Alleged investigation into the abuses of Georgia DFCS

Alice Samantha Thomason, Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn, it is time for them to come home

It is time for Jackson County DFCS to stop holding these children hostage and return them to their mother. It is time Jackson County DFCS took the money they are paying the foster care provider and pay it to Samantha help her with housing- help her get a job in a county that is at 104% unemplyoment, help her with a hand up – not a hand to her head keeping her down.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. They will also find that children have been snatched when they shouldn’t have so they could be sold for federal money. I got an email today from a freind of mine whose source has told her that Governer Perdue is supposed to be investigating all of the DFCS adoptions in Georgia. The source had heard it on her local news – This source told me friend it was on the news a couple of weeks ago. The source seems to think it is because of this blog- if this source is right and there is indeed an investigation- every parent in the state of Georgia especially in Jackson County who has lost children to DFCS need to contact me and the Governer’s office. It is time to take this to the next level. It is time to fight for your children. It is time to let your voices be heard and no longer cower in silence. It is time to take a stand against the abuse greed and corruption of DFCS.
One voice can make a difference. Just one person who refuses to be intimadated by a corrupt government system which buys and sells our children. I for one took that stand when I told them they did not want to keep my grandchildren. When I told them they wanted to help my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason and give her children back. They refused to listen. So now it is time to face that music. Poverty does equal stupid uneducated does not equal stupid. Poverty does not equail deprivatition or neglect. Yes, that is the reason the girls were taken, but that is not the exucse that was put on their bogus paper work. Yes, they lie. We know they do. We know they manipulate and abuse. It is time for all Ga. parents and interested parties to make your voices heard. Time to say enough is enough no more selling our children.

15 Mar 2010 / Posted by cr

ATLANTA, GA — The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) may be endangering the safety and well-being of thousands of vulnerable children by diverting them from the custody of the state child welfare system and failing to provide the services and protections necessary to keep them safe, according to papers filed in federal court today by Children’s Rights.

Children’s Rights is asking the federal court to allow the organization access to DFCS records that advocates believe will demonstrate the state agency is attempting to artificially suppress child abuse and neglect investigations and lower the number of children in foster care by misusing alternatives to foster care. The result of such actions would be denying abused and neglected children vital legal protections offered to kids who are brought to the attention of the Juvenile Court.

If the evidence sought by Children’s Rights bears out these charges, DFCS’s actions would constitute a violation of a longstanding federal court order to reform the Atlanta child welfare system — itself the result of a class action brought by Children’s Rights and the Atlanta law firm Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore LLP on behalf of thousands of abused and neglected children in Fulton and DeKalb Counties. Today’s motion comes on the heels of a recent report showing DFCS is backsliding in its implementation of the reforms mandated by the federal court.

“Intensive family preservation services are important and can be very effective tools to reduce the need for foster care and avoid the unnecessary trauma of separating families, but only if they are used appropriately and safely,” said Ira Lustbader, associate director of Children’s Rights. “The misuse of these programs to suppress the number of investigations and the number of kids in foster care can be extremely dangerous for both the child and family, and we must immediately determine if that is the case in Atlanta.”

Today’s motion (PDF) draws heavily on multiple investigations conducted by the Georgia Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) over the last three years, which showed that dramatic reductions in the number of children in foster care and the number of reports of abuse that even get investigated have been accomplished in part by the state agency’s misuse of two strategies — diversion and safety resources — designed to support families and prevent children from being placed into foster care unnecessarily.

Diversion, also referred to as family support, aims to avoid conducting a formal child abuse investigation by helping families who struggle with problems that may primarily stem from poverty issues and do not present an immediate threat to the child’s safety. According to the OCA investigations, there is evidence that DFCS is too quick to shift families to family support programs, even in cases of actual child maltreatment, and in that process is failing to investigate serious allegations of abuse and neglect.

The other strategy employed by DFCS is the use of homes called safety resources, where parents can voluntarily place their child with a relative or family friend while accessing community services or being investigated for abuse or neglect. Though the state’s policies clearly state that safety resources must pass basic safety screens and should only be used as a short-term solution, OCA reported that many children have been found left in unscreened and unmonitored homes for extremely long periods of time without any support from the agency.

OCA’s most recent report from July 2009 (PDF) concluded that DFCS appears to use these tactics to “avoid the involvement of the juvenile court in the child protection process, thereby depriving the child and family of the many legal and practical benefits the court offers and circumventing purposeful federal and state child protection schemes.”

Children’s Rights has exhausted several good-faith efforts over the last several months to obtain necessary documents both through DFCS and the independent monitors appointed by the federal court. Both the agency and the monitors claimed the requests were outside the scope of the 2005 federal court order secured by Children’s Rights.

Today’s filing argues that if the state is in fact misusing diversion and safety resources, as evidenced by OCA’s research, the agency is not only cheating these families and their children of the due process benefits of court involvement, but is also denying them the protections of the federal class action. Therefore Children’s Rights is requesting federal court intervention for access to the state’s policy and procedures related to diversion and the use of safety resources, as well as information on all children and families involved in either program in calendar year 2009.

Children’s Rights, along with the Atlanta law firm Bondurant, Mixson and Elmore LLP, filed the reform class action known as Kenny A. v. Perdue against the state of Georgia in 2002, on behalf of all children in foster care in Atlanta. In 2005, Children’s Rights and its Atlanta co-counsel reached a court-enforceable settlement agreement with state officials requiring Georgia to make sweeping reforms to the Atlanta foster care system and to achieve specific benchmarks for progress.

All related information on Children’s Rights’ campaign to reform Atlanta’s child welfare system can be found at

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  9. I feel that this matter has not been taken care of, in fact it might have gotten worse, it seems to be moving across the state. I believe, that after inspections are passed, DFCS thinks they can do what they want, for expectations have been met in the eyes of the state, and inspections happen about every 6 or more years. I know of many cases that have faced the same situations. My Sister-in-law is now one of them. This makes me feel like I’m dieing inside. The heartache that these families go through is something no one can take back, but it is something we can stop. Please, if anyone can help me, I believe I have a story to tell, if you can listen, email me: I have written the whole truth but don’t know where to send it!


  10. Jessica w says:

    Upson county df s needs to be investigated there has to be some way to take this to the news or someone to draw some attention to the situation to assess how serious these small county family and children services are treating families. I have a 2 tr old she will be 3 in may she has been gone for over a year and the department doesn’t cut me a break I did 4 months residential rehab with the promise to get her back and they gave me the run around every person in my family has been denied for one reason or another an they are trying to adopt her out I have been clean for many months now and working and I’m still no closer to getting my daughter back


  11. Stephanie barrett says:

    I did contact the govners office in lost what to do I’ve fought so hard please help


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