Shake up at Jackson County Ga DFCS

Alice Samantha Thomason with her children Autumn Destiny DeShawna, Carly Skyler and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn who have been stolen by Jackson County DFCS to sell for a profit

There has been some interesting news out of Jackson County Ga DFCS. It appears that some one has gone in and cleaned out all or most of the old employees at that office. Many are gone including Mary Mahoney the supervisor who had been there for a long time. Also gone is Katie Bice Samantha’s last caseworker the eigth in a very long line of caseworkers. She has been replaced by Felica Johnson. The question begs to be asked WHY?????
The answer is probably simple, The State is trying to get rid of all those who were there in order to cover up all of the corruption, greed and abuse they have heaped on the families that live in that county. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for all of the new people to crawl in bed with the perpatrators of the kidnapping of our children. My guess is they were in bed with them in the beginning.
I found it very interesting that they have all been replaced especially since this blog has gone virial. On the surface it looks as if the rats are deserting a sinking ship. They can replace these people with whoever they wish. The corruption is still there. It will always be there until it is stopped. It flows from the top down. The top being Governor Sonny Perdue and his allowing this abuse – greed and corruption to exist. That is because he has a vested interest in the selling of children. He is a foster care provider and makes money off the cash cow.
It will be interesting to see what happens on Monday June 28th when Samantha goes to court yet again to stand in front of Judge Kevin Guidry. It will be interesting to see what Rebecca Boles who is with CASA has to say and it will interesting to see what the foster care provider Donna Webb has to say.
This hearing is open to the public. They are no longer closed under the new law signed by Sonny Perdue in Jan of this year. If you are in the area and want to go and support Samantha please do.

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  4. kp says:

    Jackson County Ga is not the only one we are in Walker county and my sister-in-law has been fighting with the system since 03 on 4 children. They went to court on 6/24/10 and lost their rihgts to them. Told them there girls do not want to be with them and they want to stay in the foster homes. The oldest called me last night (snuck around) she never said those things. They are being emotional and mentally abused where they are at, I have tried everything to help them and no one and I mean no one will listen to me. DFACS dose not even want the girls with family. The only thing that the parents have done is drugs in their past, but they are both clean and have taken every class posible to take, every parenting class ( 4) angermangment (4) family and marrage counsoling, now the stae will not honer these either. And they now have lost the kids. And the familyies choice is very slim to get them. This is all a big mess and no one wants to help us.


  5. tabitha turpin says:

    I can relate somewhat to this story


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