CPS Abuse Children and Parents for Federal “Fees”

Abusing Children for Profit

They abuse children and parents for the federal “fees”

There has been a regular controversy on several of the Internet Discussion Lists to which I subscribe about whether or not to report child abuse to Child Protective Services. In reality, there shouldn’t be any question about it. If children are being abused, CPS should be called in. But under today’s circumstances, there is a very definite question about it. According to Peter Houston on the Witch Hunt List, “There is probably no single institution that commits as much harm to children as the current CPS system. It is often underfunded, understaffed, overworked, overempowered, undermonitored, mistrained, and shielded from the responsibilities for its own actions.”

Many people say: “What choice have we? Should we just leave children to be beaten, maimed, sexually abused, and killed in their homes? But my question is this: Should we allow the child protectors to snatch them from their homes and put them into foster homes where they are beaten, maimed, sexually abused and killed? The fact is, according to the child protectors’ own figures, more children are apt to be abused in foster homes than in their own homes. So what do we do? CPS is our only option. There is nothing else. So maybe we should look into finding an “else.”

But is it an option? Should we allow children to be abused either at their own homes or in foster care? The Child Protection system is not working. It is out of control and routinely victimizes parents and children without cause. It has put numerous people in prison for many years until “wiser heads” prevail and they’re found not guilty and released. They routinely accuse parents, and anybody else they can of abuse and sexual abuse without proof. Courts allow the unsupported opinion of a child protection worker to be considered the same as proof. Prosecutors all over the world falsify cases to put people wrongly accused in prison for a long time. And when it is found that they were innocent after spending many long years in prison, do they apologize? Not even. When this happens the prosecutors claim they “got out on a technicality.”

They take children on the slightest suspicion of abuse, then they subject them (and their parents) to months, even years of “star-chamber” questioning in order to get them to confess, even when they’re clearly not guilty. And after that much questioning of small children particularly, before long they’re parroting what the child savers want them to say, just to make it stop.

Calling CPS when children are abused is a “crap shoot” at best. Some CPS workers are good people who just want to help. But all too many are as conditioned as are the rest of the population. They’re taught that all parents are “potential” abusers and “where there’s smoke, there must be fire.” That they should “err on the side of the child” and take the children as a first option and sort it out later. That this is, in itself, child abuse, doesn’t seem to bother them.

Professor Susan Sarnoff, assistant professor of social work at Ohio University blithely comments: “Children in foster care are often more difficult to deal with.” I wonder why. Could it be that children who are forcibly removed from their loving families and placed with strangers without cause (in a majority of cases) are going to “act out?” When you rip a child from his family he or she is not going to be a “normal child” for a long time afterward. And the longer the children are kept away from their families, the more difficult they will become to handle. You’d think someone who teaches “social work” would know that.

What they’re actually doing is manipulating children and parents for money. Each child who is put into foster care brings hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars to the child protectors. Jobs are created and power is gained. “Counselors” go into business with no customers besides the people CPS forces to go to them (Granted, as with the workers themselves, there are those who only want to do good for these children. Unfortunately, they’re in the minority). People go into the “foster care business,” both as foster parents and as foster parent agencies that hire foster parents (with literally no controls on them). Many foster parents blatantly consider being a foster parent as a lucrative business where they can make thousands of dollars a month. A lot more than they could make working outside the home. Many foster homes care for five to fifteen children at a time. They make more money than most people could ever dream of making.

And when the inevitable happens and a child is abused, sexually abused, or even killed in foster care, they use the old excuse that they “don’t have enough money or enough people” to do the job right.

You don’t think this is happening? How about a few case histories?

THE PAMELA GASTON CASE in Oregon where it is alleged that foster parents actually took pornographic pictures of their child, Melissa. Where her child has been (at this writing) in no less that seventeen foster homes. Where the courts routinely rule against these parents in writ after writ or dismiss without hearing. Where Ms. Gaston was charged with trespass just for entering the courthouse, which is, in part, her property. Where the police and the courts apparently are engaging in a vendetta against her for having the temerity to actually name a judge in a suit.

THE “JANE DOE” CASE in Aiken, South Carolina, where a child (under 14) was taken from her family on “suspicion” of abuse, only to be abused while in foster care at the “Helping Hands” facility where she had been placed by the South Carolina Department of Social Services. While there, she was, according to her suit against Helping Hands, forced into a closet and repeatedly sexually assaulted by two adolescent boys. The Aiken Department of Public Safety arrested two boys, then ages 14 and 15, and charged them with the crime. The case has not yet been heard in Aiken County Family Court (when this file was received), said Capt. Tom Galardi of the Aiken Department of Public Safety. The girl is asking the court for an unspecified amount of money for mental and physical injuries from the sexual assault and costs for the birth and upbringing of her child, which she claims was conceived as a result of the attack.

ALBUQUERQUE FOSTER CARE MURDER: In February, 1999, Williette Ulmer, a foster mother, was arrested in the death of a baby in her care and another four-year-old was taken from her home, according to an Albuquerque Journal article by Jeff Jones. The foster mother was arrested on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death, according to police Deputy Chief Sal Baragiola. He also noted that the Medical Investigator had determined that the baby, Alexander Ganadonegro, died as a result of blunt trauma that ruptured his stomach. In the criminal complaint it was noted that Ulmer, 29, was “…the only adult caring for Alexander” about the time of his death and that the ruptured stomach was the result of a “forceful blow” that “would have to be done by someone other than a child.”

THE “ANDY” CASE: A report in the “Arizona Republic” by Karina Bland on December 3, 1998, “Thirteen-year-old Andy wore two or three pairs of underwear under his jeans and slept fully dressed during the months after he got home from spending half a year in foster care. Now 14, Andy averts his eyes when he talks about what happened to him at that Mesa shelter in late 1996 and 1997. ‘Basically,’ he says, sinking down in a cushioned chair in his mother’s office, ‘I was raped.’ Andy had been taken from his mother because child welfare officials said their house was too filthy. Now he is in the middle of a battle over how many Arizona children have suffered sexual abuse after being placed in foster care.

“A court-appointed team of Arizona State University researchers has estimated that Andy may be among as many as 210 Arizona children who experienced abuse in foster homes since the mid-1980s. The team was appointed after a lawsuit was filed in Pima County Superior Court by Tucson attorney Larry Berlin in 1994 on behalf of four children reportedly subjected to abuse. “The state maintains that the claim of so many children being abused in foster care is ludicrous. ‘The numbers being quoted in that lawsuit are totally outrageous,’ says Sally Ordini, spokeswoman for state Child Protective Services. ‘Incidents of sexual abuse in foster care are extremely rare.’ [Yeah, right. Then why do I get two or three new reports of it every day? Why do I have five megs of case reports on abuse in foster care? -RT]

“So far, no one has specifically identified the 210 children who may have been abused in foster homes. The team of researchers based its estimate on its review of a random sample of 287 CPS cases filed over two six-month periods; 7.3 percent suggested that sexual abuse had occurred while the child was in state custody. The researchers concluded that, based on the random sample and using the same methods, there would be a total of 210 children who had been sexually abused in foster care over a decade. They issued a preliminary report concluding that the state’s computer system should be able to identify the children. The state contends that such incidents of abuse occurred before the children lived in foster homes and that it would be almost impossible to review the half-million case files in search of such allegations [They planned it that way. Anybody wonder why they don’t keep statistics about children who are abused, sexually abused, and killed in foster care? -RT]. “The researchers were appointed by Pima County Presiding Judge Michael Brown to look into complaints contained in the 1994 lawsuit. Brown is considering whether to declare the case a class action suit, which ultimately could cost the state millions in restitution. Attorneys predict a decision before the end of the year.

“Laura Knaperek, R-Tempe and co-chairwoman of a joint legislative committee studying child welfare reform, worries that kids taken from their parents by the state are being hurt. ‘Can the state guarantee the safety of the child?’ Knaperek asked. ‘I don’t know that we can.’ Berlin’s lawsuit originally asked for compensation for counseling and other services for four children he says were sexually abused while in state care from 1986 through 1994. ‘These are children who the state removes from their homes because they say they are not safe there, and they put them in places where much more terrible things happen to them,’ Berlin said.

“Andy, for example, was 12 when he was removed from his home and taken to the shelter, which was licensed for boys ages 13 to 18. The next day, he said, a 17-year-old resident shoved a broomstick into his rectum. That boy was arrested and sent to juvenile detention for a year. But, in the months that would follow, another boy would forcibly perform oral sex on Andy. ‘I thought the first time would be the only time, but he did it again and again and again,’ Andy said. ‘I was scared.’

“In the almost six months Andy was in foster care, he said he saw his CPS caseworker face to face just once.”

I could go on and on, clipping from the hundreds of files I have, but I think I’d bore you. It is possible to become inured (bored by) to such stories, even considering the violence to the children, just by the sheer numbers of cases of violence and sexual abuse done to them while they’re “being protected” in foster care. So I’ll let these cases speak for the volumes of files I have from all over the world.

When I set out to help my son get his children back from the “child protectors” so he wouldn’t suffer the same fate I did thirty years ago when they snatched my other two sons from my second wife and used every scam and scheme possible to keep from giving them to me I didn’t know about the “crawling can of worms” I would be opening. I haven’t seen them since. I believed, at the time, that my children and I had been the victims of am adoption ring within the Indianapolis-Marion County social services department. Little did I know that it was more likely an adoption ring run by the social services department to gain the thousands of dollars available from the federal government for each child snatched, for each parent forced to go to “counseling” and “parenting classes,” and for every child they can put up for adoption (One of the doctors involved in my son’s case has said that it is the worst case of child protector abuse he has ever seen.).

There is such a glut of children in foster care now that they’re desperately advertising for adoptive parents. Many of the “cute pictures” I see on the web sites advertising children available for adoption are labeled: “Not yet Available,” since they haven’t yet been able to terminate parental rights with that particular child. But they’ll “do the paperwork” and let you have them as soon as they’re “available.

That they do this completely out in the open and no one but people they’ve victimized notice amazes me. One of the most difficult things to do is to convince someone they have not yet gotten to that they could easily be next, and no amount of “Constitutional rights” will help them. They’ve got the world so well conditioned that it is all but impossible to do so. But people are beginning to wake up. Many child protection services around the world are beginning to have legal problems from their actions (as witness above, and many other files I have). And this “old warrior” is going to be helping in every way I can, as long as I can, to “pop their balloon” so they can’t abuse any more children…or parents. I don’t want to do away with what they do, only do away with the way they do it so that children can reallybe protected instead of being further abused “by the system.”


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