Whitby man claimed to be psychologist

Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Sara Louvelle Texanna and Carly Skyler Wilfawn stolen by Jackson County DFCS

Were these girls stolen by bogus doctors?? I think so.

The CPS System is so corrupt they are now hiring people who have bogus degrees to steal the children from their parents. IT is time to step up and fight this abusive, greedy and corrupt system. This is the second case of a bogus psychologist who has testified against parents in juvenile court and caused them to lose their children. The parents have to way to fight this system. We have to stop it.

Whitby man claimed to be psychologist
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With files from the CBC’s Kimberly Gale CBC News
A Whitby man who claimed to be a doctor has pleaded guilty to falsely representing himself at a disciplinary hearing before the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Carter, 63, claimed to have a PhD in psychology and has weighed in on Family Court cases for 15 years. He worked under contract for six years with the Durham Children’s Aid Society, which ended its relationship with him in 2009.

Carter is registered with the College as a psychological associate. Because his registration is based on his master’s degree in psychology, there are limitations on his practice and they prevent him from making independent diagnoses.

Durham police allege he falsely claimed to be a clinical psychologist while testifying in court and preparing parental assessments for agencies.

According to his CV, Carter earned his doctorate from Pacific Western University in Hawaii. However, the university was discredited in 2004 as a “diploma mill” and closed in 2006.

Parents and guardians who lost custody of children following Carter’s testimony include a mother, two fathers, and a grandfather who says he presented the College with several insurance claim forms where Carter identified himself as a clinical psychologist.

Tuesday’s hearing focused on the case of a Whitby man who, in 2008, lost a court fight to get temporary sole custody of his two young sons. The man said the woman had become abusive to the children.

One psychologist had told the court the mother had borderline personality disorder, one of the most difficult mental disorders to treat.

Carter was called for a second opinion and he ended up disputing the diagnosis.

On Tuesday, Carter pleaded guilty to misrepresenting himself as a doctor and to inappropriately diagnosing disorders in court testimony.

He was suspended from his private practice for three months — after that he will be supervised for one year.

In January 2010, Carter was charged by Durham Regional Police with fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the case.

On Thursday he’ll be in court in Durham Region to face those charges.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2010/06/22/whitby-psychologist-hearing.html#ixzz0rg9Gwa5n

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  2. Teri says:


    I think this is an awesome site full of information that we as parents NEED!
    I fought DCF in CT for 16 years before I left CT to get away from them. They tried to take my kids but never had any evidence only someone talking junk. Now my kids are in their early 20’s but I have since had another son who is 5 now and I am scared to death this will start up again. Let me tell you why I am scared. My sister-in-law had her two children removed from the home (with an officer) because she confided in a friend she had started doing cocaine 4 months prior to the conversation and wanted help to get off it. They did not find any drugs in the home and although she was “dirty” her kids were not abused, neglected or otherwise. They were fed, had toys, cable, etc. They were clean and everything and the state lied on the paperwork saying she did drugs in front of them, they didn;t even know what drugs are until the state exposed them to it in the sense of asking what the drugs looked like, what she used with them, etc. They stated they didn’t know what the lady was talking about, that they never saw their mother doing anything like that (the kids are 8 and 7) She stayed clean for the 1.5 yrs this case went on and did all her classes, found another job and place to live (she lost her job and home because DCF contacted them about her being a so called “drug addict”. When she complied with everything they went to court and changed the goals and every time they went to court they tacked on a new goal and disregarded any of the previous goals she complied with. Supervised visits got cut down to once a month and by the next court date they were taking her rights from her. They have since then taken her rights, her children live in a shelter (for 2 years now) up for adoption. HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS???? We don’t know what to do. The lawyers she had were useless. Is there any way she can get them back?? We live in Florida and all I can say is if Florida ever takes your child be rest assured you will never see them again. As for myself, I KNOW dcf and I know I am not immune to them taking my kids regardless how good I am with them. All they need do is lie and that all “poof” my son belongs to someone else. Does my sister-in-law have any rights at all?? Can she go to another court ir is this really a done deal? I don’t know who to ask and this site has not only scared me but opened my eyes to the possibility that she can get her babies back. How can they keep getting away with this state after state does the same thing to parents. What do we do now? Are those kids lost forever??


    PS: Thanks for posting these articles, you are doing a great service to us parents. I pray the children in foster care. I was in foster care as a child and abused as well and there is NO WAY my son will EVER be in foster care. I got one thing to say to that social worker that shows up at my door…is he worth your life? Because he is worth mine!


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