“Single Foster Mom” Blast Grandparent for Being “Illiterate” On Comment

A few days ago I posted a letter a distraught grandmother had written Governor Sonny Perdue in regards to her grandchildren who are being abused not in their family home but in foster care. A day or so after that a comment was posted for my approval about this post. The writer of the comment signed herself as “single foster mom”. She also states she is a foster mother. As soon as I read the comment red flags went up all over the place. The first thing she did was berate the grandmother for not having her grandchildren. This is after she blast the grandmother for not being “literate”.
First of all that is very offense because it attacks the grandmother on a personal level. Second she has no idea what this grandmother has gone through. Third, the question begs to be asked has this “single foster mom” every been in a heart wrenching place in her life where she could barely function? My guess would be probably not.
Now to the meat of this blog. I go back to the “red flags” that flew up as I read this comment. She wants to know how this grandmother could possibly be a “good foster parent” when she has such distain for the laws of CPS. The answer to question is simple. The laws of CPS are corrupt from the top down. The only best interest they have is for their own self serving ideas. That being the buying and selling of children. Obviously this “single foster mom” has no clue what goes on behind the corrupt doors of CPS. The only reason she didn’t give her name even though she states “privacy” issues is she doesn’t want to lose her money machine. That being the children in her home. Yes, she makes a killing which is tax free. She also states she lives in another state which she didn’t reveal- again using “privacy” – This “single foster mom” has obviously been poisoned by the CPS machine into believing they really do what is right for the children. Those of us who have dealt with this corrupt system know better. Depending on what state this person lives in she could be making up to $30.000.00 tax free dollars off the backs of the children in her home.
“ I will pray for your grandchildren that they have a good outcome. But spreading hatred, and anger, and distorting facts to make your case does nothing more than reinforcement the unfortunate negative attitude people have about foster parents based on the mass media.”
This statement shows just how naïve and brainwashed this “single foster mom” really is.
My guess is that she is working at a poverty level job in an economocially depressed area and needs these children to keep food on her table and a roof over her head.
This person needs to get her facts straight before she blasts a parent or grandparent who has lost children to the abuse of CPS. They do not operate in the best interest of the child. They operate in their own best interest. They operate under abuse, threats, greed and corruption. They make money off the backs of the children they steal. “Single Foster Mom” read the entire blog before you make statements that make you look foolish and illiterate. You not the grandmother fall into that category.

Original Post
Child abuse urgent

Governor Sonny Perdue

March 23, 2010

I want this to go directly to Sonny Purdue
I am the grandmother of 3 children that is in temporay guardian to a family that you would think yourself could never stoop this low…..They were having problems with the 3 yr old trying to potty train her. They decided to take her poopy panties with the poop in them and put them in a bag, tie it to her arm and let her wear it all day….MY 13 yr old told them “that sucks ” and the male guardian sent him to his room. both the 13 and 8 yr old had to watch this and be unable to do anything about it. At the same time this was going on they took Thanksgiving in Fl with family members.On Thanksgiving night they had to take her to hospital throwing up so bad she dehydrated…and was admitted to hospital overnight.It was dianoised as food poisoning and only she got it. The following weekend I had them for a weekend visit and she pooped in her panties. As I was beginnibg to clean her up she started screaming, grabbing her mouth, and begging me not to put poop in her mouth….I have been keeping and changing this child from a baby and she never acted abnormal when I changed her diaper.I have 30 yrs of working in a daycare and some with the Ga.Pre-k program, as well as foster parenting and on to adoption the chilren I fostered so yes I am well aware that no 3 yr old could perform a behaviour like that…..I reported it to the DFCS in Valdosta, Ga. and they sent a lady out to investigate and the female guardian told me exactly what I had reported…..I called repeated times to this office and never got a return call, I called the childrens counselor and she told me the children was not leaving that home because they liked it there.I have one visit with them set up by the counselor that had already told me it was very important that I remain active in their lives for a normal growth. Finaly I wrote Human Resourses of the state of Ga and Ms. Herrin contacted me and we finally got to talk and she let me tell her the whole thing and turned me over to some office Advocate for children right under the gov. and tho she thought it was far out, after just 2 days she called me and told me it might seem horrific to me some cases wasn’t as bad as it seemed and the case is closed as for as the state offices is concerned…I even got ahold of the DA in Valdosta and both Sec. said it was child abuse, but there is some kind of hold up that “they can’t go into detail about but I can assure you I will not stop til it is open to the state of ga how this DFCS office plus the advocate for children office and Aimee somebody that works there and only in two days gave me a closer on the case……Mr. Purdue, I do assume if I dicided to do that to one of my foster kids, it would be acceptable, right. You know and I do also I would be in jail..I am not allowed to see my grandchildren, talk to them one time and only supervised visitation and I will not do that. I am no criminal and I will be in Washington before this is settled as to what Ga allows to happen to a 3 yr old that cannont defend herself. The one visit I had it took me and her Pertanal pa pa to pull her off of me begging to go with me….There was lots more things going on, lack of teaching in the home tv her teacher, no speech when she had medicaid and it wouldn’t have cost the family nothing….I will drive to Atlanta to meet with you…I won’t stop here, but I am asking for your help…..If you can’t like all the rest, then I will take it to the public. This is my grandchild not all these other people. She is unable to fight for her rights..
Please look into this and Yes DFCS has covered their skin good but I talked to a ex DFCS worker that says it is child abuse…..and the hospital visit I am convinced he put it in her mouth as there was a visit the mom didn’t have with her He kept her locked in the room with him for the 2 hrs to punish her for pooping in her pants ….the problem goes on and on. The counselor told me verbally the kids didn’t need to be with him, then took their side. WOULD YOU PLEASE READ THIS AND I AM SORRY IT IS SO LONG, BUT EVEN THIS IS NOT ALL OF IT. THIS MIGHT NOT BE IMPORTANT TO YOU, BUT IT IS TO ME AND I WILL DO WHATEVER I HAVE TO DO TO SEE THIS CASE THROUGH. PLEASE, HELP ME AND I WON’T EXCEPT A CLOSED CASE EVER!!

Please Respond, ASAP and thanks

Moultrie , GA


I am sorry that your grandchildren are seemingly in a not-great foster family. However, your message is illiterate, and hard to follow. Perhaps someone might listen to you if you used proper grammar and spelling. I am not in GA, but I find it hard to believe that you yourself are a foster parent, yet do not have temp custody of your own grandchildren? And how can you be a good foster parent when you exhibit such disdain for CPS and the laws. I hate to break it to you lady, but the very implication of the ASFA is to keep children with biological parents. In fact, in my county/state (can’t reveal for privacy), they further intone their own interpretation to keep children with biological kin, regardless of how distant or removed they are from the children. The best interests of the children in staying in a stable and loving foster home are not taken into consideration if there is any non-delinquent biological/married kin available to take the children.
I will pray for your grandchildren that they have a good outcome. But spreading hatred, and anger, and distorting facts to make your case does nothing more than reinforcement the unfortunate negative attitude people have about foster parents based on the mass media.

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