Taken Straight from the “Working With Child Deprivation Cases’s in Georgia’s Juvenile Courts, A Reference Manual for Department of Family and Children Services Case Manager

Once again Jackson County DFCS is not going by the very manual their case managers are given as a tool. In my research I got my hands on the Manual titled “Working with Child Deprivation Cases in Georgia’s Juvenile Courts, A Reference Manual for Department of Family and Children Services Case Managers.”

Yes, there is one and I have it. In this manual there is a section titled: Reasonable Efforts Requirments. They go into great detail about “reunification as per the law. One section in particular in section D. It states
“Another source of insight into the meaning of this term can be found in a widely read book, Making Reasonable Efforts:Steps for Keeping Families Together. This book was published with the cooperation of several groups including the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Included in the publiction is a list of recommended services writeen in broad terminology to be made available under the state’s reasonable effort requirements:
family preservation services;
generic family based/family centered services;
cash payments;
to meet emergency needs;
to provide ongoing financial support;
non cash services to meet basic needs;
food and clothing;
housing (emergency shelter and permanent housing);
non cash services to addresss specific problems;
in home respite care;
out of home respite care;
child day care;
treatment for substance abase/chemical addiction;
treatment for secual abusers and victims;
mental health counseling/psychotherapy;
parental training;
life skills training;
household management;
facilitative services;
visitation (to prepare both parent and child for their eventual reunification);”
These are also contained in the federal regulations.

Now the thing is this, Katie Bice, Mary Mary Mahoney and the rest of those at Jackson County DFCS have not done their “reasonable efforts” in getting these services to Samantha. Sure they have sent her to parenting classes, sure they have made her see their shrink. Both of which are paid by the state and if compelled by DFCS have to testify against Samantha in court. The therapist can even be forced to tell in court the things she and Samantha talked about. And she can not be cross examined by Samantha’s Public Defender.

Under the “reasonable efforts” to reuinify Samantha and her children Katie Bice and Mary Mahoney are supposed to help her with housing, cash until she can earn it and the means to find a job as well as child care. Their own Manual explains it in great detail. They don’t think that it will be questioned in court. They believe that when they get in front of Judge Guidry they will be able to state under oath that they made “reasonable effort” to reunify Samantha and her children. But that Samantha was not compliant. We all know that is a lie. Samantha did reach the manager at Jackson Hills apartnemts. He told her he needed her birth certificate, and her source of income. That plus her identification – etc. Now, the question I have is why does he need her birth certficate? I understand her identification but not her birth certificate. That is not necessary. That being said, she has no source of income because she can’t find a job in Jackson County. According to the manual DFCS is supposed to help her with housing that means Section 8, or other funding. They are also supposed to help her financially either, help her get work, set her up on some sort of temporary funding or what ever they have to do to get her in the work force. She is in a catch 22 at this point. They know it.
Katie Bice and Mary Mahoney are violating their own rules and regs by not doing their part to help her finish the last to things on her “case plan” they are not making “reasonable effort” to help her runify with her children.

Now under Public Law 96-272 if a Judge admits that “reasonable efforts” have not been made then the State of Georgia will stand to lose the federal foster care maintenance payments provided for that child under Title IV-E Funding of the Social Security Act. 42 U.S.C. Section 671 (a) (15).
We know “reasonable efforts” have not been made on the part of Katie Bice or Mary Mahoney or anyone else in the Jackson County DFCS office to work toward reunifying Samantha and her girls, Shawan, Carly and Sara. WE know that Katie Bice and Mary Mahoney have done everything in their power to keep this from happening in order to sell the girls to Donna the foster care provider. WE know that that Jackson County DFCS as well as the resto of the state of Georgia CPS system’s ultimate goal is to terminate parental rights and to violate the 13th Amendment Rights of no man shall be held in slavery. We know they will make money off the backs of Sara – DeShawna and Carly. We know that they will get a bonus if they adopt out more than their quota in a month.

They will continue to try and wear Samantha down through intimidation, and abuse. They will swear under oath that they made “reasonable effort” when in fact they have done nothing.

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