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This is Why Georgia Refuses to Reunify especially in Jackson County

This is taken straight from the Title IV-E Funding guidelines. This is what the Federal Government says your children are worth. This is a violation of the 13th Amendment that states “No man shall be held in slavery or servitude…” … Continue reading

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Another Horror Story From the state of Georgia, Paulding County

To Whom It May Concern, Today is May 29, 2010. My daughter has been in Georgia State Custody since October 2008. I have completed caseplan as designated by Paulding County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) only to have … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Know Who Is In Bed With Child Protective Services? If So Join me Friday Night May 28th at 8:00 on Blog Talk Radio

I will be on this show on Friday May 28th for a three hour show, I will name names, I will show you the money trail, I will show you how our children are sold in violation of the 13th … Continue reading

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If Parents who have Lost Children in Georgia to DFCS Want to Know Why Gov Sonny Perdue Does Nothing Here is Why

Sonny Perdue and his Wife have been foster care providers since 1998. They are making money off the backs of your children via your tax dollars – so much so that they were able to purchase 101 Acres next door … Continue reading

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The Abuse and Corruption in Johnson County Indiana DCS

This is a complaint from another mother who has finally had the courage to stand up against the abuse -greed and corruption of Child Protective Services. It is nationwide – it has to be stopped. OFFICIAL COMPLAINT AGAINST Johnson County … Continue reading

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Jackson County Georgia, DFCS Is Trying to Terminate The Rights of Alice Samantha Thomason

On June 28th at 9:00AM Samantha goes to court again – the official hearing is Notice of Judicial Review. She will be in front of Judge Kevin Guidry. It appears that the review panel under the recomendation or Rebecca Boles … Continue reading

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This Letter was Sent to Georgia Governor today May 19,2010 about the Greed, Corruption and Abuse of Georgia DFCS

The letter below was sent today to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdure. This is the fourth letter to him. He answered the first one and ignored the others. It would behove him to answer this one. Gov.Perdue, This is the third … Continue reading

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An Update on Alice Samantha Thomason and Jackson County, GA DFCS and Rebecca Boles with COSA

Today Samantha went before the “panel review” hearing in Jackson County Ga. This hearing is made up of people in the county who also in all likely hood known to all of Jackson County DFCS and COSA the day was … Continue reading

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Jackson County Georgia DFCS Just Keeps on Trying

Well it appears that Jackson County Georgia DFCS and caseworker Katie Bice just keep on trying to railroad Samantha. Katie finally made an appearance to see Samantha and she asked questions which were really none of her business. She wanted … Continue reading

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An Update on the Child Snatching in Jackson County Ga of Autumn Destiny DeShawana Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn

There have been several things happeing lately in the child snatching of Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn by the Jackson County Georgia DFCS. It seems that this Sat will be Katie Bice’s last day. She … Continue reading

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