Another Child Murdered in Foster Care when does it Stop???

Notice how the prosecution wanted to give this woman a plea of second degree murder with a chance of parole. She murder little Emily Meno for wetting her pants. Emily was placed with this foster mother by Bethany Christian Services.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) – A foster mom accused of killing a 5-year old girl appeared in court today.

Authorities say Emily Meno died from traumatic head injuries caused by 30-year old Joy Heaven.

Family members of 5-year old Emily Meno were holding back tears as they listened to painful testimony from investigators, and watched as prosecutors offered Joy Heaven a plea deal.

“She was a happy go lucky little girl and now she’s gone.”

For mother, Lori Meno, emotions ran deep in court, as one by one investigators gave their testimony about 5-year old Emily Meno’s death.

A detective with Kent County Sheriff’s Department testified heaven confessed to striking Emily only after being presented autopsy results. Officers say Joy Heaven claimed she was frustrated with Emily for wetting her pants and being in the way.

“She then indicated with one hand she thrust forward hitting Emily in the chest causing her to be airborne.”

Forensic pathologists agreed that Emily couldn’t have just ‘taken a fall.’

“Well the cause of death is cranial cerebral trauma which means head injury– what was the manner?– homicide.”

But as prosecutors offered Heaven a plea deal of a lesser charge, she turned the offer down.

“They were going to try to get her 2nd degree murder with parole, I told her she needs life without parole for what she’s done to my little Emily.”

No trial date is set yet, the preliminary hearing will continue on September 15th after the judge watches the confession tapes.

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One Response to Another Child Murdered in Foster Care when does it Stop???

  1. Todays date 02-20-2011 And still NO TRIAL DATE SET. This monster is still running around on the streets. She is out on 10,000 dollar bound. A 17 year old from Traverse City Michigan is out on 50,000 thousand dollar bound, (that was for killing a cat). Where is Justice?


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