CPS Worker Attempts to Cover Up Sexual Abuse of 6 year old Girl

CPS worker attempts cover up of sexual abuse of 6 yr. old girl – Parents of victim face retribution (harrassment) by CPS
Sat, 2009-05-30 12:07 – Bizzi
Please pass this on to all your contacts – we need to expose the lies, injustice and brutality of CPS:

http://www.khou.com/news/local/stories/khou090529_mp_sexual-assualt-cove… (copy and paste the website link to view the video – this message only has the text of the article)

Parents accuse CPS employee of covering up sexual assault

12:06 AM CDT on Saturday, May 30, 2009

By Rucks Russell / 11 News

PEARLAND, Texas — Parents coping with the sexual assault of their 6-year-old daughter are blaming a Child Protective Services employee for compounding their pain by trying to cover-up the assault.

CPS employee accused of covering up child’s sexual assault
May 29, 2009

I cant understand how someone in a position of trust could do something like this, said the victims mother. Its devastated our family and turned my world upside down.

The suspect is a 12-year-old boy and the alleged assault took place a year ago at the couples Pearland home.

The couple says neighborhood parents and children had been invited over for a graduation party. The boys mother, a CPS Supervisor, left her son unattended at the party even though she allegedly knew her son had a history of assaulting little girls.
According to the victims father, there was a scream upstairs and he found the boy molesting his daughter.
It makes me feel less of a father. It makes me feel I didnt do my job as a father, the victims father said.

Both parents say the suspects mother urged them not to call the police, because involving the authorities was not a good idea.
They say when police did become involved, CPS workers began showing up at their house without explaining why.
They were coming by without having any documentation to support that they should be coming by, the victims father said.
The 12-year-old boy will face a judge next week on charges of taking indecent liberties with a minor. The victims parents have filed a lawsuit alleging the suspects mother used her position at CPS to try to cover-up the crime.

We have material to support this claim and intend to prove it in court, said Fernando Valdes, the attorney representing the victims parents.
The suspects mother refused to comment, but CPS officials said they found no evidence she did anything wrong.
We conducted an investigation with her supervisor and found no wrong-doing on the employees part, CPS Spokesperson Gwen Carter said.
The victims parents fear their daughter has been irreparably harmed.
Shes changed and may never be the same little girl again, her father said.

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4 Responses to CPS Worker Attempts to Cover Up Sexual Abuse of 6 year old Girl

  1. Joni Faith Saloom says:

    Sexual Assault/Misconduct Against Children (CPS)Cover-Ups Continue in Pearland, Texas Under the Tyranny of Cheryl Harvick, CPS Program Supervisor/”Investigator,”Caseworker, Lesly Damian-Murray, and Director, Karen Coblentz(Brazoria County)–As Alleged by My only Child, a Son, Then Age 5 Years Old before he was Abducted Under the Color of Law and in a Conspiracy Against Rights in Collusion with Child’s Father and family(with criminal record of 3 DUI/DWI’s and intention to distribute large amounts of a MDMA in 2005) and Placed With Alleged Perpetrator and Father and His Wife and her Three Children in Tomball, Texas on May 08, 2012 at the Pearland CPS (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services)Office With the Aid and Threats and Intimidation of Pearland Police Officers Paul Elton, Badge # 106, Internal Affairs Det. Alvarado, Officer Brown, an unnamed officer who was verbally abusive along with Officer Elton on such evening, Sergeant William Lilly (of Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Harris County (Houston, Texas) Criminal Investigations for Crimes Against Children Unit); See also Kids R Kids co-conspirator, Ms. Dawn “Melody” of the Pearland Kids R Kids on West Broadway Street who also acted in retaliation with Officer Elton and Cheryl Harvick; See also Conspiracy of Brazoria and Harris County Family Court Corruption for Federal Funds in Support of Misogynistic Pedophiles and the Courts of Conciliation and Father’s Rights Movement/Father’s Who Don’t Want to Pay Child Support , Specifically, in this case, the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, Associate Judge Conrad Moren (who serves at the pleasure of the County Commissioner just like CPS Supervisor Cheryl Harvick), elected Judge Lisa A. Millard, sinecure old biddy, Donna Everson, court-appointed attorney and guardian ad-litem for my only child (who I have only seen or been allowed to have any contact with whatsoever with for well over one year save for a paid supervised visit an hour away so the father can continue to legally stalk and harass me under abuse of the legal (not lawful) process of aforesaid Court and abuse my only child and use him as a trophy, CPS prosecutor under elected Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, Mr. Willaim Sumpter Frazier and his interns, and the Children’s Assessment Center (“C.A.C.”) that employs CPS workers Debra Hatley, Tonya Clay, and Robin Gray/Nelson (Attorney Adrian Kendrickson); and let’s not forget (“Hon.”) Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who continues to defend them with knowledge of harm to children all across Texas (guess where he got the $22 million to win the Governor’s race he is predicted to win because of his surplus of funds)–Follow the money! Veritatem Dilexi—Through Truth, Knowledge

    P.S. Watch out for “Assault Attorney,” Tonya Rolland (Harris County, Texas) who used to work for corrupt D.A., Chuck Rosenthal and her buddy, Criminal Court (#5, Harris County, Texas) and Harris County Police Officer Gardiner who, apparently have close relations with numerous family court co-conspirators such as John Newhouse, now a Judge in the 313th Family Court, Cheryl Coleman, attorney and guardian ad-litem who claimed she couldn’t stand children and babies in 2007, and is not afraid to use a badge she won’t show you to continue her bar-hopping ways, that is, until the police officer she calls on you requests to see her badge, at which point she might have you falsely arrested and imprisoned without bail while she has her cronies tamper with evidence and record in the computer system to elevate the offense and add other libelous and defamatory content on the record that you might not even be aware of until years later when you can’t use one of your degrees to get a job or a place to live because of this criminal BIMBO!

    “Take Courage and Have Heart!” (The Holy Bible, repeated).


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