The letter Writing That Was Never Responded to- They are All in Bed Together

The Faces of Alice Samantha Thomason and her Children - Carly, Sara, Shawna- Abuse by the State

The letter writing campaign to Judge Guidry who is the Family Court Judge for the Piedmont District in Georgia which includes Jackson County started in December 2008. Samantha’s children had already been out of the home since August of that year. They were removed illegally. At the first hearing Samantha was not allowed any witnesses on her behalf, was not charged with any crime and had no attorney allowed. She was abused in the court room through threats and harrassement as well as intimadation. This young woman had never been in a court room in her entire life. She had no idea what she had done, why her children had been removed or even what the charges were. From the day of that kangaroo hearing where she was stripped of her rights under the consistution and the statutes of the state, she was told her children would be put up for adoption. They are all blonde cute. The prime rib of the state for sale. When I found out about the baby who had died in foster care I started a letter writing campaign to Judge Guidry. He never ever responded. There was nothing from him or his office. It is safe to say that he is in bed with the state.

The last letter was sent to the Governor of Ga Sonny Perdue. I also sent copies to all three of the local TV stations in Ga as well as the Atlanta Journal and The Jackson Herald in Jackson County. Again nothing. No response, no acknowledgement that they even received the letters which I know someone in those offices did.

The State of Georgia is broke. There is no money so budgets are being cut, employees are getting furloughed and pet projects are getting shut down. If DFCS can keep buying and selling these children they will have money in their cofers. This all at the expense of our children and the abuse of their parents. I am going to expose this. I am not going to rest until my grand children are returned to their mother and other mothers get back their children. Nothing can give Samantha and her children back the two years they have lost. Those who took them should be prosecuted for abuse. They are all complicate in this abuse even if it is by not responding.

This was written when they first took the children:On August 28, 2008 Jackson County Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Service once again has abused a family. The Mother Alice Samanatha Thomason is a single mom who is working at a local nursing home making minimal wage trying feed, clothe and keep a roof over her children’s head.
Ms. Thomason’s problems started last year when South Jackson Elementary which was the school the two older children attended began a vendetta against Ms. Thomason. The reason is because she is poor.
Added to the abuse of the Jackson County Department of Family and Children Services, Ms Thomason has been denied Medicaid because she make too much money- even though it takes all she makes to care for her children. Ms. Thomason has medical problems which require medicine in order for her to maintain her quality of life. The department of family and children services has said she does not need it. They constantly test her for drugs. Ms. Thomason is not a drug addict never has been.
On Thursday, August 28,2008 a form of abuse was perpetrated by Jackson County Department of Family and Children Services. They came to Ms Thomason’s home and took her children. Not only are they guilty of abuse of Ms. Thomason they have abused the children. They removed them from a loving home and stuck them in a stranger’s home. The middle child does not do well in a strange environment. She becomes scared and cries constantly. Is this right? I think not.
To add to the abuse of this family by DFCS they have changed case workers like most people change underwear. She has had five case workers in six months, beginning with a woman named Amber she lasted one visit. The second was a man named Jerry Vinto, then came Margaret Brown who lasted one visit, next was Nichole James and the one who took the children was Kelly also last name unknown.
The reason the children were removed from the home according to the case worker was because their father was in jail. Come on- how ludicrous is that? They have lost files. They have openly accused Ms. Thomason of being a bad mother. They had berated her, put her down and condemned all without any evidence. They have become judge jury and executioner.
They have caused greater harm by their actions than could ever be caused any other way. They have offered no way to help this young mother. They have treated her as if she were less than a human and as if she was the dirt on their shoes.
She has been talked down to, criticized and maligned. This is not the first time Jackson County DFCS has chosen to take this road.
The second part of this abuse is that it is a fact that in the State of Georgia especially Jackson County, children who are put in foster homes are treated worse than the home they are snatched from. The county is so ecumenically depressed that foster homes are used a second source of income. The families in general don’t care anything for the child. They only want the money that comes with it and many times the children don’t come out of the foster home the same and sometimes not even alive. This is not what should happen to these three children. They need to be with their mother who loves them and does the best she can with what recourses she has.

The Department of Family and Children Services in Jackson County would be best served by taking care of children who are really at risk not harassing the poor simply because they are poor.
The last time I looked being poor was not a crime. By their actions they have done greater harm to these children by removing them. If they really cared about the children they would do what they could to help the mother by getting her back on Medicaid, by helping her gain self confidence and by being a guide post not a whipping post.
Jackson County Department of Family and Children services shame on you. You are the abuser in this case. You are the problem not the Solution. Governor Perdue has been notified of this case. This writer suspects he will take a look into it.
The system has to be revamped- yes our children are at risk- but not by their parents- but by the system which was supposed to help.


Honorable Kevin J Guidry
Juvenile courts Piedmont Judicial Circuit
5000 Jackson Parkway Suite 210
Jefferson, Ga. 30549

Dear Judge Guidry,
My name is Yvonne Mason, I am the mother of Alice Samantha Thomason and the grandmother of her three children. I am writing you this letter because I am disturbed about some things regarding the treatment of Samantha and her children by Jackson County DFCS and the system in general.
The three children were taken from Samantha because she was told the children were being deprived. They were not. Yes, Samantha is poor, however, unless there is a new statute that I don’t know about or has come into existence since I graduated from College I don’t believe that is against the law.
She was living in the only place she felt she could afford, and she was working at a job that paid barely above minimum wage. She has continued to work even after going through this entire emotional and mental trauma which DFCS has put up her and her children.
According to what I have been told by DFCS one of the reasons my grandchildren were taken is because she and the children’s father are not married. Again, even though that may be morally wrong it is not against the law. And I especially take exception to it because they are poor.
Next, the three children especially the middle one doesn’t do well in a strange environment- she was barely able to start school because it upset her so much. The oldest one who was an A student is now having problems in school because she is away from her mother.
The children in our family don’t handle being away from their mother well. Because DFCS has taken these children and put them in a strange household they should be charged with deprivation not Samantha. They have deprived these children of the love and care and sense of well being by their mother. They have taken away the sense of safety which they had with their mother.
They have taken these children and put them in a strange household and are getting ready to move them again to yet another one. I ask Your Honor who is will benefit from this move? The answer is simple no one. The children are being harmed mentally – emotionally -socially because they are not with their mother. They are being shuffled from house to house in the name of concern. If DFCS was so concerned they would be putting the children back with their mother.
One of the conditions that DFCS has put on Samantha is that she get back on her medicines, well Your Honor, that is a problem. When they took the kids Sam lost her ability to purchase her Meds. Her Medicad was cut out. She can’t afford them. She is struggling to keep a nice place for her children to come home too. Again she is being punished. They told her she had to seek mental health- Again they aren’t helping her to succeed. She can’t afford it even if it is only five dollars a session. Everything she makes goes to keeping the roof over her head.
Samantha is a good mother in spite of being poor. She loves her children and they love her. She takes care of them in spite of being sick herself. She tries to do the best she can in spite of the fact that she feels as if DFCS and the State as well as other “well meaning people” have her caught up in this insanity. She needs her children and they need her. They don’t need to be in a system that is so broken that the only reason foster parents become foster parents are to have an added income.
I have seen it time and time again. My grandchildren do not need to be in a strange home with six other children. Where there are not even enough beds much less enough bedrooms. They need to be at home with their mother in their own environment. Where they are loved and taken care of.
In light of what has just happened with the nine month old child in Jackson County how can Samantha be guaranteed that one day she won’t receive a of visit from a police officer to tell her that one of her children has died in the care of strangers? The answer to that is she can’t. Is it morally right or fair to put her through that mental anguish? If you have never lost a child you have no idea how painful that feeling is. Add to that the fact the child died in the hands of strangers, and you the parent had no control over it. That in its self should be a crime.
Your Honor, Samantha has done everything she has been asked to do. She has moved to a new location, she has goals and she has drive, now she needs her children and help for herself. Please do not allow her to windup like the mother of the nine month old baby whose mother asked for help because she has MS and they took the child and now she is dead.
Please send my grand children home where they belong. Where they well be safe and loved. I know what happens in that home- I don’t know what happens in foster care except that children are abused and die all because of money.
Respectfully yours,
Yvonne Mason, Author

December 24,2008

Honorable Kevin J Guidry
Juvenile courts Piedmont Judicial Circuit
5000 Jackson Parkway Suite 210
Jefferson, Ga. 30549

Yvonne Mason Sewell
578 SE Ocean Spray Ter
Port St Lucie, Florida, 34983

Dear Judge Guidry,
My name is Yvonne Mason and I am writing you again on behalf of my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason who is the mother of three children, DeShawna, Sara and Karley. Jackson County DFCS took those children from their mother because they said the children were deprived. As I said in my last letter to you the children were not deprived. They had food in their stomach, clothes on their back and a roof over their head. Granted it was not the best in the world, however, Samantha was doing the best she could with what she had. She is making barely over minimum wage in a nursing home. She made sure her children had food, love and the necessities of life.
When the children were taken DFCS broke the law under Ga. Statute 15-11-58. “the court shall determine if as a finding of fact whether reasonable efforts were made by the Division of Family and Children Services of the Department of Human Resources and any other appropriate agencies to preserve and reunify families prior to the placement of a child in the custody of the Department of Human Resources to prevent or eliminate the need for removal of the child from the child’s home and to make it possible for the child to return safely to the child’s home. Such findings shall be made at every subsequent review of the court’s order under this chapter.”
Your honor with all due respect, I don’t feel this was/ or has been done. When the one of as many as six different case workers showed up at my daughter’s door all they did was give her a list of things to do. That list was never passed to the six different case workers. Never once did any of them offer to help Samantha apply for public housing, or section eight. Never once did they ask Samantha if they could help her in any way to make the so called bad things better. All they did was threaten, harass, and demean Samantha as a mother. She was told she was an unfit mother and that she didn’t deserve her children.
Not only did DFCS not offer to help her get her and her children in a better place, since they thought where she lived was bad, they abused her verbally and mentally and emotionally. This has continued nonstop. Samantha and her children have been abused by the system. The children cry for their mother every time she has visitation. They want to go home where they are loved by their mother. Not some stranger who could care less. Now here it is the holidays and Samantha does not have her children and they don’t have her. In fact the foster family will be taking them out of town next week and Samantha will not get to see them.
The day the children were taken Samantha had just gotten off work and had no idea she was being blindsided by DFCS. They showed up at her door, playing the go get the children some clothes game, had she gone to get the children some clothes, they would have snatched them without her being able to tell her children bye.
I am sure that she has not been able to tell her side of this insanity to you. I am sure that those who would speak on her behalf have been denied access to you. In fact I know for a fact that her great -grandmother was not allowed in the court room thanks to those from DFCS not wanting her there to speak on her behalf. This has been a one sided account since the beginning. The reason is because Samantha is poor and has no means with which to fight the system which is broken. DFCS which was set up to help those children which were really harmed and to help poor families with a hand up has now become the child police. They spend so much time pointing fingers and changing case workers that the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. Paper work disappears and families are torn apart needlessly. If they really care about the welfare of these three children they will put them back with their mother post haste. They have become part of the problem and not part of the solution.
Samantha has done everything they have demand that she do. She has continued to hold her job throughout all of this insanity and mental anguish. She has left her children after visitation with all of them crying because they want to be at home with their mother. I ask your honor, is the mental anguish of not being with the mother who loves them not a form of abuse? Of course it is the worst kind.
If those in the DFCS office really care about the children, and really care about their welfare, they will do what is necessary to get them back home. They will help Samantha get Section Eight relief to keep her in her home without having to worry about it. They will help her get the medical care she needs. They will help her to get food stamps so she will be able to keep food in the house. They will give her a hand up and not a slap across the face time after time.
I am asking the courts to please reunite my daughter with her children it is vital for all of their welfare and peace of mind.
Yvonne Mason, Author
Silent Scream A True Crime Documentary
Stan’s Story, A Touch of Love
Tangled Minds
Brilliant Insanity

January 7,2009

Honorable Kevin J Guidry
Juvenile courts Piedmont Judicial Circuit
5000 Jackson Parkway Suite 210
Jefferson, Ga. 30549

Dear Judge Guidry,
My name is Yvonne Mason and this is my third letter to you in regards to my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason and her three daughters who Jackson County DFCS has taken. In my prior letters to you I stated that by them being removed from their mother that DFCS has indeed committed a huge abuse to these children. Today my worst fears were confirmed.
The oldest Child who when she was with her mother made good grades is now failing. She has become a problem in school. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and her mother has the paperwork to prove it. DFCS refused to acknowledge this. The second child I told you in my first letter doesn’t do well away from her mother is now shutting down. She will not go to school and she is becoming withdrawn. The third child who before she was taken was a very happy child and very easy to get along with has now done a complete turn around. She has become an unhappy child who cries all the time and loses her temper.
Your honor these children have been away from their mother way to long. The damage that DFCS is inflicting on these children will become un-repairable if they are not returned to their mother and the comfort zone they know.
DFCS said they took the children because they were deprived; well it appears that DFCS is the one who is depriving the children of the mental health and well being they need. That is to be at home with their mother.
There is nothing worse, not living in poverty, not having enough to eat, not even a little bit of dirt is worse than the three children not being at home with their mother who loves them and they love her.
Stephanie last name unknown, who is the current case worker, appears to have a vendetta against Samantha. She spends all her time putting Samantha down, not helping; she refuses to even think about putting the children back where they belong. My question is why?
Samantha has done everything she has been asked to do. She continues to do it. DFCS again has not offered to help her with Section 8 or Housing. Again I ask WHY?
The welfare of the children is at risk on more than one level. There will be permanent damage done to all three of these children if they are not returned. Damage that will never be undone. The Oldest one Shawna will never be able to succeeded in life because of her ADHD, Sara will always be afraid of new things and Carley, will always be angry. Your Honor is this what is best for the children? Is it fair? IT is right? The answer to all of those questions is Absolutely NOT! These children have a 100% chance of succeeding with their mother, and a 0% chance if they are not returned. DFCS is the problem not the solution. They are setting the children up for complete and utter failure.
If they are not returned, they will become part of a system that is so broken that over 90% of children which are put in foster homes either are killed become part of the criminal justice system or get lost in the cracks of the broken system.
Your Honor, I am asking you to please, be part of the solution – give those three children back to their mother. Please make DFCS help their mother to succeed and thereby helping the children to succeed. Being poor and struggling is not against the law- it is just a part of life. Samantha needs her children and they need her in the worst possible way. I don’t want any more damage done to these children than DFCS has already done. They have committed the abuse mentally and emotionally. That is what is criminal.

Yvonne Mason Sewell, Author

February 23,2009

Honorable Kevin J Guidry
Juvenile courts Piedmont Judicial Circuit
5000 Jackson Parkway Suite 210
Jefferson, Ga. 30549

Dear Judge Guidry,
My name is Yvonne Mason and this is my fourth letter to you in regards to my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason and her three daughters who Jackson County DFCS has taken. In my prior letters to you I stated that by them being removed from their mother that DFCS has indeed committed a huge abuse to these children.
It has now come to my attention that Samantha went before a panel and the panel agreed the children should be returned to their mother and that she should continue doing the things she is supposed to do. The only one who gave her a hard time about this is the Advocate for the Children one Deidre Chad. She has been rude to Samantha, called her basically a liar and has not done anything to help get the children back home.
Today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Samantha has been visiting her children every Monday since last September. She hasn’t missed a day. And of course every time the children see their mother they beg to come home. Today for whatever reason Deidre showed up at the visitation. She has never showed up before. When Shawna the oldest child told her mother she wanted to come home – Deidre told her she couldn’t talk about it. That is a travesty, now the children’s conversations with their mother are being censored.
This is added to the fact that the foster mother one Donna Webb is spreading things she has no business spreading all over the county. It seems she is going around tell people that other family members had their children taken, from them. That is in direct violation of the confidentiality clause. How did she find that out, who told her and why? To add insult to injury, Samantha gave the oldest daughter Shawna a camera, the foster mother told Shawna she couldn’t keep it that she had to give it back to her mother because she was taking pictures with it.
My question is this, what is a camera for if not to take pictures and why should she have to give it back? That is wrong on every level.
Your honor, this travesty has gone on long enough. Samantha has done everything and continues to do everything she is supposed to do. She has a stable home, a stable job, a decent car which is paid for by the way, she is in counseling. To continue to punish her and her children is cruel and unusual.
To allow Ms. Chad to continue to abuse Samantha and her children is not in the best interest of anyone. They need to be at home with their mother. What is happening now is that these children are being harmed more than they are being helped. They will have permanent damage done to them if they are not returned to their mother.
I ask you is that what the court wants? Or does the court want to see the girls grow up to be productive members of society? IT will not happen if they are not returned to a mother who loves them and they love her. It will only make them withdrawn, unstable, and unproductive and a burden on society.
There is no greater bond than family. Please restore that unit – please give the children back to their mother.


Yvonne Mason Sewell, Author

August 31,2009

Governor Sunny Perdue
State of Georgia

Dear Governor Perdue,
Once again I am requesting your help with this on going mess in Jackson County which involves my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason, her three children and Jackson County DCFS . Jackson County DFCS has involved a woman by the name of Dedra Shands who is supposed an advocate for the three children. She has become very abusive toward my daughter in her verbal threats and innuendos. It has also come to my attention that she now has a personal interest in this case. That interest involves the foster family who has expressed more than just an interest in adopting the children. This is not an option. However, Ms. Shands apparently has made noises to this family that they could probably adopt them. She has done everything in her power to force Samantha to sign over her children. Samantha has not even finished her plan one of many she has been forced to do. Every time she gets close to getting one completed Ms. Shands brings up something else.
There was a hearing in Judge Guidry’s court on Thursday August, 27 and Samantha’s Aunt said she would take the children – Samantha is also living with her now because she had to get out of the abusive relationship she was in. Any way Ms. Shands came unglued and made the statement she didn’t want it to happen. And it was not because she felt the children would be in any physical danger it was because she had allegedly promised the foster parents they would be adopting the children.
I agree she is supposed to be an advocate for the children’s interest. However, it has gone beyond a professional level. This is not the first time this has happened in this county. It has been told to me by reliable sources that Ms. Shand among others has made promises of foster parents adopting children in state custody without any evidence to back up that statement.
I feel a full scale investigation of this county should be made. Last year two children died in foster care in that county. One child didn’t even need to be in foster care. Her mom had asked for help because she was sick. They took the baby instead. The baby was left in a car by the foster mom and died.
There has been abuse in that county and in that department for a long time. It is time to stop it. I am sure there are other children in that county who have been permanently torn from their parents for no other reason than they were promised to other families for adoption. This will not happen to my grandchildren. They have not been abused or neglected. Their mother is a good mother and doesn’t deserve this.
Please investigate this before another child is torn from their family.
Yvonne Mason- Sewell

About yvonnemason

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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  1. joseph grantham says:



    • Chris Owen says:

      My 3 children were removed and the as the State Kidnappers were taking them the worker looked at my youngest daughter and exclaimed oh this one with a cleft lip will be perfect for adoption then looked at my other 2 and noticed how handsome and beautiful my youngest son and eldest daughter were and said it should be easy to place them with a permanent family. This was even before the “Investigation” was started. It started because my eldest had a football game and wanted to go to it so when I came home the house was cleaned like a museum and we loaded up the truck and went to the game we got home to find that someone left a trash bag on the floor that the dogs and cats tore open. Now its not their fault so I told her I would clean it up, well she lost it due to her BIPOLAR and she took all the animals and tried to kill them thru beating the smallest dog bit her in self defense as determined by the Animal Control office but that started a series of events. Animal control came to get the dog for observation and because my EX wanted it killed she denied them access and called me to stop work (she is on state aid solely living on the hands of the tax payer) I got home and she started arguing so I called the Police to have them stop her while I tried to protect the children and animals from her explosive behavior. when the PD got there they came in and saw the house was a wreak from the tantrum she threw and made a call to CPS and made claims the house was worse then it really was. Again I just got home and had no time to clean up the sink the floor, the toys and everything else. (going back a bit to when the house was a museum) I usually clean when i get home and for the big game everyone decided to clean so we could go to that Home Coming Game that one time. The cops asked me questions about diapers needing changing and the like. I raced home on a emergency call to a BIPOLAR tantrum of my now ex to have time to take the kids and animals into a room and bar the door and call 911 how the HELL can i change diapers and was the kids when keeping someone from harming LIVES. So they help me to get the Dog in question out of the home to be taken to Animal Control where she blows up in the presence of the 6 officers because she wanted to take the dog to be destroyed and make sure it happened as she told the officer. Well that’s when CPS comes in and does their part. Now my sons imaginary friend tells him to KILL the girls, my eldest girl has nightmares, and has tantrums which she never had. my youngest girl now 2 grunts and throws small tantrums. The court did give them back after 6 homes and placed them with my ex now lets get this straight CPS did everything to make it out that the EX and I needed some kind of medical BIPOLAR care. Every DR I saw whether I paid for the visit or CPS eventually sent in paperwork to pay for the visit said I was not BIPOLAR and it would be a “Federal Offense” to prescribe any medicine as I did not need treatment. Now the EX how ever with the very lengthy history of sexual abuse, BIPOLAR lockups at a Phyc ward, attacks on police, and abuse of prescription drugs and failure to take her drugs for mental conditions along with many other issues and is now on MEDICAID and permanent court order to take medication for ANGER and BIPOLAR issues. She got custody of my Kids. So yes they are out of FOSTER CARE but the safe placement looking at someone with MENTAL disease Vs. a self sufficient business owner who has been determined to not need MENTAL help by CPS has been shafted. Now the evidence which is confidential would not be shown that would have vindicated me and NIKI WALLIS the last of 6 case workers has shown a CLEAR prejudice against me as at every turn that she tried I either completed her required course, or her DRs claimed I was cleared of what she wanted them to report. But under the loss of their practice could not report what Niki wanted them to report (5 Drs). Then there were the orders I completed and she did not have the results for my Attorney made one call to the State AG and received the results that she could not get in 4 months for Paternity. I was told by the Judge that it was CPS job to schedule and send in the paperwork the court orders and not to chase after NIKI. But thought this whole ordeal I am limited to supervised visitation of my kids every other weekend and this BIPOLAR mental case 5 miles long who is not monitored for her medications or the condition of her house which is covered from floor to ceiling in filth (the reason of the original removal) is allowed to raise them. and the Kids attitudes are getting even worse then they were when they came home. The girls want to live with me and act much better at the end of a visit but for 2 weeks get to revert so that the next visit I have to start over to get them back to wholesome all over again just to leave for 2 weeks again. And this is what CPS DFC that ever you want to call the legalized Kidnappers to be called thinks is how kids should live.


  2. joseph grantham says:



  3. Joy Anne Bellflower says:

    I had my son taken from me, and lies told, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it without a lawyer. I got sick. What a disgrace. I have no money because I am recovering from a major surgery. I have an ostomy bag now. I have my own car. I have my own home. I don’t even get visitation. I was not even charged with what I was accused of. I’m afraid to even write this post. I wake up every morning sick deep in my soul. I miss my child so much and I am stunned about the whole nightmarish affair. They are evil liars and thieves.


  4. what is sad the chances of those children coming home is slim to none due to the white collar criminals from the courts,
    also if you go to or the court web page for any state , you will find if you enter a few attorneys names you will find attorneys from those same law firm appoint themselves legal guardians over adults aged 19 on up after those adult are declared incompetent and some of those attorneys have interest in assisted living facilities where those individuals are placed such as Mary’s Ranch from Malden area which is I believe New Madrid county, so it is not just children, when the children become adults they are kept in the system for a pay check to the same attorneys that had taken part in stealing them from the families, a very profitable industry for common white collar criminal is not just children and babies those kids grow up, and for the ones who the parents lose contact with those children become a permeate pay check for corrupt attorneys and judges , check into it happen in each and every state, and the funding they receive is limitless through federal funding of SSi or Social security, Medical insurance billing for therapy and counseling, drug treatment ect, the paper trail is out their through the court system and if you back track and back log you will find those adults that are declared incompetent were once foster children the numbers in some area are as high as1 in 4 , that is 25% children from foster care end up as adults declared incompetent and place into assisted living facilities owned and operated by the same attorneys involved in the case guess that is their retirement program for Common criminal involved with Children Service cases , so the best interest for a child is to ruin their lives for job security for Case workers who lie and manipulate the system, and attorneys to establish a retirement plan by keeping those children in the system as adults

    They are nothing but COMMON CRIMINALS thieves , racketeers and embellishers, bet their families must be so proud of what they raised .


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