Finally Some Attorneys Get It Lawsuits are Being Filed against CPS

Finally some attorneys who are not afraid to speak out and help families who have had their children stolen for profit by Child Protective Services. Now if we can get one of them to step up to the plate in Jackson County Ga.

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Attorney: Agency deprives rights
W-B attorney says he will file lawsuit on behalf of 25 parents against Luzerne County Children and Youth.

WILKES-BARRE – A local attorney said he plans to file a federal lawsuit today on behalf of approximately 25 parents who allege Luzerne County Children and Youth violated their constitutional rights in placing their children in foster care.

click image to enlargeTheresa Orgowski, right, and her daughter Brandy Fullerton, both of Wilkes-Barre, gather with other parents outside the Children and Youth Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilkes-Barre to voice complaints against the agency on Wednesday.


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Times Leader Photo StoreJames Hayward of Wilkes-Barre said the lawsuit will be a wide-ranging indictment of Children and Youth that will rival the egregiousness of the allegations contained in the “kids-for-cash” lawsuits involving former county Judge Mark Ciavarella’s placement of juveniles in detention centers.

“It’s just like the ‘kids-for-cash’ case again,” Hayward said. “Everyone knew what Ciavarella was doing and didn’t do anything about it. Well, they all know what Children and Youth is doing and they’re not doing anything about it.”

What Children and Youth is doing, Hayward said, is routinely Children and Youth violated their constitutional rights regarding court hearings that determine whether their children will remain in foster care or be returned home.

The suit revolves around dependency court, which involves children who have been removed from their homes based on allegations of abuse or neglect. It is separate from delinquency court, which involves the placement of juveniles accused of crimes.

Under state law, Children and Youth can take immediate custody of a child only if it can be shown there is an imminent threat to the child’s safety or health. A shelter care hearing must then be held to review that determination.

Hayward said he has interviewed numerous parents who say they were never given a hearing, or were given such short notice that they could not present a meaningful rebuttal to the agency’s allegations.

“I have four clients whose shelter care hearing was either scheduled while they were in the hospital, or they never had a shelter care hearing and they took the kids off them,” he said.

Hayward said that in one case, his client had just given birth via caesarian section. Children and Youth sought to place the child. A shelter care hearing was scheduled just after she gave birth, which precluded her from attending.

Hayward said he went to the hearing on her behalf and obtained a continuance. But that did not stop the agency from taking the child anyway.

“They went that night or the night after and took the baby out of the hospital and put it in foster care,” Hayward said.

Another issue, Hayward said, is the agency’s practice of taking a newborn from the biological parents based solely on the fact the parents have other children who are currently in foster care.

Hayward said the law says agencies can do that only if a parent has previously had his or her parental rights to other children terminated. Luzerne County is doing so even when that is not the case, he said.

“If you have a child in the system, as far as they are concerned, every child is in the system. That’s not the law,” he said. “They can do whatever they want and get away with it, and no one is challenging them.”

Joe DeVizia, director of human services for the county, said he was advised Wednesday that Hayward planned on filing a lawsuit. DeVizia said he did not know what the specific allegations are, but insisted Children and Youth is working for the best interest of children.

“There are a lot of issues surrounding why kids are in placement,” DeVizia said. “Our number one concern is always the safety and welfare of children.”

More than two dozen parents, some of whom are plaintiffs in the pending suit, gathered at the Luzerne County Courthouse on Wednesday for an impromptu rally.

DeVizia said he and Children and Youth Director Frank Castano spent nearly five hours meeting with 15 to 20 parents. He said he would ensure their concerns were addressed.

Hayward said the suit will name Children and Youth as a defendant, as well as individual agency employees, the county and its human services department. The suit will not name judges who presided over dependency court, he said.

Terrie Morgan-Besecker, a Times Leader staff writer, may be reached at 570-829-7179.

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    I have been getting Harrased by Child Protecteive Services in Apple Valley CAlifornia San Bernardino County they took my Son back on November 16th 2009 returned him on December 24th 2009 stating that they had no Case but left my Name in The DOJ CACI And then said they closed the case and now today June 21st 2010 The Same CPS WORKER Came out saying she got a call we had no FOOD and she looked in my house seen FOOD AND SAID SHE WAS REOPENING THE CASE FROM NOVEMBER 2009 And that if I move I have to give her my New address where I move too… (THATS BULLSHIT) So She can HArrase ME EVEN MORE NO ATTORNEY HERE IN SANBERNARDINO COUNTY WILL HANDLE THE CASE BECAUSE THERE ALL CHICKEN TO SUE THIS COUNTY FOR MONEY If anyone KNOWS OF A Really Good ATTORNEY That would be willing to take on this case and help me out please EMAIL ME AT CATLOVER20032001@YAHOO.COM the Social Worker From Cps THAT KEEPS HARRASEING ME HER NAME IS TAMARAH THOMAS from the Victorville Child Protective Services.I am going to the COurts to FIle a Restraining Order against her so then she cant Harrase me anymore and if any of the OTHER CPS WORKERS HARRASE ME I WILL FILE RESTRAINING ORDERS AGAINST THEM AS WELL. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME

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    • yvonnemason says:

      Do not let anyone from CPS in your house without a warrant – A warrant being there is probable cause to believe that something illegal is going on in your home
      If they say they have reasonable suspision make them go back and get a warrant. they have no right to be in your home. don’t allow them in.


    • kathleen byrne says:

      i got the same office making my life hell!! they say im lying and coaching my grandaughter about the sexual abuse!! i did no such thing..because i have a disability, they say im the liar. yes, the other family looks so good.but i cant help it the ex cop lies for his daughter,the god! this is my biological grandaughter that im supposed to protect! and what do i get? victimized!all thesecps workers needed to do was subpoena cell records to know im telling the truth about she was here and hurt childs arm and she was at the house when she stabbed my son and she called me to say he went by ambulance and she stabbed him…but, no, they dont believe me! she lied under oath about this too recently.



    I KNOW THAT THANK YOU I WISH I knew someone that could help me MOve out of here because I dont got the MOney to move I need to get out of here because it is HELL over here with this Crooked CPS I am a Single DAD of a 6yr old Little BOY and I own my own HOme Based Business and The CPS Worker says Owning My own Business is not a JOB I do Health Benefits,Sell Merchandise online and I also Do Lock And Key Work and she tells me thats not a JOB. IT is a JOB. well Thanks for the Assistance & Information








    • hazel says:

      One of the finest attorney’s I’ve met is Berg and associates. He has an office in Redding and another in Chico. 530-941-7236. (cell phone) His name is Eric Berg. I love him!


  6. donna says:

    WAY TO GO!!!! This is exciting news for us here in PA!!! Can’t wait for this to happen in my county…The Vile and corruption of these tyrants brought to light! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! 🙂


  7. Christina says:

    Unfortunately, this is happening all over the continental US. Anywhere you go they will be there. The only way to stop this is to stand and fight. I have been dealing with this system for over 15 years now. I had a cps worker before I had a child. No reason. I don’t do drugs, don’t have a criminal history. NOTHING!! They show up at my home with no reports. They force me to get on “welfare” because my income isn’t high enough. They tell me I need to move, even tho I have a home of my own (funny how homelessness really happens lol). There is never an end. They always come. Once, they even hassled me over not getting my son Valentine’s day cards. They are petty and rude and will do anything they want when they want.

    We will have to fight back. That’s the only way to win.


  8. anita ellen says:

    Butte County CPS is no different from what you are describing in San Bernadino and Victorville, CA. I live in town of Chico. I know a young mother who has a disability and this is the only reason they took her baby from her. They even showed up at hospital to say they had to come do a “health and safery check” before the infant could come home. The baby was born with a disability and could have very easily recieved services from Far Northern Regional Center, which has Early Intervention Child services for infants-3 ys. old. They just pay the CCS, California Children’s Services to have a specialized staff person or a nurse come into the home to offer support to mother and baby. This has to stop, this discrimination of disabled and non-disabled parents. Have you parents in other counties been “getting the CASA volunteer reports” that you are suppose to by law get two days ahead of the Court Hearings and by your “court-appointed attorneys”. Look on your county Courts ( Trial Court ) webpage and click on any tab you may see that says “Court Rules”……it will tell you the requirements of your own court-appointed attorney, the Casa Worker’s responsibility in filing her or his reports to the judge prior to any hearing and five days ahead of time. My friend was completely denied the CPS Family Reunification Serivces that if you have a baby you should get this for 6 months. If child is 3 or over 3 then you get it for 12 mnths. Do you all know about the Family Code 7950 called Preferential Relative Placement under current California Law? It says when a child is removed from a parent, then that same parent has some say so to the child being placed with your closest relative like a sibling, parents, and so the Grandparents of your baby or child. You know, that once your child is in the custody of CPS and Courts for 15-22 months ( usually they go for 15months) this is the point in time when they get it court-ordered to terminate your parental rights permanently. Try to find attorneys that are out of your local area. It’s the same here they don’t want to go up against CPS, but there were two private attorney’s here willing to take my friend’s case……she just didn’t have the beginning retain fee of $3500 or $5000.


    • Jeanne says:

      Can you please give me the names of the attorneys willing to take on the cps in Chico. Our court hearing is Wed morn do not want court appointed lawyer who works for the system.


  9. l brinkley says:

    they have my sisters baby and they wont acknowledge me ive been here with her for a whole year waiting for a back ground check


  10. l brinkley says:

    no i still want to say what i said


  11. l brinkley says:

    they suck and they wouldnt like it if someone did to them what they do to people, god is watching them,and ther time will come


    • anita ellen says:

      I brinkley: are you dealing with prejudice, discrimination, and biased in Butte County Court? Or with CPS of Butte County or another in California? If they took you’re sister’s baby ( your niece or nephew ) have you filed court papers for guardianship or de facto parent ? There are numerous ways to protect your legal rights. If you want to email me with any questions I can try to help. My email is:


  12. chuck says:

    i need a to know y cps w8ed till my 3 year old baby girl was to the point she can walk right do to her mom refusing to take her to doc and she dosent talk now along with a lot of other bad choices on cps’s behalf like in 08 when she was taken to the er by her stepfather while he was piss drunk and the er held her over night and reported that they watched bruises appear all over her body then they handed her back to her mom and did nothing i just found out 3 days ago im in ragged and need help to get my daughter they say the nu8merus counts of abuse did not make grounds enough to take her from her mother and now she is very messed up and her half brother has flat head i will be glad to post the whole list of thiungs they allowed to happen they said they could not find me so they face booked me but i have always had all my bills rent and bank accounts in my name so i dont think they even tried till they decided they would take her from here mom now they want me to do a lot of things to just get my daughter im the father they didnt try to contact till the mother wouldn’t take r baby back so if she would have decided to take her back they would have not got hold of me and now because of there poor choices to protect r children my daughter has gone through a hell no child should go through plz give me comments there is a 10+ page report of what they have just over looked to try and make sure the baby was wit the mother like the stat of Montana keeps doing yet no 1 stands up and says stop this instead u all just let it happen i work full time and have a 1 year old son that is healthy smart and happy but they seem to think that they need to go out of their way to be a part of what they already fucked up and i think its all about covering their ass but when im done they will pay for this injustice im looking for help in finding ways to get some1 who really cares for the children and not a pay check this girl has been beat burn abused neglected and hurt to the point that a pervert or sick no good low life would do and its cps’s fault they could have did more then tell her to clean her house just so they could give her back in the town i live in cps would have yanked the child out and made all the right choices but now they even r tring to justify this and its bullshit and it will keep happening if we don’t stand together i will check this today i hope some1 out there cares and can send me in the right way


  13. mamaof 3 says:

    Cps is the devil. They have us in court on BOGUS accusations. They’re sucking the life out of our family. they say our children are deprived, I SAY THEY’RE DEPRIVING OUR CHILDREN AND OUR WHOLE FAMILY! We have started to fight back with them. We will file a lawsuit and as many complaints as it takes. We will bring this injustice to light. We have to stand for every family and child across the board. They have treated us as if we have NO rights! I pray for all who have to deal with this evil organization. May God be with you all! I have found this website useful. and also check out AFRa. I will not rest until justice is served. They can never give us back the time they’ve taken from us and the emotinal distress thay have caused us and our children. Just to say what they did for my 7 yr old. They took my custody and gave it to a criminal father jointly who is also an alcholic. who only took action on my family because he wants to be relieved of his child support obligation. I know this in my heart.he’s no good for the kids which is why i left him to begin with!! he called cps with all of these false accusations. instead of dropping it, cps has been dragging us to court. not only us but the moron who called them to begin with. ironic i guess. the caseworker filed all this BOGUS crap in juvenile court and they’re dragging it on and on and on and on. Its simply ridiculous. if they only knew how ignorant they all really sound. anyway, I don’t appreciate they way they treat people. Its not right. Something MUST be done about this!!!!!!!!!


  14. tigress1167 says:

    dealing with false allegations, CPS went to the drunk piece of shits house that filed them, he was drunk and the house a shithole and NOTHING WAS DONE, and I’m the bad person sticking up for my rights? while this mean spirited drunk ruins his daughters lives and nothing happens to him…we shall see, in Luzerne County, corruption capital of Pennsylvania….stay tuned


  15. My name is latasha and my kids were taken from me in 1995 by Klamath falls Oregon they said my yungest son was felure to trive while in ther coustody they found out that thats not what the problem was he was lactose in tolorent then they tried to say that i wasnt mentaly able to take care of them they told me if i finished my counciling and parenting classes i would get them back i did all that then they tried tell me that i molested my oldest right in front of them he was uncercomsized and i was doing what the dr. told me to do and they said that i took to long cleaning him and they said that if i gave up my rights that they would put it on my record so they forsed me to give up my rightsso when they adopted them they adopted them to a friend of the case workerthen when my case was saposto be closed they came and took my other to girls


  16. i also have a learning disability and thats why they said that i couldnt mentaly take care of them


  17. if anyone has any info on what i can do to get any help please contact me by phone or email 4058854568 thank you


  18. dose anyone know of any class action suits going on in Oregon that i can get involved with


  19. deana hernandez moore says:

    im looking for help to get my four childs back from cps . lase march 10, 2010 i was remoldeing my house . taook light swift paltes off an an light an redoing the bathroom to .. i was living in a house next door police come an than code enforsment come an cps right after ward . drug test me an my test was clean but les who was stay ae the house i was remodel, failed his his drug test he wasnt even living in my house


  20. deana hernandez moore says:

    i go to court 3 days later hoping that the kids will come home .. i brought lease onwership . 3both house an let them going in the house we were living in . the cps worker lied sbout everything a said it was a miss up ybn address .. the judge said no that he needs 3 week s an give a report an maybe the kids can come home


  21. deana hernandez moore says:

    the new worker said that in 1994 i had my daugther a adpot out an she was real mean after that …. so i go in to court an she tells the jdes that i should not get my kids back cuz of 1994 . he said ok an dont give me no serivce at all i need help


  22. deana hernandez moore says:

    can someone help me please class action suits in riverside county please contact my


  23. Nancy Garner says:

    I am trying to fine an attorney in the state of sc to see if I a grandmother can file a lawsute against CPS for putting my grandchildren in arms way of danger. They said they took them because the youngest child was positive for drugs and my daughter was positive. The father wos positive they said. They never would show us testing that they did. I made the report that the father has beat my grandson and left bruses on arm, hand, back and legs with a belt. He was 6. CPS had a garidian atligtm apointed for the children She left and after she saw them for 2 hrs. Never call back. When they decided that the mother would get them back and the father would be visting father. They never gave the parents a drug test to see if they were free of drugs before giving them back and that is why the took them in the first place. They appointed another garidian of the same day the children were given back and she has never talked the children of seen them and it has been five months now. My grandchildren are in danger for the future going to see the father. Grave danger and they will not talk to the children or to me or my daughter about the drugs that dad is still doing even not and they have not closed the case. I am looking for attorney to sue the pants of CPS for my Grandchildren rights to be safe and happy. Very little was infestigated. I repoted so much and had prouf to back me up. They did not care. Now they have to go back in the same thing that they just got out off. Please help us.


  24. Upset Grandmother says:



  25. queen89 says:

    are there any in KY???? i want a class action lawsuit started here also.


  26. ncpp says:

    They are using federal grant money – AV funds – to sell your children. It is an epidemic, yes. They built an industry 10+ years ago to do all this… and they have made MILLIONS. (that is not an understatement) Well, they have gotten sloppy… and arrogant.
    We are building an industry to fight these sickos back… and we will win… yes, we will.
    I read a comment above stating, `they are trying to intimidate you` Made me smile… whoever wrote that is dead-on. DO NOT let them intimidate you! They are cowards, and they know they are fooling you.
    Are you a trusting person? Are you easily pushed over? Are you a good hearted and honest person? Are you kind, caring, and did you let them in your house without question because you had nothing to hide and you thought they have `the children`s best interest` on their mind… yes, you did and are all the things listed above… guess what? When they met you they profiled you for this role… if you are the way described above, you are a perfect target.
    And the `best interest of the child`.. is a marketing tag line to gain your trust.
    They will even relate to you… they will tell you their child was sexually abused too, they will tell you their sister or neighbor went through what you are – all you have to do are the things on the list and you will be fine… then WHAM, they set you up… and you get yet another list… the most lists, the more court appointed child abusers (we call them CACA`s) are appointed to your case… the more money they make. Every court date, every meeting, every supervised visitation (Supervised visits pay out a lot to them!)
    They rake in the cash.. and the kind unsuspecting victim is none the wiser. You will maybe start to believe the dumb and ridiculous things they say about who you are, what you have done, how they interpreted things… you will start to wonder if you do not think like others do… I mean, they are child protective services right? We call them CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome. They will harass you – every day you will feel fatigued by their abuse.
    You have to get out your tape recorder, click record… hide it somewhere on you or in your home… then agree to have a meeting with them… and file your nails while you whistle and when they ask you if you are paying attention to them say, `nah, you are only here to collect the check you get from our meeting right?`
    They WILL tell you that you sound nuts – and your theory of fraud is in sane… blah blah blah… they ARE TRYING TO INTIMIDATE YOU! They do not want to be found out. After all it is FRAUD with Access Visitation Funds… they are using these funds for things they were not intended for… no grant money was meant to steal kids…
    They are making quotas too – like speeding tickets or parking tickets… the county makes $4000 – $6000 per child placed into foster care. Even more $ if the child has special needs… how sick is that right?
    These people are monsters. And cowards.
    You are better than them. Fight back. AND RECORD EVERYTHING! DO NOT talk to them on the phone. DO NOT get in front of them without a recorder. And no need to tell them you are recording.. they are gov`t workers. They do not need to know they are recorded.
    ANY court appointee – counselor – custody evaluator – parenting coach, psychologist appointed, parenting consultant, ANYONE — EVEN IN THE COURTROOM! RECORD RECORD RECORD!!! IF YOU DO NOT – you WILL remain without your kids! Mark those words down.
    Additionally, after you record their visit once, let them know you did. If you have supervised visitation – Oh MY GOSH – RECORD IT RECORD IT RECORD IT! AND HAVE WITNESSES PRESENT! If they tell you no witnesses – no recording… WELL, then there is your sign… That can be considered an admission of guilt and you HAVE to no longer see them… or record it without their knowledge. Do not miss this CRUCIAL step.
    They plan to make false allegations and send them into the courtroom against you! DO NOT LET THEM WALK ALL OVER YOU!

    And with your bucket of recordings, their false reports, and giggles… file that civil lawsuit!! And then put your babies in your car seat and run to the bank with your check!

    These CPS workers and low lifes in the courtroom (whores of the courts) – are sick – cowards… and they are criminals. Treat them as such. Give them the same regard they treated you with… but no cussing, no yelling, no reaction at all to their abuse on you… simply belittle them… ask them – on a scale of 0-10, how do you rate your behavior… 10 that you get you are an evil and malicious person meddling in the relationship between a mother and her child… or 0 that you have no conscience what so ever?

    Have they done the 0-10 scale with you yet… gag reflex. Flick them away like a pesty fly.

    God STILL reigns in this world. He is angry about this disgusting industry… He is coming to heal it all – the long arm of the Lord is coming to family court! Very soon!

    If you want to check out my blog – and my story (my 11 week old baby and two young beauties taken) go to


  27. Maria says:

    Why don’t the people of United States go to Washington DC and protest about this horrible
    mistreatment of children happening in our own country? and this government agency should
    know better then this, if the government lets them they will continue the abuse and allegations against our family”s this is not what this country is about, we must let our voices be heard and our self’s be seen, by going to Washington DC, these children are being abuse with our own taxes we pay these agency’s to take care of these children to be so call protected?


  28. shawna says:

    we need help against cps in California who lied and made false accusations and maid up reports violating civil rights and discrimination due to me being a transgender m2f and being lesbians removed our rights and didn’t even get to start some stuff for the so called case plan due to there funding problems they refused to extend time over the 18 months from when they took our son and its not our fault due to county not having funding to pay the places who help u with your case plan so cps said its our fault that we weren’t following the case plan and said we should pay out of pocket that how could we due to the hard ship they caused and not having a fair trial due to my wife’s family lawyer forwarding her conversations to the cps worker we have lots of proof of wrong doing on us need help to find lawyer to take case to get our son and file a lawsuit on violation of rights post dramatic stress and the list can go on for the lawsuit we wish to file but cant find a lawyer to help all the ones we have contacted says that county is to corrupt they say don’t give up keep looking so please help
    my email is and we have so much more to this


    • Michael Madden says:

      I anticipate being the courtroom in lovely Sacramento, California in the next couple of days. It is not for me though, I will be there on behalf of a young woman that had her 3 children removed on Friday. I had been in law school last year, a career change prompted by CPS involvement in my life. I am a single father of two beautiful children (boy 10 & girl 6). There mother who abandoned behind substance abuse had all 6 of her prior children parental rights terminated. Needless to say, she is monitored by the hospitals, so when my son was born, and I am about raising my children, I am guilty by association and receive those special services that are nothing more than manifestations of those proverbial hoops I was required to jump through (this part gets better with my daughter). Just under a year case is closed out, but not before I had 13 CPS workers sitting in the courtroom gallery being admonished by the judge/referee for not allowing me visits. A state this as besides them catching up on my visits (meaning more time with my son), I possess documentation that is will only ever be any sort of viable tool like the author said. So then along comes my princess. Mom was doing well as I used to work in psych hospitals back in NY (even being program director of one in Marin Co.), and was well aware of strategies and approaches regarding substance abuse. When CPS showed up at the hospital I was told I could avoid a case if I made the children’s mother move out. I am a proud Irish man (dual citizenship) and I do not need any bureaucratic arm of the government instructing me on how to conduct my household. Well, I guess here in Sacramento not going along with their scheme amounts to the unwritten criterion under W & I code 300 constituting child abuse to the degree the court took dependency & continued to hold removal over my head. Honestly, I am afraid of how I would have reacted if they ever got up the nerve to attempt it. I received a case that went on for over 2 and a half years for failure to protect. Those programs that I had done before, I had to successfully complete 2 or 3 more times. It is all they had so they kept making me repeat them. Eventually they removed mom from the house and if she ever tested dirty it counted against me. There silly little waste of monies drug court I successfully completed a couple of times again, but as long as they kept my case open I had to do aftercare which typically meant you may have to test one or twice a month. But I am special, they hired some square chump who had a masters degree in alcohol AND drug addiction. I had to test 3 times a week and every test of mine went to the lab for further breakdown. I filed my own 366 to end my case and that day in the courthouse, with negative tests in hand, the social worker stood up and told the judge she observed me drinking a beer (the date & time she claimed I had tested 10 hours after that). I guess to deter other attempts by me to try and take back control of my life, about a month or so after that at a review hearing, she produced for the court another dirty on me. The lab determined I had try to cheat the test by diluting my urine as my creotins were 2 points outside the desired levels. Mind you, it was summer here and it gets in the triple digits. This clown would randomly call me up to come and test with him about 3 miles away to which I would walk there with the children drinking water and gatorade. There is even a strip on the cup that considers if the test might be diluted & if he would have informed me I would have sat there ’til I could have produced another test for him. How I got the case closed is one Monday morning, tired of all the crap, I called up the social worker and sid I had used all weekend (that is what she wanted to hear). She came to the house trying her best to fake empathy that I had finally got honest with myself & I would have to go test. The worker that tested me complimented by stating I showed great integrity in coming clean as I wasn’t even dirty. . . No Kidding! I stated this to affirm everything this site’s author has written (and I have even more tales). However, I responded to your post regarding attorneys and Cali. How this is finally going to eventually turn is through our voice. I do LDA work but I am not an attorney. I will be addressing the court for this gal and I am almost sure if I am not given a warning I will be locked up a couple of nights for contempt. I am preparing documentation for her as by myself I don’t think anyone present will be moved by my grand gesture (I will not be fronting myself as representation, but rather a scholar of jurisprudence challenging the constitutionality of the court as a matter of public policy (not to mention I have a bit of a reputation with CPS at the courthouse). CPS even offered me a paid advocates decision at the close out of my case, right. I do however made invitations and arrangements for transportation to ensure that the court will not be my only audience for address. When you spend 2 and a half years with a CPS you meet a lot of people (many are the professionals that had to provide the services to me) who know your innocence and respect your fortitude. They are folks familiar to the courts and the workers too. Thing is, they happen to be just people who have pledged to me a lifetime of support. Not to mention 3 years ago I was one of three founders to open a district elementary school (LEA’s are another corrupt bureaucratic agency with 6 figure salaries from monies made available for our children’s statutorily mandated education that believe themselves to be immune to the voice of the people. We got approved by the school board that we were a complete district school honoring their collective bargaining agreements, but allowing us the autonomy of our own governance regarding school climate and strategies employed to ensure the academia of our scholars. In other words, this support from the board was coerced by our production of documents showing support for the endeavor of members higher up on the political food chain (legislators). I have kept in touch. This is what it takes Shawna to create the chain that is needed. I not saying revolt, I am saying to take up your shield of civil disobedience and lead your community of fellow sufferers. Everyone going through this has to get it off their chest and this usually occurs at a one of the many bitch sessions at some program break. But Shawna, when you are participating in these informal community partnerships (they are that if you see them as such), don’t let your words become just complaining; instead realize all in attendance are in unity in your shared pain and let your words become words of empowerment and leadership so were your time comes to address your cry for reform to this very harmful broken system, your voice will gain the magnitude of thunder as you are en massed by these very same individuals grateful and proud to stand silently and in support of what your speaking. Take care and remember, finish every attempt they make to trip you up with head high and a smile on your face, BUT do not ever forget the treacherous audacity and sin inspired intentions that best describes the evil conduct these individuals perpetrated on your person and the persons of your family. Bye!


  29. I’m look for a lawry to help file a civil law suit .I have done every thing Thay ask but Thay are you’s my disable to hold my children from me that black mail me if I don’t do what that what there going to put my children for adopt I love my children so much Thay are my pround n joy


  30. Trisha Gadbois says:

    I am sickened by the reality of the CORPORATION and my ignorant involvement as a slave to it. CPS took 4 of my children granted legal custody of them to a “christian” friend who said they were there to help me when I was down depressed for fear of losing my kids due to horror stories I heard about CPS and them taking kids.CPS became involved because a neighbor called on me because she got mad I had issues with my husband and wasn’t talking/spending time with her much anymore(my ex husband WAS abusive to me). Then CPS took my newborn baby recently I had with my fiance/”common law husband” whom I believe God sent because he never abused me like exes (God knows the future so why would He join you in a STATE marriage to begin with let alone with a man HE knows will abuse you? Obviously that marriage was never ordained of God from get go but MY choice instead of waiting on God Almighty). I have found your site refreshing and would like to become a member. I am a christian and I need serious help to get our son back(the reason they gave for taking this son is I refused a vitamin K shot at birth for him and a rhogam shot during pregnancy). He was born healthy and without any medical problems because of my failure to get the vaccine during pregnancy which I have read has a variety of potential dangers to unborn babies even by many other women like myself(I met ALOT in groups specifically regarding the subject) who had the vaccine and their child/as well as themselves had physical and neurological damages from the vaccine. I have also read about dangers of Vitamin K and opted out of that as well(they never took my 2 year old for refusing vitamin K at hospital) My fiance and I also need to have a legitimate/NOT STATE marriage license because we want to be married under God. Any help would be appreciated on our start towards Freedom from the beast system mentioned in revelation of the bible. Thank you. My Kids are not the same smiley kids who competed to pick flowers for me. I am going to file appeals for them and also file for my new baby. 2 court cases because of their kidnapping and fabrications. They lied and said my kids are dependent and neglected on both cases. I love my babies more than anything and have been terrorized and continue to be terrorixed for no reason. The judge goes along with whatever they say. I wasn’t allowed to have a psych by a neutral doctor. Only theirs. I passed the psych and their doctor said I was able to love and care for my kids and the 2nd time he testified his story was different. I have both of his paper evaluations.. I only saw him 1 time. My old attorney gave them to me behind their backs. They did an evaluation on my 9 year old 1 year after they had him. If he was so bad off from being with me then why did they wait so long to evaluate? They had to “brainwash” him for a year to get him to submit to their wishes I guess. I love you all with my life and will continue fighting for you. I did their case plan but it wasn’t good enough. I had to pay child support and now they started taking it out for my new baby. They are getting money from me and system.


  31. I need help bad children &youth servies has keep my children from me for8 years I have done every thing .Thay have black mail me about if I did not do what Thay what Thay were put my children for adoption .Thay have us my disable to keep my children .Thay took my two children from me when Thay were born .I would be great ful if I can get help to bring my children home to there mother who love them so much Thay were a bless from god Thay are the reason I’m fight to bring my children home to a loving mom n family


    • Rick says:

      Isabella, are you still out there? What is your progress at this time?there are some options for you,many people are only motivated by money ,I am not.Please reply.


  32. Cathie Lehman says:

    December 2011 I have read your comments and I’m having trouble in San Bernardino County from Victorville but it is Glenda Estrada and she comes to my town of Trona and takes at least a child a week from here. My grandchildren were taken by her August 2011 and we still haven’t heard from them. All your emails ask for lawyers to help…did anyone find one that will help get my grandboys back?




  34. These matters of the heart so affect our daily functions that lead us in a self destructing-depressive brain washing.I would like to cumminicate with those parties to convvey options that might help your plight in these times of distress.goole For the people and their childrens future and leave a reply.I pray for your peace and patience to endure.


  35. gris says:

    Hi, can someone please tell me who the best attorney in Redding CA, to represent for a violation of civil rights by cps and removal of children with no basis, any help would be very much appreciated. thank you


  36. Heather Johnson says:

    I need help in a case in San Angelo Texas, both of my boys were removed and CPS is trying to keep them under false alligations and both of my case workers and investigator has NOT been willing to help in any way.. contact me by phone please. 325-763-3314


    • may says:

      Heather, if you don’t mind my asking, is the caseworker who had part in taking your boys name Carol? I ask because I’m currently having similar problems from that place with this person being in the middle of it.


  37. becky price says:

    i need help finding a lawyer that will fight against cps in eugene or y can contact me at 816-341-6440


  38. Jessica Reid says:

    I am asking anybody out there that can help me/ give me advice on what to do? I have very very little time. I have a case going with Orange County Social Services. They took my son away from me after he was born, because my sons father was loaded in the hospital calling the nurses bitches, wasnt there when my son was born, was runing in and out of the hospital yelling at me for god knows what. Anyways I was in labor for 15 1/2 hrs, I was on epideral ivys and what ever else I was being administeresd. Due to the fathers behavior I was given a drug test a half an hour before giving birth to my son which came up a false possitive for aphetimines. (something of the sort). My son was tested 3x and negative on every one. The nurse told me before wheeling me up to the recovery room that they called a emergency responce social worker. she told me that if I dont tell her that I use drugs that they will take my child from me and I would never get him back. I was ordered to due parenting classes I completed my court ordered parenting classes through faces and also did aan online parenting class on my own. both of them the social worker prascilla morfin did not accept at first. The social worker did not advise me to do randomize drug testing but lied and said she did. When I found out that I was suppose to do them I complied and tested negative every time. still not good enough for the social worker she still says that I have a drug problem. I told her to run my background and you will see that I have nothing on my record. she told me that because of all the missed tests that I was not even aware of, means I do have a drug problem. (a miss is same as a dirty) not exactly fare when I wasnt even told about them. Not my son is one yrs old and the grandma (sons fathers mom) has gradianship of my son and has been pushing really hard to adopt him. lieing to the social worker telling her that I am doing drugs the social worker does not investigate, she believes the grandmother about every single thing that she tells her. they have become friends. close enough to be talking on a daily basis. my sons father Simarron Holguin lost his parental rights, has 3 other children that he lost and is not even suppose to be around because he struck on of them when he went to go hit the mother. (He resides at his mothers place with my son. I tell the social worker and all she does is call the grandmother and asks her and of course she is going to say no, instead of investigating like she is suppose to do) and he also sexually mollested 2 of them as well as the grandfather montgomery holguin. My sons grandmother takes my son to the grandfathers house and drops his off there because she has health issues and cant barely lift him up without griping about it. I have video and audio evidence of the grandfather telling the grandmother which by the way are devorced, to not worry that he has money to pay off who ever he needs to and that he will make sure that I dont get in the way or even have a chance to get him back, he will make sure I never see him again. I ran into him when I was walking out of the laundry matt and he called me a “cunt, stupid bitch, told me that he will bet me $1000 that and I quote :”that, that little boy is his” and to not worry his finances are all in line and everything is set that I am not getting him back. A coupld days ago I called up the social worker Prascilla Morfin and she very bluntly told me that I am not getting him back and as well as her suppervisor, which to me completly fits with montgomerys comments about paying the people off that he needs to make sure I dont get my son. My court date is not until nov. 20th and they already know that I am not going to get him, which from my knowledge I thought that was up to the judge. Weird!
    I love my son and I am begging for someone to anyone to please help me. I am a good mom, I have more than I need for my son to care for him. I have a job doing in home health care, ( 2 clients) one I make $7hr a few days a week few hrs a day and the other on I make $25hr working 4 days a week 5 hrs a day. pluse I am starting my own computer repair business on the side which so far seems to be going really well for me so far. I have a home for my son. I don’t party, I don’t drink but once in a blue blue moon, I absolutly so not use drugs in which I am being accused of which I have proved over and over that I do not. (still dont believe me because my sons father has a very very extensive unsolved drug problem/ abuse issues so they think I do for being with him.) I have no criminal record as well as nothing in black white and color you can think of drug related. I am a first time mother have her child taken from her due to alligations and because im am nobody the judge is going to naturally believe a social worker over me. I am lost with very little time left. my attorney doesnt fight for me. so im begging for anyone out there that will. Please I have money, not loaded but making it. so anybody please please help me. (714) 651-9857 Jessica Reid thank you very much and god bless. If I don’t answer my phone for some reason please call (714) 280-3020 my message phone which someone will always answer. again thanks.


  39. I have a wealth of information for parents who are facing CPS stealing their children, CPS is criminal organization and they are payed by adoption agency’s to strip you of your parental rights. DO NOT TRUST CPS EVER PROTECT YOUR CHILD, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING FOR CPS IT GIVES THEM A POWER OVER YOUR CHILDREN. GO TO MY SITE ALL INFORMATION IS FREE, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN NOT JUST BLINDLY FOLLOW. WWW DONNELLYJUSTICE.ME


  40. xmommy says:

    Not only do they remove loved and cared for children from parents for profit, they wipe out bank accts for child support payments, give out personal information, and slander your name til there’s nothing left.


  41. Robert Wheeler says:

    i have been envolved with CPS since May of 2011. at the time my daughter was only five month old. i had a stepdaughter that was 22 month. she loved being a sister to her younger sister.mother’s day weekend my fiancee parent wanted both grandkids for mothers day to keep them while i took my fiancee out that weekend i worked at a bar grill type of restraunt at the time so i agreed in letting our kids spend time with there grandparents. Well on friday and saturday night it tend to get wild in there during the time my fiancee was at work with me her mother had tried calling but we never heard the phone ring. 12 o’clock rolls around im getting off and the phone rings it was my fiancee mother, she is yelling cussing her out and all and she finally asked where we were at she told her mother walking home from my work and her mother told my fiancee that she is bringing my 5 month old daughter home we were fine with that we had our daughter coming home spend time with us well we get home and she pulls into the driveway and get my 5 month old daughter out the car i take my T month old daughter inside get her out the carseat and i notice she was covered in poop so i just thought she had an accident so i took her clothes off that when i notice a bruise on her right upper arm i checked her and started to notice more so of course as a father i started gettin courious and ii told my fiancee to call her mother and ask why she had bruises when she left our site there was not a mark on her so she called and all her mother could say that her and my fiancee cousin gave her a bath and they didnt see any on her so i got pissed and took care of it in my own hand and never allowed them to go out there well sunday of mothers day weeken my stepdaughter wanted on the bed with me and my 5 month old daughter i was laying there kissing loving on her making her laugh. Well my 22 month old stepdaughter wouldnt stop yelling at to get her on the bed so i did i put on the bed with me and my 5 month old daughter my 22 month old step daughter loved her sister dearly and loved being the big sister as of corse being 22 month she decided to stand up on the bed and lost her balance and accident landed knee first onto my 5 month old daughter. yes it left a red bumb on forehead and i babied my 5 month old daughter calmed her down and laid her down after while. i go take a nap in my bedroom and my mom come to visit and she goes wakes me up and said i needed to get up and take my 5 month old daught to the hospital so i got up went the living room were my fiancee was hold our 5 month old daughter crying i ask why she was crying and that when she gave my daught and i notice the blood in her eyes on right side so i got ready and took to her to the hospital to get her checked once they got her checked in social worker came by and looked at my 5 month old daughter. they interviewed me and my fiancee and my mother some way or some how they were so convinced that my fiancee was the one that belive that did that she shook our five month old daughter and caused the bruising which she never laid a hand on her and i explain everything like ive told you and they got her with child abuse and neglect and got me on a neglect charge, when they removed our kids out of our hands they placed our 22 month old with family and my five month into foster care without asking family if they wanted to to take her in. Nov 13 2012 we just had a new arrival come into the world and they are not allowing us to take her out the hospital they have her on a 72 hr hold and they are saying i said i wasnt the father and if if i hadnt said that i could had walked out the hospital with her but i never said i want the father. please help me it been going on soo long we just want our daughters home. and reason why it taken so long social worker are saying we are not complying with them and doing thing and lying to the judge when we try to defend our selves it impossible cause the social worker speaks when it our turn to speak and the judge allows it and i tried fileling a complaint and nothing has happen please email me with thing i can do it be 2 yrs this has been going on of may 2013. thank you and i really need help?


  42. says:

    Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your website is useful.
    Thanks for sharing!



    Everyone that has had false allegations against them from CPS please contact me we need to all get together and go on the Steve Wilkos show and Dr Phil and let everyone know whats going on how CPS is very crooked and that they are Kidnappers I am dealing with CPS right now over False Allegations my child was taken by Cps San Bernardino county in Victorville and was placed with 2 lesbians I am appealing it it was transfered to Riverside County Court and the Court appointed attorney would not help me and they put so many lies in the reports and etc Child Protective services allowed my child to be sexually Molested and they never did anything about it and I have it in court papers please feel free to email me and we can all contact DR Phil and Steve Wilko and we can get Our kids Back lets let everyone know how crooked CPS is and that they are child Molesters and also there kidnappers and take are kids and sell them for black market my email is


  44. danny frazier says:

    my wife tried to commit suicide at 8 months pregnant she had been put on lithium and it was total chaos that year they took her off and shes better meantime dfacts opened the case when she tried to kill herself it has been goin 2 yrs now and each time a case worker talked of closing case they mysteriously got took off case and we got new worker about 6 caseworkers in all . they finally took our boy and put him with my wifes grand mother tomorrow we go to court as dfacts is asking to put him in foster care they say she is mentaly uncapable and i have failed to provide a safe and drug free home .in the 2 yrs not once has that child been hurt neglecyed abusedor any other negative compliant to issue . im afraid they will b sucessful and take him scaring him for life


  45. charity larocca says:

    Please help need lawer in north carolina that will sue dss they are trying to adopt my granson out on april the 7th i know its short notice i just came across this.My daughter was in a abusive relationship as is 70 percent on people here in columbus county,but has finally gotton out of it for 11 months now dss took her child,and now wants to adopt him when she is doing well its a long story ,but dss has repeatedly lied.please if you know a lawer in n.c. to sue dss please contact me before they sell him thank you.


  46. Want children court appointed lawyer just. Letting cps have their voice not parents voice


  47. Devin W says:

    I know a young mother needing help bad! She’s a good person. Never done drugs, never been in any kind of trouble and don’t even cuss. Lol. She’s doing all she can and CP’s and legal system where she lives are all working together. They have nothing on her and she is having so many problems with CP’s. She called my wife and I (cause we go to church) she said. Lol. Asking for us to help find a Christian lawyar that won’t screw her. Please reach me by phone so I can fill you in with names and #s so she can get help from someone outside of the circle. Thanks and God. Bless.


  48. Amber R. Gitchel (Taylor) says:

    I need help. CPS in Arizona (Navajo & Apache counties) ruined my childrens, and my lives. I need an attorney, but am coming up empty-handed for 9 years now. Please help. My oldest son is suffering at the hand of the true abuser who paid a hefty sum “to adopt him”…with no grounds. I went to trial even….and all 12 jurors voted for me, yet I still lost all my children. The stress even caused me to bear my 3rd son….stillborn.


  49. Hilda says:

    I am looking for a good CPS lawyer in Houston, Texas. Can anyone please help me find a lawyer, or know a CPS lawyer who can handle my case. CPS discriminated me, violated all my rights which I have photos, documentation, voice messages as proof.


  50. Tony says:

    I’m Tony & I live in Victorville, Ca. My 4 kids were taken from me by L.A. County CPS in the Pasadena office. The social workers had made false statements to keep my kids from me. When the Judge found out about it she quit her job because of that. 11/30/2011 the case was then transferred to the County of San Bernardino. I was told by the Judge of that court that when I complete all court orders I will then get my last to kids back. Well I had completed everything in July of 2012. The social worker who had the case call both of my employers & made false statements to them so I would be fired. Then had my daughter lie & make a police report say that I hurt her. I have the police report that shows that everything the worker did was for keeping my child from me for money. Is their an attorney here in California that are willing to sue for money because I lost my kids & one of my grand kids because of these people?


  51. Amanda Horton says:



  52. Marcella Mccombs says:

    Please help me get my grandchildren back! They took them from my daughter and son in law when the twins were almost 2 and there younger brother 4 months my daughter and son in law did everything told to do and more they have certs from passing and completing class after class even repeating classes for them they gave them back to my daughter after fight for 2 years for 7 days tricked her into bringing them down for a visit with there dad because they told my daughter and son in law they couldn’t be together then told her to go home that they would not be going home with her it has broken our family but I watch my daughter and soninlaw struggle so much because of all of this Butte county Oroville Ca they have given the babies to someone who has changed there names even they are 4,4,3 now please please help me the social worker even used to drive around town looking for my daughter and even getting on her Facebook page. Signed broken hearted in Oroville Ca


  53. Michelle Matarese says:

    Please I’m searching desperately for help my daughter was taken from me because I rescheduled a Dr appointment I didn’t even have a case with children and youth and because they were dragging me into court every week I list my job


  54. vonita says:

    I am looking to talk with a attorney about a cps case


  55. Hi my name is Latrice Bowie
    I need your help CPS lied on me and
    Now try to put my 11year old daughter
    Up for adoption for a big mess that I did
    There more to this case but because now I having seizure my writing is not
    So good but if you need more information please call me at 414-975-0056
    Latrice Bowie
    July 3, 2016
    Time. 12:00pm


  56. Hi my name is Latrice Bowie July 5,2016
    I found out that each child that CPS office have taken children or child from in there home.
    that they get a bonus of $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 for put a child up for adoption now my child .
    was taken from me back in 2011 for a real bad mistake that I had made CPS ever told the court.
    that my child has runway from the foster care home and now I live with seizure and I have I live .
    with racing thoughts and there is more my child has beat in there care my 11 year old daughter.
    name is Trazariya Bowie please help me they only called one of my family member her name is .
    Jackie Isreal they ever ask her for any other family member phone number . how can they get away. with this I was put in jail for something that I did not do to my child I did everything that both.
    court ask of me to do I am now back with new horizon they did not help me . I have being fighting this for 6 years please help me I want my parental rights back and my case taken back into court.
    I don’t have money for a lawyer I have been to other states to find some help and no one will listen to me and that wrong because I was wrongful put into jail for something I did not do . she has family want her the FBI has being to Columbus, GA for times and not there back I am homeless now because I had to come back here to Columbus ,GA and start all over again I cant get her back if I die from having a seizure from stressing if you not need more information please call me at (414)975-0056
    Thank You
    Latrice Bowie


  57. My four grand daughter taken from cps two are my daughter’s children nd two are nieces that my daughter had perental gardenship cps went to there resident in San Bernardino took the children with accusations of physical abuse I am there grand mother.the person who called cps is the father of two granddaughters belonging to my daughter he wanted custody for the longest time so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support nd be able to use them to receive more on income tax’s so had to lie to cps to gain cutudy


  58. salikulhaqq says:

    This is great news. God willing it becomes a nation wide phenomenon so these vampires who feed on fear & misery will be checked.


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