing them from the families, a very profitable industry for common white collar criminal is not just children and babies those kids grow up, and for the ones who the parents lose contact with those children become a permeate pay check for corrupt attorneys and judges , check into it happen in each and every state, and the funding they receive is limitless through federal funding of SSi or Social security, Medical insurance billing for therapy and counseling, drug treatment ect, the paper trail is out their through the court system and if you back track and back log you will find those adults that are declared incompetent were once foster children the numbers in some area are as high as1 in 4 , that is 25% children from foster care end up as adults declared incompetent and place into assisted living facilities owned and operated by the same attorneys involved in the case guess that is their retirement program for Common criminal involved with Children Service cases , so the best interest for a child is to ruin their lives for job security for Case workers who lie and manipulate the system, and attorneys to establish a retirement plan by keeping those children in the system as adults

    They are nothing but COMMON CRIMINALS thieves , racketeers and embellishers, bet their families must be so proud of what they raised .


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