This shows how CPS Uses Invisible Chains to keep the parent in line – It is time to break those chains

CPS= Child Protective Services

FCS= Family Court Services

1. Coercion and Threats. Often, CPS and FCS traffickers will threaten the children and the parents they will never see each other ever again if they do not agree to sign a service plan. This is a powerful threat, especially when you know the CPS and FCS trafficker have the color of law and knows exactly where your family lives and has 100% authority to issue an arrest and track you down if you even dare make a run for it. CPS and FCS Traffickers may also threaten to tell your family and community that you have been in prostitution or doing drugs. They may tell you no one will believe you over them.

2. Controlling Perception. CPS and FCS Traffickers control victims’ perception of their situation and the world by being their primary or only source of information to the authorities, and Psychologist that have power to Commit you, charge you with a crime or terminate visits all together with your children. The CPS and FCS traffickers have 100% credability, and they can and will tell the police you beat your children, do drugs and are a prostitute with the authority to have you arrested, deport you and have your children adopted out. The CPS and FCS traffickers tell you that you have no rights. The government is corrupt and everyone in the Business is their friend. So what can you do?

3. Creating Dependencies. CPS and FCS Traffickers make their victims completely dependent. They may control physical items such as your passport and court order Conservetor over you fianaces. They may court order you to take drugs and become addicted. Traffickers also create dependencies by controlling all aspects of your life, court order you to divorce, court you to have no contact with any family or friends.
4. Economic Abuse. Economic abuse is extremely common in CPS and FCS trafficking situations. Debt bondage- excessive debt enforced under abusive and unreasonable court fees, Guardian adlitum fees, child support, court order therapy and classes after classes -can bind you to your CPS and FCS traffickers, especially if the traffickers have told you’ll be thrown in jail if you don’t pay the debt. You can easily be trapped in a never ending cycle of fabricated debt and/or control of your money.

5. False Promises. Sometimes hope is the strongest weapon. The CPS and FCS traffickers may have made you promises- earning visits with your children, safe return of your children if you comply to their damand. These promises are what lured you into exploitation and what keeps you in the process of the kangaroo courts . The parents that really are loving and Good parents are espacially vulnerable to such manipulation.

6. Indulgences. One strong control tactic for creating emotional dependencies is providing occasional indulgences, like a certificate that says you completed one step out of a hundred and says you now earned a supervised phone call with your child, a Positive report to the Judge, like she stop being a prostitute when you never was in the first place. These indulgences, especially when coupled with the false promises, lure you into a false sense of security and trust that if you just keep doing everything they ask.

7. Isolation. CPS and FCS Traffickers may isolate victims by limiting contact with others and monitoring conversations. CPS and FCS Traffickers may prevent you from talking to your family or people in your same ethnic or religious group. They may repeatedly tell your life style or religion is is inapropiate in your situation and therefore must cut off all contact with everyone you have ever known. They will let you know No one will help, you have no legal rights, that what has happened is your fault, and there is no hope because no one believes this could happen in a court and because it is a closed court no one will ever have proof.

8. Minimizing and Blaming: CPS and FCS Traffickers may reinforce internalizing blame by telling you that you’re worthless, deserving of this abuse. The CPS and FCS trafficker claims you were fount unfit and therefore are under their authority and control, which both minimizes you and justifies the abuse.

9. Privilege: Cultural, Religious and/or Gender. CPS and FCS traffickers degrade your religious or cultural beliefs and force you to do things against your religion or culture. Male CPS and FCS traffickers will often use gender privilege to control female victims, including using rape and sexual abuse as control tactics.

10. Sexual Abuse. Sexual abuse doesn’t always have to be physical, such as rape, or sexual assault. Sometimes, sexual harassment and threatened sexual violence are even more effective tools of control. The CPS and FCS trafficker may call you degrading sexual names or threaten to rape or assault you and laugh saying no one will believe you because our Psychologist will just say it is a delusion from your delusional disorder.

These are just a few of the invisible chains which CPS and FCS traffickers use to keep their Victims trapped . Sadly, many of these are just as effective if not more so than actually locking a victim up with chains.

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3 Responses to This shows how CPS Uses Invisible Chains to keep the parent in line – It is time to break those chains

  1. Your post on chains was super, I posted it on my site and will link to your site unless you don’t want me to.

    Keep up the great work you do, we’re beginning to get heard.


    Bill Medvecky


    • yvonnemason says:

      Bill Please post away- and repost anything else on this site that you want to. It is the onlyway we will be heard. Post it all. This site if full and there is more to come.



  2. Kathleen says:

    Everything your saying is true! You’re good. I hope you expose the hell out of this sick agency! Wahooo


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