Foster Mother in Death of Jessica Scovill Only Gets 12 Months Probation

Samantha Thomason, with her children Shawna, Sara, Carly will they be the next murder victims in foster care?

This story just appeared in the Athens Banner Herald in Clark County, Ga. Wendy Osborn was the foster mother who had Baby Jessica – she didn’t take the baby out of a hot van, but she removed her three year old twins. Jessica died. Wendy is from Jackson County, Ga and Jessica had been snatched by Jackson County DFCS. Jessica’s mother and father have lost their only child – allegedly two days before they were to get her back from Jackson County DFCS. I say allegedly because Jackson County DFCS does not do reunifiction. If they indeed told the family this story in all probablity they lied to cover their tracks.

Jackson County DFCS, the caseworker, the supervisor and all involved in this case should be held accountable in the murder of this child. It was no accident, it was neglect pure and simple.

What I find interesting in this article is the Public Defender Crandell Heard is also my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason’s public defender. He also should be held accountable because if he worked this case like he is working Samantha’s case then he is a culpable. He is just as responsible for the death of this child.

If the natural parents had been the ones who left the baby in the hot van, they would not have been able to plea to such a sweet deal. This is a miscarriage of justice. Ms. Osborn still have her children, she still has a life. The parents of little Jessica have lost everything. They were not even told of her death until sixteen hours after the baby died. The question is WHY?? They had already lost her to the greed, corruption and abuse of Jackson County DFCS, and then they lost her forever, and weren’t told until hours later.

My daughter Alice Samantha Thomason and her children, Autumn Destiny DeShawna, Sara Luvelle Texanna and Carly are in the same situation. Crandell Heard is Samantha’s public defender, Shawna, Sara and Carly are sitting in foster care and the charges are bogus. The abuse by Jackson County DFCS which includes Katie Bice, Mary Mahoney, Crandell Heard and the Foster Mother Donna is absolutly deplorable. Does there have to be another death before these kids are returned to their mother Samantha and she is their only mother, Donna is not. She is just a person who is holding these children hostage.

This is a travesty, it is criminal and it is wrong on every level. Donna Osborn is not the only one who has to be held accountable. There are others.

Wendy Osborn The Foster Mother

Probation in death of foster child

By Merritt Melancon –

Published Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Buzz up!JEFFERSON – A Jackson County Superior Court judge sentenced former foster mother Wendy Osborne to 12 months of probation Monday in the 2008 death of 9-month-old Jessica Scovil. Kelly Wegel

Wendy Osborne reacts Monday in Jackson County Superior Court after pleading guilty to one count of misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter for leaving foster daughter Jessica Scovil in a minivan in 2008.

Wendy Osborne reacts Monday in Jackson County Superior Court after pleading guilty to one count of misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter for leaving foster daughter Jessica Scovil in a minivan in 2008. Osborne left Jessica in the family’s minivan for more than two hours on the afternoon of Sept. 2, 2008, and the child died of heat stroke.

Jessica’s birth parents were only days from reclaiming custody of the girl when she died, according to family members.

“We were told that we would be bringing Jessica home in two days,” Georgia Nichols, Jessica’s grandmother, told the court Monday. “Her parents took all the tests and did every single thing they were asked to do. It was almost over. We were not even notified (about Jessica’s death) for 16 hours, and then we were told she had been in an accident.

“A year and a half later, (Osborne is) taking responsibility,” Nichols continued. “Never once in all this time has she ever attempted to apologize to any of us. How can that be? Who is this person?”

Charged with involuntary man-slaughter and reckless conduct, Osborne pleaded guilty to a single count of misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter. In addition to the probation, she also must complete 200 hours of community service and pay a $1,000 fine.

Osborne returned home from a doctor’s appointment shortly before 3 p.m. that day and took her two adopted 3-year-old girls into the family’s Nicholson-area home. Once inside, Osborne lay down for a nap while the other two children played.

She woke up about 5 p.m. and rushed outside to find Jessica unresponsive in her car seat.

Jessica was dead by the time paramedics arrived.

“I will never understand how anyone could leave a 9-month-old baby in a hot van to die,” Nichols said before Osborne was sentenced. “Just today, these words put the most horrible pictures in my head. Her body temperature is 108 (degrees) at the hospital. I can’t imagine what it was like in the van.”

Jessica’s parents, Evelyn Carter and Robert Scovil, lost custody of their daughter because state Division of Family and Children Services officials didn’t think they were able to take care of her. There never were any allegations of abuse, drug use or any other criminal behavior on their part, the couple’s attorney, Crandall Heard, said after Jessica died.

The birth parents did not receive enough notice to attend court Monday, Nichols said. They have split up since their daughter’s death, and both moved out of state, she said.

Osborne, now 31, and her husband, Chris Osborne, had fostered several Jackson County children before Jessica. They had two teenage foster daughters and two adopted children living with them at the time of the girl’s death.

The couple was dedicated to taking care of the children in their custody, according to witnesses who spoke on Osborne’s behalf Monday.

“I can’t imagine that any punishment you can give her can be worse than what she’s already been through,” Osborne’s pastor, the Rev. Kent Barry, told the judge before sentencing. “She deals with this every day. She still has her two (5-year-olds) to care for, and when she looks at them, she can’t help but see Jessica.”

Osborne, who had been ill for about a week the day Jessica died, was on medication that made her extremely drowsy, Chris Osborne testified.

“If I could go back to that day, I would have never left there,” he said, speaking to the court and to Nichols. “(Wendy Osborne) had been sick for a week. I asked her if I should stay home, and she said, ‘No’; it was just a cold. … I should have went home, but I didn’t. I can’t take that day back, but I want to apologize to you.”

About yvonnemason

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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  2. nss says:

    jessaic is my frist neice. idc how sick she was in my eyes she should be in prison. he killed a baby and idc if she has to live with the gilt. i would like to see her have to bary her frist baby cause someone had a cold. i dont think she should have any kids in her custdy. my sisters has to live with that everyday and i dont think an im sry will fix it but it could help ease some of the pain my sister goes thu everyday! cause of her haveing a cold i never got to meet my nice and wont get to wacher her grow and became a what she was meet to be. its been five years since this all happen but to me and my family it feels like just yestrday.


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