Nancy Schaefer Former Georgia State Senator Murderd- She Exposed CPS

Schaefer’s husband was shooter, law authorities say
Former state senator, spouse found dead Friday in Habersham County home

By Stephen Gurr

UPDATED March 27, 2010 8:35 p.m.

Former State Sen. Nancy Schaefer was shot to death by her husband, Bruce, before he turned the gun on himself, authorities said Saturday.

Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell said the couple’s daughter, who lives in the same gated community as the Schaefers, discovered their bodies in a bedroom about 5:30 p.m. Friday. He said a handgun was used in the shootings and was found near Bruce Schaefer’s body.

Several notes written by Bruce Schaefer were left behind, but Terrell declined to describe their contents.

Contrary to previous reports, Bruce Schaefer, 74, was not suffering from any serious illnesses at the time of the shootings, their daughter told the sheriff. Authorities were unaware of Nancy Schaefer, 73, having any major health problems.

News of the prominent conservative Republican’s sudden death was met by Habersham County residents with “utter shock,” said State Rep. Rick Austin, who represents Habersham County and part of White County. Austin announced her death from the House floor Friday evening.

“It’s just utter disbelief,” Austin said Saturday. “You never know. If there was a family that you would have thought would be very much immune to something like this, it would have been that family. People are deeply saddened. It’s just a terrible tragedy.”

Austin, who knew Schaefer for several years, described the former lawmaker as “a great, graceful lady, who was very involved in her community and very passionate about the issues that concerned her. She’s going to be deeply missed.”

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle released a statement Saturday, saying, “I had the privilege of serving with Nancy for several years in the State Senate and appreciated her kind heart and desire to serve the people of Georgia well. Nita and I will be praying for the entire Schaefer family and ask that the Lord will provide them with peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time.”

Schaefer, who has been active in conservative Christian causes for many years, was president of Family Concerns, a Christian organization.

She was elected in 2004 after federally redrawn legislative districts created an open seat in the 50th District. She defeated two Republican challengers and a Democrat to win the seat.

Prior to that, Schaefer ran for mayor of Atlanta in 1993, was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 1994 and finished third in the GOP race for governor in 1998.

Gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal, who represented the 9th U.S. Congressional District for nine terms, issued a statement Saturday saying that Schaefer was “passionate about her work and the causes to which she was so devoted.”

“She will be remembered for her public service to Georgia,” Deal said. “Sandra and I will join others in praying for her family in this terrible tragedy.”

Before seeking re-election in 2008, Schaefer considered a challenge to U.S. Rep. Paul Broun for the 10th District congressional seat. She later chose to run for re-election to the state senate, but lost in the Republican primary to eventual winner Jim Butterworth.

On Saturday, Butterworth issued a statement to area media expressing his condolences to the Schaefer family.

“The Schaefers were a blessing to many who were privileged to know them,” Butterworth said. “We are reminded that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and as the Schaefer family mourns their loss, they can be assured that Amy and I will keep them in our prayers for many months to come.”

Don Thomas, a state senator from Dalton, said he knew the Schaefers well and traveled to Habersham County to help support them in Nancy Schaefer’s last campaign.

“They were a real strong, Christian conservative family, and you wonder why something like this happens,” Thomas said. “They seemed just madly in love all of their lives. It would appear there was never a cross word between them.”

Schaefer was a former first vice president of the Georgia Baptist Convention, a frequent speaker to churches of all denominations, a speaker to civic and political organizations and a frequent guest on radio and local and national television programs. She once was host of a daily commentary show on WNIV-AM, an Atlanta Christian radio station, according to her state Senate biography.

In 2001, she became the first female trustee of Toccoa Falls College.

She and her husband lived in Atlanta for 35 years before relocating to Habersham County, where they settled in The Orchard, a gated golf community near Turnerville.

The 50th District, which she served, includes Habersham, Rabun, Towns, Stephens, Banks, Franklin, Hart and a portion of White counties.

Schaefer and her husband had five children and 13 grandchildren.

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11 Responses to Nancy Schaefer Former Georgia State Senator Murderd- She Exposed CPS

  1. Yvonne, authorities are saying that the facts of murder-suicide are not adding up and they’re not convinced that this is what happened. Some pretty big people are concerned that CPS had this done. They say they won’t leave any stone unturned and I pray they tell the truth if it’s proven CPS is involved. I just don’t believe she committed suicide nor murdered by her husband. I also had never heard he was sick either. She was a true hero and will be missed.


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  4. CPSsucks says:

    Nancy Schaefer says in one of her speeches that she lost her senate seat because of the work she was doing to expose CPS. And that’s exactly why she lost her life.

    There was no “murder/suicide” – that is just ludicrous, as are claims that there were financial problems.

    CPS is the same all over the world: a child trafficking enterprise. They take children from good families and then sell those children to adoption agencies or send them to foster houses. How many more times do we need to learn about pedophiles and criminals working at CPS? How many more raped, beaten and murdered children in CPS “care” do we need to learn about? CPS is a criminal organization, corrupt to the core. There is nothing redeemable about this gang of thugs. They are desperate to keep the truth from the public, and this latest murder is proof of that.


  5. Rosemary Van Gorder says:

    I pray someone gets to the bottom of this very untimely death. How can anyone think this is unrelated to exposing child welfare corruption?

    Every state needs anti-SLAPP laws and enforcement of whistle blower protections.

    Thank you, Ms Shaefer. Rest in Peace.
    rvg in CO


    • yvonnemason says:

      You know it has to be – and we may never know, however, I may never fill her shoes- but this site will carry one exposing the abuse,corruption and greed in CPS. It flows from the top down. Jackson County Georgia is already trying to shut me up. They would love for me to go away- but I will not- I refuse to become one of their vicitms. I refuse to allow them to continue to abuse the poor and uneducated, the ones who don’t know how to fight back. I do know how and I will use every thing at my disposal to do it.
      Thank you for your support
      Yvonne Mason



    An investigation is needed here in St.Charles MO. Where is the FEDS???


  7. mariyam says:

    I also do not believe anything the media reports on this case. CPS has too much power and control. Several years ago I was involved with a group called Women in Transition. This was a grass roots organization in Kentucky speaking out against civil injustices. Including the injustice of losing ones kids due to being poor, a minority, or uneducated. They take the kids calling it negelect when it is really poverty. Now my children are sitting in Foster care due to my outspoken ways and a bad divorce. No matter how much other members of my family try to get custody they are not allowed. This is the same old story over and over again. When will it ever end. We have done everything they asked. But we are poor and we are running out of time and money. The damage to my kids is great as this has gone on now for two years. My sister recently saw my youngest son at a daycare and he refused to even say her name or acknowledge her. Not his fault since he is being brainwashed to believe we have abandoned him.


  8. Richard scott sievert says:

    CPS To me are equal to vultures who prey on week innocent as if you are poor they will start circling you for one reason $ JUST LIKE NANCY Schaefer SAID END THIS ARMY OF DARKNESS


  9. becky says:

    C.P.S is an organization that practices terroisim soley paid for none other than the tax payers $$$$,as well as the incentive pay they receive for each child removed from their home and even a larger pay for each child adopted.
    Nancy Schafer described C.P.S “THE MOST EVIL AND CORRUPT BRANCHES” of our very own government.Including with them are police officer’s,judges,doctors etc.
    They had just finished a documentary about C.P.S,Nancy and the producer,that would have closed down and shut all the doors of C.P.S thru out the country.
    Unfortunatley after finding their bodies so was the producer who made this documentary to which cannot be found.
    I found this story when looking up some way to help my son who was given custody of his two children only to watch how C.P.S took my granddaughter out of school went and picked up my grandson making up false accusations,hiding evidence etc.they were placed in the care of my daughter and her husband for almost one year before all the evidence collected by his lawyers private investigator was turned in and placed in front of the judge.
    be that as it may six years later and several harassing visits later here they came again.this time not filing anything in court or due process in court as to prove their right or reason’s.for being their.
    my sons legal aid attorney couldn’t help because C.P.S had filed nothing so there for making it look as though this was just a case between two parents with no third party.yet C.P.S has had a vendetta against my son due to the fact several of their employyee’s from the first time either lost their job or was placed else where out of the county.and by doing things this way it only helped them get the judge needed to pull off this kangaroo court proceeding so yes they have gotten away with it for now.
    There was a good reason why ‘THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES’ was implemented and made “WE THE PEOPLE’ are protected against the tyrants in black robes and other evil doer’s.but if there is nobody willing to collectively come together against these TERRORIST TYRANTS then all will be for nothing,all the very ones thru out time who fought and lost their very lives protecting this great country or the ones who came home with limbs blown off or brain injury all for an ‘AMERICA’ that has truly showed the lack of belief and love for their freedom,liberty and justice by not standing strong against these TERRORIST RIGHT HERE AT HOME11 Don’t let these who sacrificed their lives or the life of Nancy Schafer and her husband be in vain be for nothing.


  10. brialeha says:

    No mention that Senator Nancy Schaefer was murdered by those who were desperate to keep her silent against the corruption (again no mention that she exposed how kids in the U.S. are merely a commodity for federal funding… Against a ‘protected empire ran by the gestapo’… Why no mention of what is a reality in the ‘land of the Free’…


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