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This is Why Georgia Refuses to Reunify especially in Jackson County

May 31, 2010 1 comment

Alice Samantha Thomason, her children Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly Skyler, and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn these three children have been snatched by Jackson County Ga DFCS to be sold into slavery

This is taken straight from the Title IV-E Funding guidelines. This is what the Federal Government says your children are worth. This is a violation of the 13th Amendment that states “No man shall be held in slavery or serivitiude…” It is time to take back our children especially now that the economy is so bad. We were told this would happen two years ago by Nancy Schaefer. It is time to take a stand and say no more. Jackson County DFCS is broke until October when the new budge year starts. That is why Mary Mahoney, Felica Johnson and Judge Kevin Guidry, as well as the Public Defender’s office want to sell Autumn Destiny Deshawna Thomason, Carly Skyler and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn. They need the money to operate their office.

VII. Adoption Incentives Payments is funding awarded to the states based on
the level of increases in a state’s annual adoptions from the foster care system.
The incentive funding was created as part of the Adoption and Safe Families
Act adopted in 1997. The incentives were made a part of Title IV-E in that year
and reauthorized in 2003 and in 2008. States have a target number of
adoption from the foster care system they must exceed each year to receive a
bonus. The bonuses are awarded based on the increases in overall adoptions,
increases in the number of special needs adoptions and the number of
adoptions of older children. Older child adoptions are those children 9 or older
while the definition of special needs is drawn up by the state. The increased
emphasis on adopting older children was first included in 2003 and then
strengthened in 2008. States can receive up to $8000 per child if they increase
these older child adoptions. The 2008 reauthorization also included a new
base incentive of $1000 if a state exceeds a base rate in adoptions. This was
included to assist those states that may have increased the rate of adoptions
but their actual numbers have decreased because the number of children in
foster care has decreased. In FY 2009 the budget includes $36.5 million.

Another Horror Story From the state of Georgia, Paulding County

May 30, 2010 21 comments

To Whom It May Concern,

Today is May 29, 2010. My daughter has been in Georgia State Custody since October 2008. I have completed caseplan as designated by Paulding County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) only to have a Judge (Sandra W. Miller) order me to redo items without just cause. I’ve been treated like a convicted criminal, restrained from meaningful contact with my daughter Tamia Michelle Williams and denied all contact with my son Deshaun Caleb Williams. The incident which brought my children into care was allowing my daughter to witness domestic violence. The very individual that was deemed as a victim by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has refused to testify, does not wish to pursue charges and feels there is no basis for the charges from the state and has made a sworn affidavit to this and filed it with the Douglas County Superior Court. I was initially charged with cruelty to children so that the state could take my daughter into custody. This charge was later dropped because there was no basis for it and my child has still not been returned to my custody without just cause. Not to mention that my family has also been denied the right to custody for a year and a half.

I have been harassed, mistreated for almost two years and had my military career completey ruined by those who are suppose to uphhold the law. I’ve had my 14th Amendment rights violated several times over. I served this country for almost 14 years and I recieved no respect,justice, or protection from the the very people who are suppose to uphold the very laws that I laid my life on the line to defend and protect.

Myself and others have been wrecking our brains trying to figure out why my child is still in foster care. I discovered the shocking reality and answer to this question on yesterday. My child is still in foster care because the Douglas County DA’s Office (Tom Weathers) needs her to convict me of false allegations. Children can be forced to testify against a parent in criminal proceedings if they do not live with the parent – A lower judge ruled that a Massachusetts law protecting children from testifying against their parents in criminal proceedings applies only to children who live with the parent charged. Children who live with an accused parent are the ones “most vulnerable to harm if made to testify,” Justice John M. Greaney wrote in the unanimous decision upholding the lower court.

They have my daughter on a video interview where they coerced and coached her to make false statements. In order to include that as admissible during trial they need to be able to have my daugher testify against me legally. I know she was coached because I have been told by the DA that her statements will cause me harm if I go trial – I was there during the incident in question if she had stated the events as they occured there would be no harm. In addition, I have documented from the The Department of Family and Child Services where my daughter could only recall bits and peices of what actually happened.

My son’s father has refused to testify and they feel the only way they can get a conviction is from my daughter’s coached statement. I am outraged not only at this manipulation but that The DA’s office is doing it at my daughter’s expense. My child should have never been in foster care. She was only placed there as a safety for the DA’s case. But I will have you to know that in the process you have subject my daughter to abuse. She has been moved four different times to four different homes -two of which were because she was physically and emotionally abused. You have lied and swore before the courts that you are “looking out for the best interest of the child” YOU CARE NOTHING ABOUT MY CHILD. The DA is only using her to play a role in their sick plot to convict me.

They gave the juvenile courts and judges too much discreation and power in allowing them to uphold law based soley on looking out for the best interest of the child. My case is a prime example. They have used this in order to violate my due process rights as protected under the U.S Constitution – falsifying and creating evidence and illegally allowing it to be admissilbe in a court of law and doing it all in the name of looking out for the best interest of the child.

All who played a hand in this is a disgrace to the U.S. Constitution, Mothers, Soldiers, and Jesus Christ Himself. I also know that My God sits high and looks low and that there is nothing hidden from Him. God is not mocked, that what a man sows shall he also reap. I have been subject to so much injustice in the last year and a half that it exceeds anything that I ever thought could be subject upon man living in “The Land of the Free” with laws to protect it’s citizens. But thank God man is not my Judge. And though those who are suppose to uphold the law and the integrity of the judicial system lie and constantly repeat the slogan of “looking out for the best interest of the child”. I know One who does look out for Tamia and every other child that the system has used and abused and He will hold everyone involved accountable in due time. Because Tamia is covered by the blood of the Lamb and whatever harm that anyone intends to do to her unjustly, He will allow it to be upon them instead.

I won’t resort to spitefulness nor vindictiveness through retaliation. But I do know how to pray as I have already offered this up to the Father and He will do with them whatever He sees fit. You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:43-44). But just wanted to put it out there that I am well aware of the TRUTH.

Do You Want to Know Who Is In Bed With Child Protective Services? If So Join me Friday Night May 28th at 8:00 on Blog Talk Radio

I will be on this show on Friday May 28th for a three hour show, I will name names, I will show you the money trail, I will show you how our children are sold in violation of the 13th Amendment of the US Constitition. I will show you how the rights of parents are violated under the 1st -4th-6th and 14th Amendments. I will show you why the politicians don’t want you as a parent to know about the money and how the children are sold. How your tax dollars are used to buy and sell children especially special needs and those who are blonde haired and blue eyed. This is a show you don’t want to miss. The exposure of Child Protective Services and the ones who are in bed with them.




FRIDAY, 28 MAY 2010 AT 8 PM – 10 PM EST











Let’s talk about where we need to get going

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If Parents who have Lost Children in Georgia to DFCS Want to Know Why Gov Sonny Perdue Does Nothing Here is Why

May 27, 2010 4 comments

Governor Sonny Perdue of Gerogia in Bed With Child Protective Services

Sonny Perdue and his Wife have been foster care providers since 1998. They are making money off the backs of your children via your tax dollars – so much so that they were able to purchase 101 Acres next door to his house in Houston County which he never disclosed. He paid $305,000.00 for the property. He bought the land in 2003.
It has been said that he has had up to ten foster children at one time. That is an average of $400.00 plus per child that is tax free money. In a year’s time for with 8 to 10 foster children he and his wife make at least 4,000.00 at a minumum. There are other monies included they are paid more if the child or children are siblings, special needs, and they are paid for all of the normal every day things they do for them, ie, brushing hair, feeding, fixing meals, bathing, transportation, birthday and christmas gifts, to name a few. So this $4,000.00 per year tax free money grows with all the little added items they are paid for.
He has passed legislation that gives the foster care providers a voice in the hearings, but the parent has no voice. This is not only morally wrong it should be criminal. For the parents who have lost children like my daughter in Jackson County has, it is quite obvious that Perdue is in bed with the Child Protective Services all across the state. We have written him four emails and they all can be found on this blog. The latest one was when Samantha went before the panel review board. He never ever responded.

Governor Sonny Perdue Proposes Legislation Giving Foster Parents A Voice
Monday, March 3, 2003 Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774

Atlanta – Governor Sonny Perdue today submitted legislation to the Georgia Senate that will enable foster parents to provide input to the courts regarding the foster child’s future care.

“When making placement decisions regarding children from broken homes, our courts have often only relied on recommendations from the Department of Family and Children’s Services. (DFACS). Although DFACS provides valuable insight, foster parents are being left out of the loop. More often than not, foster parents typically do not have the opportunity to provide critical current information about the child’s needs and interests,” said Governor Sonny Perdue.

“As a foster parent, I am aware of the type of knowledge and genuine interest in the child’s future that foster parents can bring to this important process. In many cases, foster parents have been with the children for years – and can provide valuable insight into the needs and bests interests of the child.”

Governor and Mrs. Perdue have served as foster parents since 1998, providing care for eight infants. As of January 2003, Georgia has 14,472 children and 3,507 families in the state foster care program.
The bill is jointly authored by Georgia State Senators Bill Stephens (R- Canton), Daniel Lee (R- LaGrange) and Sam Zamarripa (D- Atlanta). Senators Stephens and Lee also serve as Governor Perdue’s Senate floor leaders.

Legislation Ensures Foster Parents Will Be Heard

The proposed legislation seeks to make foster parents a necessary witness in placement hearings. Specifically, the bill will ensure that foster parents and custodians are given notice of hearings and ensure that foster parents and custodians are given the opportunity to be heard.

Currently, foster parents have the right to be heard, but many courts do not make the opportunity available and many foster parents are not able to exercise this right.

Legislation Clarifies Court’s Options Regarding Child’s Permanent Placement

The proposed legislation also aims to clarify that the court has the responsibility and authority to make the decision on the permanency plan that is in the best interests of the child after considering the input of all persons who have a right to be heard, including foster parents.

Specifically, the bill will clarify the courts’ options for permanent placement of a child in order to meet the child’s best interests and to provide greater stability for children from broken homes. Currently, if the court determines that placement of a child with foster parents or adoptive parents is not in the best interests of the child, the court can place the child in other planned permanent living arrangements.

This legislation will clarify present law and practice by recognizing public and private agencies as potential custodians, maintaining a 12-month review of the living arrangement. Additionally, if the license status of the facility changes, the courts must be notified within 10 days to allow for a review of the child’s placement.,2668,78006749_91290006_91296213,00.html

The Abuse and Corruption in Johnson County Indiana DCS

May 27, 2010 16 comments

This is a complaint from another mother who has finally had the courage to stand up against the abuse -greed and corruption of Child Protective Services. It is nationwide – it has to be stopped.

FCM Erin Henderson (Marion Co)
FCM Teddi Adams
FCM Joe Erickson
FCM (Stupidvisor) Gayle Green
Regional Director Laura Gentry
Receptionist Mike at DCS Office
Judge K. Mark LLoyd, Johnson County Circuit Court
Attorney Carrie Miles
Attorney Michael T. Bohn
Attorney Dan Vandiver
Attorney Anne K. McGuinness
CASA/GAL Tammi Fearin-Hickman

For too long this country, as well as the State of Indiana, we have turned a blind eye and been Bamboozled by the Child Protection Agencies into believing that it is an agency that protects children from harm.

Thousands upon thousands of documented cases prove that time and time again, children suffer at the hands of despicably unfit foster parents, and when said abuse is reported to DCS or any other child protection agency, nothing is done. Furthermore, on numerous occasions when reporting known abuse, the children are left with their abusive parents, with horrific consequences. Very often children die in state custody, while DCS and every other child protection agency plays the role of innocence, as though ignoring policies, procedures and protocol is the order of the day, as it has been for more than 30 years.

The Indiana Department of Child services commits abuse on children when it needlessly and unnecessarily removes them from their parents on flimsy allegations and very often on personal bias against the parent. Not only is this unconstitutional, it is against Indiana Law, and the Department’s own policies and procedures. But just TRY bringing this to the attention of ANY Senator, Congressman, or Governor, and you will be ignored, laughed at or even possibly thrown in jail for having the unmitigated gall to speak out against this child-abusing agency.

They then continue this emotional abuse of children by keeping them separated from their parents for extended periods of time, placing the children on numerous drugs due to the emotional issues they are suffering as a direct result of DCS treating parents like garbage!!

The Indiana Department of Child Services only focuses on the child, and ignores the parents. NO SERVICES ARE EVER Genuinely or legitimately put into place to assist families to be re-unified, to get Mom off crack or to get Dad clean and sober!! That would mean that they actually CARE ABOUT FAMILIES!! It is clearly obvious from abundant evidence THAT THEY DO NOT!! The ONLY thing DCS or any other child welfare agency cares about IS THE MONEY it receives from taking children from parents, PERIOD!!

My name is Sherri D and this is what happened;

The information above outlines alot of things that happened in the case of my son, T.F.D.
He was taken from his very loving mother who ended up in a mess for a minute, needed help and instead, became victimized by DCS. The Judge, K. Mark Lloyd automatically GRANTED their every motion, while court-appointed counsel stood there at the bench as though he had just woken up, and never discussed my case with me or ways i could effectively get my son returned to me. DCS played on this lack of knowledge TO THE SERIOUS DETRIMENT of the well-being of my son, while i was mercilessly thrown in jail by the foster mother who was also greedily seeking the $95./day she was receiving to keep a child away from a mother, during which time he suffered break down after break down, being put in mental hospitals for his serious emotional issues that DCS refused to attribute to the fact that were directly related to his forced separation from his mother and the intentional refusal of ALL PARTIES involved in this ABUSE OF PROCESS, at the expense of the well-being of a child!!


If you think this is the ranting of someone who is just upset over the fact that the agency took a child from his mother, THINK AGAIN!!
There exist ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO Charges of child abuse or neglect against me, NOR am i strung out on drugs or alcohol or seeking revenge against the Department. What the purpose of this is is to EXPOSE THE FACT that i, along with countless other individuals are mercilessly victimized by this Department, with NO COMPASSION to the effect that this may be having on both mother and son, FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF OBTAINING BONUS MONIES AND FEDERAL GRANTS. “Best interest of the Child” is nothing more than a Marketing phrase, and one person had the insight to ask “if this is in the “Best interest” of the child, then why are there such large financial incentives?”

My Case plans ALWAYS called for reunification, but were intentionally fraught with services that required attending things that directly interfered with my ability to earn a living. I have since learned that this is par for the course. Reunification plans are SET UP TO FAIL!! This is nothing short of disgusting!!
I was NEVER GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to participate in the creation of the ‘Case Plan” because case wrecker Erin Henderson WOULD NOT EVEN TALK TO ME, and then repeatedly told me to “Call me if you have any quuestions”!! HOW IDIOTIC IS THIS STRATEGY, that has done nothing but inflict emotional abuse upon a minor child who was experincing TERRIBLE AND TREMENDOUS EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS as a direct result of not being able to have any kind of meaningful relationship with his mother????

This is called Parental alienation and IS A REAL FORM OF CHILD ABUSE!!

The point is is that MY SON HAS RIGHTS, AND DCS doesn’t seem to care that he has the RIGHT TO BE FREE From abuse and cruelty, which is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS!! My son has the RIGHT to have a relationship with a mother who loves him very much,

Jackson County Georgia, DFCS Is Trying to Terminate The Rights of Alice Samantha Thomason

Alice Samantha Thomason and her girls Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn

On June 28th at 9:00AM Samantha goes to court again – the official hearing is Notice of Judicial Review. She will be in front of Judge Kevin Guidry. It appears that the review panel under the recomendation or Rebecca Boles wants to terminate Samantha’s parental rights because she doesn’t have housing. Now according to Title IV-E Funding they have not made reasonable effort because they are supposed to help her with housing. They have not done that. They instead want her to have another psych exam -
This notice went out to the Attorney for Jackson County DFCS MS. Williams who is making money off the backs of Samantha’s children, Deidra Hall who is the advocate or guardiam et Lidem who is also making money off the backs of these children and last but not least Felica Johnson the ninth case worker that Samantha has been involved with. Yes, if they terminate Samantha’s rights these are the people who will make money. The DFCS office in Jackson County will get 12,000.00 from Title IV-E Funding, Felica will get a heafty bonus, The juvenile Court in Jackson County will get 12,0000.00 and last but not least the attorney Ms. Williams will get her piece of the pie. Also the adoptive parents probably the current foster mother Donna Webb will get a nice little chunk of change as well.

Yes, it is corruption at it’s finest. It is greed and abuse in the worst kind of way. It is our tax dollars at work buying and selling our children- It is the worst kind of abuse of violation of rights guarenteed by the US Constitution. If she is really an unfit mother and she has really deprived her children, they should charge her criminally because it is a felony.
It is time to blow the lid off the corruption – greed and abuse. It is time to shut down Jackson County DFCS and expose them for what they are.

This Letter was Sent to Georgia Governor today May 19,2010 about the Greed, Corruption and Abuse of Georgia DFCS

May 19, 2010 1 comment

Alice Samantha Thomason her children Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvell Texanna Wilfawn who have been kidnapped by Jackson County, Ga DFCS

The letter below was sent today to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdure. This is the fourth letter to him. He answered the first one and ignored the others. It would behove him to answer this one.

This is the third letter I have written you. I doubt that you remember the other two. So I will refresh your memory. My daughter Alice Samantha Thomason had her children snatched by Jackson County DFCS on August 28,2008. She was allegely depriving her children – under the Ga. Criminal statutes this is a felony. However, she is under the secrecy of the juvenile court and her accusor is under the protection of DFCS.
Today she went in front of the panel and Rebecca Boles again said she wanted Samantha’s rights terminated. Samantha has done everything she has been told to do. She has been on eight case plans and is now assigned to her ninth caseworker. The only thing she is lacking is housing.
According to Title IV-E and Title IV-B Funding she is supposed to be helped with that by DFCS either as Section 8 or Hud. That is plainly stated.
Now, on that note in the Ga. Training Manual for caseworkers they are taught not to try to reunify, they are taught how to force the parents to lose their rights. This is not only morally wrong it should be legally criminal. Added to that is the fact that at today’s panel hearing her public defender Crandell Heard was not there. He told her that he was not allowed again that is a lie. According to the Trial Attorney and Parent Handbook for Deprivation Cases he is supposed to be there. This is also state in the State Bar of Ga. handbook. I know he can legally also be there because of Ga Statute 15-11-78 which makes juvenile court an open court.
Samantha is being railroaded by DFCS because they are broke. I know for a fact that if they adopt out the three girls they will get $12,000.00 for them. I also know that Judge Guidry’s court will get $12,000.00. I also know that the foster care provider Donna Webb earned at least $16.962.00 tax free money off the backs of these girls last year. That is a violation of the 13th amendment rights which states that no one shall be held in slavery.
Samantha’s 1st, 4th, 6th and 14th amendment rights have been violated. She was threatened that if she talked to me she would suffer the consequences, which is a violation of freedom of speech. she has not been allowed due process and she has not had qualified and unbiased representation.
I know for a fact that Georgia is one of the worst states for the snatching of children under the guise of “deprivation” which in most cases they don’t have a solid case. It is just a ruse to steal children. I know they are buying and selling children in that state.
I also know how much money the adoptive families make and I know they are allowed up to $15,000.00 to write off the year they buy these children. I also know they get a stymed every month until they are 18 and they get more if the child is speacial needs. As do the foster care provider. I know that when a child is snatched the foster care provider is told they are going to be adoptable. In this case the Donna Webb was told indeed the girls would be up for adoption as soon as they were placed in her home. If that is the case she will make even more money off these children. I know for a fact that children are used as a money making machine, I know for a fact of families that have bought more than one home using these children as their cash cow.
I want this stopped, I want Samantha’s children returned to her now, I want her housing to be found either with section 8 or hud, yes she has a job she starts in the first part of June. I want the greed, corrupition and abuse stopped. I have done my homework. I know the facts and they can not be disputed. I will continue to persur this until things change.
Yvonne Mason

An Update on Alice Samantha Thomason and Jackson County, GA DFCS and Rebecca Boles with COSA

May 19, 2010 7 comments

Alice Samantha Thomason - Her children Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn This children have been snatched by Jackson County Ga. DFCS

Today Samantha went before the “panel review” hearing in Jackson County Ga. This hearing is made up of people in the county who also in all likely hood known to all of Jackson County DFCS and COSA the day was stacked against Samantha before she ever stepped through the door.

Rebecca Boles who is with COSA which is basically an advocate for the kids said her recommendation was to terminate Samantha’s rights because she didn’t have a place for them to live – Samantha just became employed two days ago. According to Title IV-E CPS is supposed to help her with housing. They have not done that.
We all know that Child Protective Services is all about the money. I also know that Donna Webb the foster care provider was told when she got the children that she would be able to adopt them.
I also know that Rebecca Boles and all of those at DFCS, Katie Bice, Mary Mahoney, the attorney, and Judge Gruidry have no intention of giving Samantha her children back. They stand to lose too much money if they do. Judge Guidry’s court would lose 12,000.00 from Title Iv-E Funding, DFCS would love $12,000.00 from title IV-E Funding plus bonus money if they had reached their adoption goal for the month. Katie Bice would lose a bonus even though she is leaving, if they don’t give it to her they will give it to the new case worker Felica last name unknown at this point. That is 24,000.00 which would be lost if the children were to be given back to their mother. They can’t afford to lose that money because the Piedmont District is broke. Barrow County which is also under Judge Guidry’s district is broke now. There is no money in the coffers to fund the programs. My question is this are they going to borrow the $12,000.00 they will be making off the three girls until they get their adoptions back up and running?
The reason Jackson County and COSA are being so adamant about taking Samantha’s children is not because she is doing her plan, and not because they have made “reasonable effort” to help her, which we know they haven’t. The reason they are trying to take her children has nothing at all to do with her it has to do with the fact that they don’t have the “BALLS” to come after me. They are trying to hurt her, to get to me, to make me back off and to stop revealing the corruption, abuse and greed.
This is an open blog to them. That will not happen. You may take her children and sell them. You may violate the children’s 13th amendment rights and make them slaves. You may destroy Samantha and her children, but understand this, I will not stop until Jackson County DFCS, and all of CPS has been torn apart and the ugly underbelly revealed.
There has to be a stop put to the corruption, abuse and greed of the business of Child Snatching. Yes, they are all culpable; Katie Bice, Rebecca Boles, Judge Kevin Guidry, Mary Mahoney and yes even the public defender that didn’t even show up.
The war is just beginning. It is time to hold all of them accountable including the State Representatives, Congress, and yes even he who is in the White House. The time has come to take back our children.
Even Terrorists are allowed to be tried in a court in front of a jury. If the evidence really created probable cause beyond a reasonable doubt she would have been arrested and charged. But instead she is told that she should lose her rights as a parent.

Jackson County Georgia DFCS Just Keeps on Trying

May 19, 2010 3 comments

Alice Samantha Thomason with her children Autumn Destiny Deshawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn who Jackson County Georgia has stolen

Well it appears that Jackson County Georgia DFCS and caseworker Katie Bice just keep on trying to railroad Samantha. Katie finally made an appearance to see Samantha and she asked questions which were really none of her business. She wanted to know if Samantha was still seeing an old boyfriend, someone she has known since she was a teenager. She wanted to know if Samantha had been to Mental Health to get psychotropic drugs. And she wanted to know if Samantha had been in communication with the children’s father who is in prison.
It seems that Ms. Bice had received word that Samantha had written him. Then she proceeded to tell Samantha that her last day would be this Friday. Hello! How long did she think it would be before Samantha heard it? I already knew it.
Ms. Bice proceeded to tell Samantha that her new caseworker was indeed a woman named Felica and she had been brought up to speed on Samantha and her case. Well, did she also explain to this Felica that I came as part of this package deal? I doubt it. So now we get to break in a new caseworker. Which one will be at the panel hearing on May 19th. This should be interesting.
Okay back to the insane none of her business questions to Samantha.
1. It is none of her business who Samantha dates or sees as long as she is not going anything illegal, immoral or stupid. Katie is not her mother, she is just a caseworker who has no clue.
2. Samantha does not need to see anyone at Mental Health for psychotropic drugs which will make her lethargic and unable to take care of her children. That is what DFCS wants so they can manipulate her and accuse her of “deprivation” again. Katie has already been told on several occasions that Samantha cannot take any drugs because of her sensitivity. We all know why they want her to take them and it is not to help her.
3. Last but not least, it is not any of anyone’s business if or when Samantha writes the children’s father. Even though that relationship is over they still have that “bond” of the kids. So again, we know what their agenda is. Samantha has not written him.

An Update on the Child Snatching in Jackson County Ga of Autumn Destiny DeShawana Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn

May 18, 2010 5 comments

Alice Samantha Thomason with her children who have been snatched by Jackson County Ga DFCS Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn

There have been several things happeing lately in the child snatching of Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn by the Jackson County Georgia DFCS. It seems that this Sat will be Katie Bice’s last day. She is their current caseworker. One in a line of many. The next one up is a woman named Felica. Her last name is not yet known to me. However, when I get it I will be sure and post it.
I am not sure why they keep losing case workers from this case unless it is because they know this case is bogus and that they have no case.
Are they still trying to cover their tracks? Are they still trying to find someone who they think can successfully intimidate Samantha enough so that she will give up and therefore they can say they have made “reasonable effort” to “reunify” and it failed? If that is the case they are in for a fight. As of yesterday afternoon, Samantha had finally aquired work. She will be working in an assited living facality. She has done this work before and she loves it. She will also continue to work on the chicken farm where she lives with her sister until she can find suitable housing.
Had it not been for her theapist who shall remain nameless to respect her privacy, Samantha would not have found this job. She took Samantha to the library several times and helped her look on line. She helped with the updating of Samantha’s resume and even placed the call to see if they were indeed still hiring. This therapist is going above and beyond her prescribed job duties to help Samantha get her children back from the talons of Jackson County DFCS. She is to be applauded and commended for her belief in Samantha.
On the other hand, Samantha will go in front of the panel of “concerned” citizens tomorrow May 19th at 11:30am. These people are hand picked by Judge Kevin Guidry who is the Juvenile Court Judge. Since this is a very small county and an even smaller town the likely hood of all of the players involved know each other quite well.
Samantha will be facing these people without her public defender who has lied and told her that he was not allowed in the panel review also known as a review hearing. As of January 2010 under GA Statute 15-11-78 that hearing is open. He is supposed to be there. Under the handbook for laywers which has been written by judges he is supposed to be there.
He told me that her case was closed because she was on a case plan. Again he lied. He is supposed to be actively involved with her and her case plan. Again this is according to Barton Law Clinic State Bar of Georgia, and Parent Attorney Trial Notebook for Deprivation Cases in Juvenile Courts.
Samantha’s therapist has once again agreed to step up to the plate so she doesn’t have to fight this battle alone. Mary Mahoney, Katie Bice and the newcase worker whom Samantha has not yet even met as well as Judge Guidry and the panel will be surprised to learn that she has a job. The only thing lacking is a place to live. They can help her with that in fact they are supposed to under Title IV-E funding.
When she saw her daughers yesterday the oldest one, Shawna who is nine years old, was asked if she had gotten into any trouble for her behavior on Friday when Samantha saw her at the ball game and she had acted up. She told her mother no. But she had cried herself to sleep because she wanted to come home. The thearpist was with Samantha when Shawna made this statement to her mother. I is my hope and desire that she tells the panel what she heard being said.
on the other matter of the broken arm of Carly, there has been no investigation, nothing. It has been shut down. My question is why?
There is no reason no to return the girls to their mother- so if Jackson County DFS tries to terminate Samantha’s rights, we will know and it will be posted here in all the details – These three children are not for sale. They are going back home where they belong. The $12,000.00 that the county would earn for them is not going to happen.


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