Volunteers train to serve on Piedmont Judicial Circuit Citizen Review Panel

Alice Samantha Thomaso with the three children of hers that Jackson County DFCS has stolen Autumn Destiny DeShawna, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfarn

This article just appeared on the internet. It is from Jackson County Ga and it is the new panel that parents go in front of to see if they are “fit parents” and to see if Jackson County DFCS has made “reasonable effort” to reunify parent and child. This is just another joke of the system. The people on the panel are approved by Judge Kevin Guidry. The people on the panel in all likely hood know the case workers at DFCS due to the fact that it is a small county. The reasonable effort is not done and this can be proven. This panel is like a kangaroo court which fires questions and accusations at the parent in rapid fire. They do no listen to the parent however, they not only listen to the caseworker, the guaradian et litem, and whoever else DFCS decides to bring in including Donna Webb the foster care provider. The parent is not allowed to bring in their witnesses. This is criminal.

Samantha has a panel hearing in May. These are the people she will go in front of. These are the people who will blast her with questions and will have already formed an opinion before she stands in front of them. She has been told to have her attorney there. Katie Bice the case worker will do her best to state that she had provided reasonable effort however, she hasn’t. She has constantly refused to give Samantha the schedule for the girls softball games, refused to give Samantha the parent teacher confernece dates, refused to help her find housing, refused to help her with finding a job. These are just a few of the things that DFCS is required to do under the Title IV-E and Title IV-B Funding. There has been no “reasonable effort” on Katice Bice’s part. She had the case for three months before she even contacted Samantha.
Tracie Maclom stated in this article that they wanted to be panel members to make a difference in families and the communty. While that is a noble statement, it is a lie. The only difference this panel will make is in the coffers of Jackson County DFCS as they continue to keep children who don’t need to be in foster care incarerated in foster care and force parents to sign over their children for adoption just so that Jackson County will make more money. If they really wanted to make a difference they would hold Katie Bice, Mary Mahoney and the others at Jackson County DFCS accountable for their actions. They would make them do the things they are supposed to do and not lie about their “reasonable efforts.” No these people have no desire to make a difference, they just want to be part of the corruption, greed and abuse that Jackson County DFCS and the Piedmont Juvenile Court System perpatrates on the poor and uneducated families in that county.

Gloria Wall and Tracie Malcom

The New Group Panel for Jackson County Ga DFCS The Judge is Judge Guidry

POSTED April 21, 2010 5:39 p.m.

Training was held March 30-31 in Jackson County for volunteers from the community to become members of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit Citizen Review Panel.

The duties of the Judicial Citizen Review Panels are to review the situation of each child placed in foster care with the Department of Human Services Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) by the Juvenile Court.

Each volunteer was required to submit an application to the Court, submit to a criminal background check and get approval from Honorable Kevin J. Guidry, before they could be eligible to take the training to become Panel Members.

“These volunteers said they wanted to be Panel Members to make a difference in the children and families in their community,” said Program Coordinator Tracie Malcom.

The volunteers submit to the court the findings and recommendations as to the necessity and appropriateness of the child’s current placement, whether reasonable efforts have been made by DFCS in working with the family, the degree of compliance with the family’s case plan, and any specific changes that need to be made in the case plan, said Malcom.

“To do this, the Panel Volunteers meet at least twice a year with each child, parent, foster parent and DFCS caseworker in almost every case in which a family has had a child placed in foster care by the court,” said Malcom, who works from the Jackson County Courthouse office of Judge Guidry.

The volunteers will be monitoring the progress of abused and neglected children in the custody of the Division of Family and Children’s Services.

“This is a difficult, time consuming and emotional task that is invaluable in finding permanent homes for the abused and neglected children of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit,” said Malcom

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Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by Lulu.com October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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5 Responses to Volunteers train to serve on Piedmont Judicial Circuit Citizen Review Panel

  1. Callie says:

    I’m not from Piedmont area but I’m pretty sure that they all act in the same capacity and have to follow the same ethics, if there are any standards even set for them! This is nothing but a joke and if these people believe that they are going to be doing the right thing, then God help them. Maybe they can sleep at night once it finally sinks in that they are being used to take weight off of DFCS and the Judges. Maybe they just don’t want to be …let’s see what is that word…held….oh…ACOUNTABLE! The doors are open now you know? At least they are suppose to be, of course they are allowed to close them if it is for the protection of a party to the case. I understand a lot of parties are in need of protection. Let me just say that first of all these “clients” are not in a court of criminal law because if the majority of DFCS cases went in front of a criminal Judge in criminal court they would bethrown out! So not the Judge or any Judicial Citizen’s Review Panel member has the right to attack anyone, making “them” the victim! That’s right, the victim! The whole family becomes victims! You see whether people want to believe it or not, CPS makes victims of almost everyone they come in contact with and if you are put on a “concurrent” case plan you might as well throw in the towel….unless you intend on putting up a pretty damn good fight for your child/children! A concurrent case plan is nothing more than a preconceived determination that your kids are to be adopted!I pray they will demand to look at the documents that they are supposedly allowed to view that we cannot, especially from DFCS. If they let them, they need to look at them real good, do their home work and if they arn’t sure about something then check it out! Oh and they shouldnt ask anyone, They should investigate it themselves! Read between all the lines. As soon as they realize what they have gotten themselves into, if they stay, well, so be it. Good Luck!


    • yvonnemason says:

      Yes they do. They all act like the gate keeper. They are the ones who determine if the child will go home. Not the Judge. They have no clue as to what they are doing. In Jackson County they all know each other so there is no way they can give an unbaised opinion. It is all part of the scam.


  2. MichaelloPM says:

    You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it


  3. Yvonne as I was skimming back over this article and I realized that they trained on the 30th and 31st which is 2 days of training, possibly 16 hours. Off the top of my head……with only two days of training…the same as a CASA volunteer who by the way does not have to be a HS graduate or hold a GED to become a CASA volunteer, do not have to have experience raising children, working with children or educated on children although the only requirement is of course that they must LIKE children, oh and the minimum age to be a CASA worker is 21………with only 2 days of training, these people make a decision and recommend this decision to the judge and no matter what you may read or are told the judges DO take this into high consideration. They are going to decide that the child/children are better off being adopted out. The scheme that DFCS and the Judicial system has developed will make sure that they end up with the recommendations that will be in their favor. It’s never in the best interest of the child, what a crock of BS! We all know families who DFCS has had calls about that have never had their children taken away, some were never even investigated! There is no “best interest of the child!” The best interest of the child doctrine began with intentions of changing the term “Parens Patrai”. Since everyone knew what it meant, which was/is they can take your child, my child anybody’s child they choose to take because they have the government power to do so. People didn’t like this so they eventually decided to word things differently and chose “Best Interest of the Child”…gee that does sound good! It does sound like they really mean it! What liars! The smartest man I ever knew had no common sense-go figure!

    With other people making the recommendations it takes almost all of the accountability off of the judges. If anyone goes down they are going to make sure it’s not them!

    These people are fools for not seeing what is going on which tells me that they are doing a very poor job of investigating.

    Playing them for fools and they don’t even realize it! I’ll say it again, “When or if they figure it out, if they continue to play the game…May God rest their souls because they will be no better than any of the others. “Making a difference in the life of a child” …..by ruining one family at a time.


  4. what is sad the chances of those children coming home is slim to none due to the white collar criminals from the courts,
    also if you go to Casenetmo.gov. or the court web page for any state , you will find if you enter a few attorneys names you will find attorneys from those same law firm appoint themselves legal guardians over adults aged 19 on up after those adult are declared incompetent and some of those attorneys have interest in assisted living facilities where those individuals are placed such as Mary’s Ranch from Malden area which is I believe New Madrid county, so it is not just children, when the children become adults they are kept in the system for a pay check to the same attorneys that had taken part in stealing them from the families, a very profitable industry for common white collar criminal is not just children and babies those kids grow up, and for the ones who the parents lose contact with those children become a permeate pay check for corrupt attorneys and judges , check into it happen in each and every state, and the funding they receive is limitless through federal funding of SSi or Social security, Medical insurance billing for therapy and counseling, drug treatment ect, the paper trail is out their through the court system and if you back track and back log you will find those adults that are declared incompetent were once foster children the numbers in some area are as high as1 in 4 , that is 25% children from foster care end up as adults declared incompetent and place into assisted living facilities owned and operated by the same attorneys involved in the case guess that is their retirement program for Common criminal involved with Children Service cases , so the best interest for a child is to ruin their lives for job security for Case workers who lie and manipulate the system, and attorneys to establish a retirement plan by keeping those children in the system as adults

    They are nothing but COMMON CRIMINALS thieves , racketeers and embellishers, bet their families must be so proud of what they raised .


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