Obviously This Foster Parent is Clueless!

I got this comment over the weekend from someone who said they were “kinship foster parents” and from her comment she is clueless.”I am a kinship foster parent to 3 children who are relatives. Obviously, the writer has no idea how much it costs to raise children in a safe home with necessities.

The writer is biased and clearly has no idea what (s)he is talking about when she writes, “..could have helped their mother, she could have lived well on 16,000.00 plus in non taxable income.”

The money is for the care of the children.”

Well, here is the rebuttal to obviously unthought out comment:

Her statement “Obviously the writer has no idea how much it costs to raise children in a safe home with necessities”
Obviously she has no clue about me. I raised three children and two grand children as well as my brothers and sisters. I know exactly what it takes. And I also know that if DFCS in Jackson County would give Samantha that 16,000.00 it would go along way in helpin her support her children. The writer of this comment doesn’t realize that housing, utilities,a vehicle, and groceries are considered things for the children. She also stated that her comment would be deleted. Well not it wasn’t – but she should know her facts before she assumes.
In Jackson County 16,000.00 a year can go along way in a county that is very economcilly depressed. She also needs to get her facts about thi writer before she assumes that I don’t know what I am talking about. This is not my first rodeo- As far as being biased. Again she has no idea what she has stated. Facts are facts. What does she think is involved in “Care of the Children?” The basics alone are Food, Clothing and Shelter”. I also know that many foster care providers including kinship foster care providers make a living off the backs of children who have been snatched by DFCS. I have been involved with those people for a very long time, and I was told by a former supervisor of Jackson County DFCS a long time ago that if a child got in the system they never got out. So before the writer of that comment makes comments that wind up with her foot in her mouth she needs to do her homework first.
It is time for the children to be at home with their mother!

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2 Responses to Obviously This Foster Parent is Clueless!

  1. Samantha says:

    Well obviously the Foster Parent has forgotten how hard is to raise children in the ecomony and the way it is these days, i am a mother of 3 and trust me with a good paying job and eveything you need for you and your children it is still hard as hell to raise your kids and yourself. Not to mention when you grow up in a poor county and a middle class family you struggle to make ends meet and still be there for your kids, but comming from a family that was middle class and a broken family, my mom still made sure she had food on the table and a roof over our head and a warm bed to lay our head in. No we weren’t rich and couldn’t have everythiing we wanted but we had everything we needed to survive, but let me say something to the writer of the comment, the money you make off the kids you have in your home is more then any parent with a good paying job could make in a month and thats after paying bills and getting the things that the kids need. And no to mention the money you make don;’t just go to the kids it gose to other things that the kids don’t need, so like the writer said you need to do your homework before you open your mouth and put your foot in it. Because there are soemthings you need to learn and read before asumming. And if you don’t like my comment well i don’t care, cause i didn’t put it on here for you to like, i call it the way i see it.


  2. esos sitios son lindos te relaja


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