CPS A National Empire Built on Kidnapping and Selling Children

CPS a national “empire built on taking children”: Georgia Senator Schaefer warns
by Kurt Schulzke on June 3, 2008

As the Texas CPS horror unfolds, some American parents watch passively as if it couldn’t possibly happen to them. Be warned. What Texas CPS did to the FLDS en masse, other states’ CPSs do every day across the country to individual families. You rarely hear about them because they are intimidated into silence. They keep quiet, hoping against hope that silence will bring their children back. But just as with Jews in Nazi Germany, this strategy rarely works. One reason: the government kidnappers get paid for selling the kids on to adoptive parents.

Your own CPS horror could begin any day in any number of seemingly innocent ways. On this theme, Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, in November 2007, published a scathing report on CPS in Georgia in which she wrote:

The Adoption and Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have plenty of them so the buyer can choose. . .

[T]hrough the process of dealing with multiple . . . mismanaged cases of the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), I have worked with other desperate parents and children across the state because they have no rights and no one with whom to turn.

I have witnessed ruthless behavior from many caseworkers, social workers, investigators, lawyers, judges, therapists, and others such as those who “pick up” the children. I have been stunned by what I have seen and heard from victims all over the state of Georgia.

In this report, I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers.

The Department of Child Protective Services, known as the Department of Family and Children Service (DFCS) in Georgia and other titles in other states, has become a “protected empire” built on taking children and separating families. This is not to say that there are not those children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection. This report is concerned with the children and parents caught up in “legal kidnapping” . . .

It’s all about money, says Senator Schaefer and she is not alone:

Look who is being paid! There are state employees, lawyers, court investigators, court personnel, and judges. There are psychologists, and psychiatrists, counselors, caseworkers, therapists, foster parents, adoptive parents, and on and on. All are looking to the children in state custody to provide job security. Parents do not realize that social workers are the glue
that holds “the system” together that funds the court, the child’s attorney, and the multiple other jobs including DFCS’s attorney.

Remember: “They must have merchandise (children) that sell . . .”

Hmm. Choice is important to “buyers,” isn’t it? It’s like the dog pound. Well behaved little puppies are much easier to sell than older, misbehaving ones. Interesting, in light of Hill Country Mental Healthcare eye witnesses who were awstruck at how well behaved and well adjusted the FLDS kids were. They saw no signs of abuse. Just a bumper crop of clean, healthy once-happy kids. No trouble makers. Perfect product for the Texas CPS kiddy auction.

Some counties are known to give a $4,000 bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child.

Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing; that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. When a child in foster care is placed with a new family then “adoption bonus funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16 drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved; . . .

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Debora Morey September 8, 2008 at 1:33 pm
This is happening everywhere to innocent families. Our children are a means to raise federal dollars for the state we live in. Ameirca wake up. The land of the free is all about the almighty dollar. Now children are a source of income for a state.

Mona Weeks October 15, 2008 at 11:46 am
To the Honorable Commissioner McCarthy:

I wanted to respond to information said at the last court hearing that was not true.

It was said in court I contacted the Social Worker in late September. That did not happen. I was contacted by the Department September 7, 2007. My sister Marty was not proceeding with her request for placement of Bruce. Her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. I went to DCS in Twin Falls, personally picked up a packet to fill out to request placement of Bruce. I returned it in 2 days and was scheduled for fingerprinted for October 18th.

I knew of the existence of Baby Bruce since his birth. My sister was the person that was seeking placement of Baby Bruce. When Marty withdrew her request for placement September 3rd, I was contacted by Michele on Bruce’s behalf on September 3rd. She contacted social services on September 4th. They in turn contacted me September 7th. I had already proceeded to start what was required to have Bruce with me.

My first visit with Baby Bruce was on November 14, 2007. I wanted to meet both sets of foster parents to thank them for taking such good care of Bruce. I was told the foster parents did not want to meet me.

I was approved for placement November 20th. At my next visit on December 9 I was informed that the foster parents wanted to meet me. It was at this time they asked me to call Baby Bruce ‘Casey.’ They told me they wanted to adopt Baby Bruce and were better suited than I was to adopt him.

I did not agree to call Baby Bruce ‘Casey.’ He was named after his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. It is a family name and holds significant value. Baby Bruce was named by his father and mother and I feel it is unfair his name can be changed like that. Even in meetings with the Department, the Department calls him ‘Casey’ when his name is Bruce.

I have asked several times for permission for Baby Bruce to travel to Idaho to meet family members in Idaho. I have always been denied. I have written letters to the social worker Malika and never received reply’s back. I have been frustrated by the delays in this case. I was told Bruce could be home for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving came and went and he was not home. I was told to be patient, he will be home. I was told he would be home for Christmas. He wasn’t home for Christmas. Malika and Celeste have repeatedly told me that DCS is on my side and to please be patient as we go through this process. He will be home in your arms soon. Family is first and foremost. Reunification with family is first choice. I hoped he would be home for his first birthday. Now he is not. He has missed out on many family events in Idaho where he could have met family members. I have done everything asked of me and yet the Foster Family has all the rights. I don’t understand why that is after all I’m his biological Aunt.

Bruce typically spends 1-2 nights with me. In that time, I have never seen little Bruce distressed. He is always happy. He sleeps and eats well. I have never experienced Bruce having nightmares as the foster parents claim or crying fits at bed time. I never leave lights on in the motel room. He falls asleep easily. The Foster Parents have never packed anything but beginner stage baby foods and I have never seen a sippy cup of any kind. They claimed in grievance hearing that I have caused him to regress. I find this to be untrue. They have included a list at each over night visit of what to feed when. They are very explicit to his schedule all day. I have adhered to the list each visit, never straying from his schedule and feeding exactly what they send. Should they forget to pack something on the list I have either called them and requested it or gone to the nearest store and purchased it.

Baby Bruce is a very easy child. He generally goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 p.m. He doesn’t wake up until 5:30-6am. Nap time is 8am-10am, lunch is at noon, nap 1pm-3pm and dinner at 6pm and Bath time 7pm. He always wakes up with a huge smile on his face and is eager to play. He also refers to me as momma and sometimes the women in the hallway that speak to him. He follows me around the motel room. We play peek a-boo and other baby games. I have had concerns about muscle tone in his legs, and his dislike of men which I have spoken to with the Social Workers. Other than that, I have never had concerns about Bruce when he is with me. I have two adult children I raised from birth. I did not see alarming behavior displayed by Baby Bruce he is a perfectly normal little boy who just needs to be reunited with his biological family as soon as possible. He doesn’t appear to have the attachment disorder spoken of by the foster parents. I have spoken to professionals here in Idaho in regards to what the foster parents have stated and they feel that for and infant of his age they are reaching a little far.

I thought this information would be helpful to the Judge making its decision. I am sure it is not an easy decision, but Baby Bruce deserves to be with his biological family. This could affect him for the rest of his life. He shouldn’t have to grow up apart from his family. Family means so much and he needs to be with family. Baby Bruce needs to know we love him, want him, and always will.

Thank you.
Mona K. Weeks
Mona K. Weeks
Loving, Caring and Devoted Great Aunt

Mona Weeks October 15, 2008 at 11:46 am
California Stole my Nephew.
June 12, 2008
For the better part of a year I have tried to gain custody of my great nephew, Bruce. I thought that I had won when a court order was issued giving me, the biological Aunt, the right to take him back to Idaho. The foster Family Ken and Margaret (Meg) Jones filed a grievance with Department of Social Service to stop his movement. According to Malaika Mukoyama (California Case worker), she had no idea what to do or how to proceed. Instead of following through with the court order issued December 13,2007 by Commissioner McCarthy , Malaika chose to ignore it and see what the office of DCS decided to do. She informed the foster parents to file for Defacto Parent Rights to keep baby Bruce if that was what they truly wanted to do.
Since when did foster parents gain more rights than birth families? Since when can foster Parents change a Childs name just because they choose too? Since when did DCS have right to play with families hearts and souls as if they have no cares in the world? Since when did DCS become a place for childless couples to gain free adoption of our children that have a loving biological family willing able and ready to raise them. When did DCS change its responsibilities to the children to be reunited with birth families first and foremost?

This week a judge in Santa Clara County gave perfect strangers custody of my infant nephew, when there were blood relatives, approved by both states, that were willing to take him in and provide him with an extended, and happy family of people to whom he was related. These strangers Ken and Meg Jones of Los Gatos have no intentions of allowing our family any contact with him.
The State of California has stolen a member of my family; going against the wishes of his parents. Please help me bring him home, I don’t know where else to turn. The legal system has failed me, and I have spent my savings fighting for him. I need an attorney in California willing to fight for the American Family. Please don’t allow this adoption to take place. Baby Bruce AKA Casey Edward belongs with his biological family not with the Jones!
My Contact information is 208-735-1297 Mona Weeks

Mona Weeks October 15, 2008 at 11:49 am
December 22, 2007
Dear Ken and Meg,

I feel that you are having a difficult time understanding the importance of Baby Bruce coming home to his biological family. I would like you to place yourself in our family’s shoes for just a moment as I explain what we have gone through to this point in his life.
Baby Bruce was born into a sad situation. His biological mother wanted to have an abortion and my nephew begged her to please have his child, hence we have little Baby Bruce. The day he was born he was placed in DCS’s care. Our family in Idaho was not notified. His father was under the impression from DCS; that when he was released from jail he would have 6 months to regain custody of his son Baby Bruce. That was not the case, he soon found out when Baby Bruce was about 3-4 months old that DCS was looking for an adoptive placement for his son.
His mother contacted our sister Marty at this time to see if she would be willing and able to adopt Baby Bruce. Marty and her family were extremely excited about having Baby Bruce in there home. She has 5 children and felt one more would be a wonderful addition. No one could have known Marty’s husband Michael would get ill with Brain tumors and cause it to where she felt it would be to difficult on her to have a spouse that will require 24 hour care and an infant in her home. It was at this time that I was asked to begin the paper work, for they could only check one family member at a time. Baby Bruce is now 6 months old.
I must go through the process and get accepted into foster parent classes. My background check had to be completed first. By now it is October and the classes are set to begin. In the mean time my daughter and I have painted, decorated and supplied his bedroom with all the things Baby Bruce will need. The Foster Parent / Relative Adoption classes take until November 17 to complete. I’m required to attend 30 hours of training over this time. Not only do I work fulltime, I still have a teenage daughter living at home and am flying out to visit Baby Bruce on my days off and attending classes twice a week to have him in our home.
We are assured by DCS that once the classes are over that baby Bruce will be placed in our care by Thanksgiving. My license is provided by November 17th, just in time for the holiday. We are than told about a hold up on the California side. Not once were we told that anyone was interested in our little nephew. We were assured that he would be placed in our care immediately following my completion of classes.
Our family in Idaho continues to be patient in hopes that this will soon be over and Baby Bruce will come home to soon. In the meantime I continue to fly out every weekend. I will even be missing our Christmas Eve get together in Idaho for the first time in 41 years so that I can be with Baby Bruce. My family in Idaho put it to vote and believe that Baby Bruce needs me more now than they do. He needs to know that we all love him and wish he was here for his first Christmas. We want to continue building his memories that will last a life time.
So know I ask that you place yourself in our shoes and reverse the situation. How would you feel if an outside party being a non relative attempted to take your nephew from you; his biological family? A family that has done everything asked of them to bring him home. You are his biological family! You have planned on his return to your loving care for the past several months. DCS has assured you that he will be with you soon. DCS has ruled in your favor and stated be patient he will be home with you in no time. We just need to go through this process. The laws are on your family’s side. We here at DCS support family reunification first and foremost. The only thing preventing you from moving forward and bringing your baby nephew home is a non relative Foster family placement.
I ask that you consider these things and clearly place baby Bruce’s needs above your own needs to want a child. He deserves to be with his family. There are many children out in this world just waiting for a loving home to adopt them. Baby Bruce is not one of these kids. He already has a loving biological family just waiting to bring him home. Please allow us to do what is right by Baby Bruce allow us to bring him home where he should have been a long time ago. We love him with all of our hearts and will never stop fighting for him. He is what is the most important in this.

Sincerely Yours

Mona Kay Weeks
Loving, Caring and Devoted
Great Aunt Of Bruce Alan Mims III

William Wagener November 12, 2008 at 5:09 pm
DHS, or CPS are the CRIMINAL equivilent of the NAZI Brownshirt
criminals. Pure and Simple. CRIMINAL. They do PERJURY as a pattern and Practice. Stealing kids for gay/lesbian agenda of destroying a normal hetro-sexual Family, for fun , power and profit,
aided and abeted by SECRET [ Kangaroo ] COURTS, and EVADING

Every County Grand JURY should investigate them annually, indict
them for their multitude of CRIMES , convict the in a trial by their
NCP victims, and put them away in the deepest, darkest dungeon,
drugging them down, as they drug children they KIDNAP under-color-of-law. V.P. Elect Biden pushed through Congress the worst of the CAPTA , & VAWA and Title IV d laws that destroy children, by the thousands, and it won’t change until enough people join COPPERCARDS.com, and begin ACTING as registered Private Atty. Generals arresting judges, and removing them, and
to the CONSTITUTION they vioilate daily in their secret Court rooms
where many good parents are tortured out of their children.

Deanna February 23, 2009 at 2:01 pm
*This involves all 4 of my children. I had my oldest at 18, the father left and I eventually married and had 2 children with my husband but was going through abuse throughout the marriage. He had never hurt the kids and never put a hand on me around the kids so I always talked myself out of leaving and convinced myself to hang in there and take it, one day he will change, the kids need to have stability. I did this for 4 years and finally divorced him. I had gotten in touch with my oldest sons father during the last year of my marriage and upon my divorce and his return from Iraq, we eventually got back together. He was great with the kids, had gotten to know the son that he regretedly left before birth. We got engaged, had a baby and married on our 2 year anniv. The 2 kids I have with my ex husband were placed into his temp. custody despite me being diagnosed with PTSD from his abuse. My oldest and yonugest are the 2 I have with my soon to be ex husband, case workers brother. Below you will find the awful truth and corruption of how our DFCS system REALLY works. I have missed every holiday and birthday. I am not allowed by the paternal aunt to participate in ANY family activities. She is that convinced that she is their mother. Here is my story.

-Why was our local DFCS allowed to investigate with Father’s sister working there as a case worker? How could they NOT know that it was a CONFLICT OF INTEREST? I informed case worker that her fellow case worker for same DFCS , whom she says she knows by the way, is fiance’s sister and aunt to the kids. In the summer of 2006 I called local DFCS out of concern that something might be happening to my daughter during weekend visits with her father. They told me to take her to the Cresent House the next day. It was a different County case worker that met me there as the case was transfered out of our county to be investigated by another county due to CONFLICT OF INTEREST. When it involves one of my kids with my ex husband the case is transfered but when it involves all of my children, the paternal aunts nephew’s, it somehow stays in our county for them to investigate, lie, fabricate their already false evidence, and take my children, my everything.
-Sept. 12, 2007 court papers state
*Pg.4 DFCS seacrched for relative placements to keep kids in familiar setting with people they know. -DFCS searched paternal side only. Paternal relatives had nothing to do with my oldest son until he was 4 years old. They were not people he really knew.A reasonably diligent search is required by law (O.C.G.A. § 15-11-55) to identify those individuals who may be considered a resource for placement or custody of the child. The search includes the parents or relatives of the child, as well as other persons who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the child. It seems to me that the maternal side would have been the first choice, after all, they were the ones there for oldest son when his father and the father’s family had nothing to do with him. There’s no one in this world who knew or loved that little boy more than me and my family. The paternal side wasn’t the ones who demonstrated any kind of comment or even contact with him until 4 years of age and that only happened because I had child support enforcement forward his father my contact info out of hopes that he could meet his real father before he went to war in Iraq. Just incase he didn’t make it back home, I wanted him to have at least met him. If it wasn’t for me doing that, his father and family probably still wouldn’t be a part of his life.
*Pg.5 DFCS had kept the case open because allegations of medical and dental neglect. The results of the investigation were unsubstantiated due to lack of evidence so on what grounds did they have to open a case at all? They have the kids medical and dental records to show they were not neglected in ANY way what so ever. They say there was NO evidence to back up those allegations but was able to OPEN a case anyways based on that even though case worker had came in person Aug. 30, 2007 and said there would NOT be a case open due to clean drug screenings and lack of evidence. According to the Department Of Human Resources Policy Manual, All investigations require completion of Form 455A (Safety Assessment), Form 457 (Risk Assessment Scale) and Form 431 (Child Abuse and Neglect Report). Substantiated cases require a 455B (Safety Plan).We never had a Safety Plan, never signed any kind of plan before our kids were taken. If you look into our files you will see there was not a safety plan or a court order to keep our unsubstantiated case open before removal.A low risk case that remains open for services cannot remain open in IDS, and Form 590 (Internal Data System) is submitted for closure immediately upon case determination. The exceptions are cases with court ordered CPS involvement and high risk unsubstantiated cases that remain open for services. Case worker came to our home August 20,2007 to bring me the letter saying there would not be a case due to lack of evidence but had forgotten the letter in her office and said she’d mail it to me. When I got it, Sept. 6, 2007, the day they took my kids, it was dated August 31, 2007 and said there was a case open. Didn’t anyone question that at all? Why didn’t anyone ask, well why didn’t she have a safety plan, why isn’t there any face to face visit’s or anything at all other than the investigation in her file? That should prove there that they were not working with us, there was no provision of services.

-Also,If problems with visits arise, court will issue an appropriate order. I had been requesting my kids be moved from the paternal aunts home and to have visit’s moved as well in the meantime due to the tension and stress at the paternal aunts home. I began asking for these things in November 2007.I had also been asking from the beginning when the boys could see their grandparents and other family members that have been in oldest son’s life since birth but the only answer DFCS ever gave me was it was up to paternal aunt. She always said NO. My family was NOT allowed and when I told DFCS about her answer all they said was, oh well, it’s her call. oldest son didn’t see the grandmother he loved so much for about 9 months. When pat. aunt found out in November 07 that I was tryin to have the kids moved from her home to my aunts, she told me with all my kids in the room with us, “I will bolt myself with all 4 of these kids before they go to your family” DFCS was informed of this also but did nothing, as usual. DFCS didn’t move the visit’s until requested by respeceted counsler in March 2008 as he could feel the tension in the aunt’s home as well. Why will they work with her to keep things going her way and to keep the boys with her but they won’t work with me, the boys mother, to ensure proper, happy, visit’s and to come home one day? DHR Policy states the younger the child the more frequent the visits should be to maintain an emotional attachment and relationship with the parent. I had only 1-2 hours a week to bond with my baby. I don’t know when he rolled over for the first time, his first baby food, his reaction to his first real bath, I wasn’t informed of anything at all and missed so much time that I can never get back. He’ll never be a newborn again. This ALL could have been so very different if DFCS hadn’t conducted their illegal investigation so their childless co-worker could have my children! If they had have been moved to my aunts I could’ve seen them on a daily basis and tended to them both. Of course DFCS told me that if they were to put the boys with my aunt then I couldn’t live there or spend the night but that wasn’t the case when this all began. My fiance was allowed to LIVE with pat. aunt and my boys.But it was different for him. His sister was the one making the rules, and still is!
*Pg6. Causes of Deprivation as to the mother. Medical Neglect- I will bring in the medical records that prove my kids were ALWAYS on time for health checks, shots, and were there when they were sick. Dental needs were not provided by mother. I will bring Dental Records from Dentist to prove they were there for routine cleanings, crowns, etc. Even though DFCS already has their records from the doctor and dentist. Substance abuse. It’s already been confirmed that I wasn’t ever taking Meth. It was OTC cold med. that caused a false positive reading. If DFCS would have done their job I would have had insurace. I gave my form from my doctor to my case worker and she NEVER put in the info, even after my peachcare ran out and the times I called and went to her office in person to let her know it was time for my monthly OB appt. but I couldn’t go until she put the form in so I was covered. She said she would get to it by the end of the day. I am in NO way saying that what I did was right. What I got from my friend was the same exact thing that the ER doctor had given me before so I knew it was safe to take. I would have NEVER put something into my body to go through to my baby if I didn’t know it was OK. I just didn’t have the money to pay for another ER visit and out of pocket perscription. I am so sorry for what I did and as far as I can see, it’s the ONLY thing I did wrong! This entire time I have been saying that DFCS shouldn’t have taken the kids the way that they did and that I knew there was a HUGE step they skipped right over. DHR policy states:
Open and assign an immediate to 24-hour response time on a report, received from medical personnel, that indicates that either a newborn infant and/or the infants’ mother tests positive for illegal drugs or prescription drugs not the mother’s prescription. Make a referral for a formal substance abuse assessment.
Determine the following:
Are all children who reside in the home assessed as safe or conditionally safe as determined by Safety Assessment (Form 455A)?
Is the living environment stable i.e., rent, lights, water, and gas current?
Does the mother acknowledge the risk her drug use poses to her children?
Is the mother willing to cooperate with a formal substance abuse assessment and treatment, if indicated?
When the answer to any one of these questions is “no,” file a deprivation complaint requesting custody of the infant and at-risk siblings and for treatment for the mother. Determine whether suitable relative resources exist for placement of the infant outside the home (See 2104.33).
When the answer to all of the above questions is “yes,” file a deprivation complaint for court-ordered treatment for the mother, unless the formal substance abuse assessment has determined that treatment is not required.
Discuss with the supervisor information obtained in the investigation and jointly decide which option the department will take: whether to file for custody of the infant and siblings at risk and for court-ordered treatment for the mother, or to file only for court-ordered treatment for the mother, if this need is indicated by the formal substance abuse assessment.
Advise the medical facility of the department’s decision.
Procedures/Practice Issues
Proceed with the investigation by taking the following steps:
Step 1: Notify the reporter (medical personnel/facility) when the investigation is initiated and request the medical facility to provide in writing the level and type of all intoxicants, identified during delivery, in the mother’s/infant’s blood. If the hospital does not provide a written report, a verbal report is acceptable; however, document in the case record on Contact Sheet (Form 452) the date of the report, who provided the report and the content of the verbal report. Make the referral for a formal substance abuse assessment.
Step 2: Go to the medical facility and notify appropriate hospital staff of the need to interview the mother face-to-face and to observe the infant.
Step 3: Have the mother sign a Release of Information for permission to discuss and receive a copy of medical records. NOTE: The results cannot be shared with anyone without the expressed written consent of the mother, unless there is a court order to do so.
Step 4: Obtain information on the current condition of both mother and infant from medical facility personnel.
Step 5: Go to the home to interview the mother, if she has been released, and observe the infant (see the infant at the medical facility, if the infant is not yet released).
Step 6: Determine the living arrangements for the mother and whether the infant will be in a safe and secure environment once released from the hospital.
Step 7: Determine the level of extended family support for the mother and, as part of the effort to determine the immediate safety of the infant, obtain information from all available family members.(FROM ALL FAMILY MEMBERS!)
Step 8: Discuss with the mother the results of the positive drug test. Determine her acceptance /acknowledgment of the situation and her willingness to accept help through drug treatment.
Step 9: Discuss with the reporter (medical personnel) the information obtained during the investigation to determine what level of intervention the department will take. This may be done through a formal staffing in a multi-disciplinary approach with medical consultation or in a less formal manner through telephone contact with the reporter (medical personnel).
Case managers cannot discuss the results of drug tests or drug assessments without a signed Release of Information or by court order.
The SAAG represents the department at a hearing and requests, on behalf of the department, that any order issued by the judge include drug treatment for the mother, periodic drug tests and supervision by DFCS when the infant remains in the mothers physical custody.
According to this, my children shouldn’t have been taken the way they were. They were safe, supervised, healthy, happy, and most of all, they were loved. After all, they lived with their mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Not only did my children recieve more than enough love and attention, they were spoiled rotten! DFCS has told me the entire time that when an infant tests positive for drugs then it’s an AUTOMATIC removal of all children into DFCS custody and that’s exactly what they did. They also said it was due in part to me having an OPEN CPS case! We had already been informed that there was not going to be a case open just 6 days before. Paternal aunt took home the baby she’s always wanted. She was allowed to show her paper to the nurse and leave with my baby. That shouldn’t have been allowed. DFCS never explained any of this to me as to how things will go and that I have a say so in where my children stay. The DFCS policy says that the case worker is supposed to talk with the mother during the investigation about placement for the kids just incase it came down to removal. Case worker never discussed placement with me. She discussed it with Paternal aunt though. It was automactic that they went with her.
* Failure to protect from domestic violence. A family friend had came un annouced to our home while he was drinking. It was late and all the kids were sleeping. My uncle was just about to go home when the friend showed up but once he saw he was drunk he stuck around to see him home SAFE. He refused to leave and had it in his mind that he was going to fight someone and seeing as how my uncle was the one offering him a ride home so he could leave, he picked a fight with him. Aunt says that oldest son told her he awoke from hearing fighting. When the fight began I went into the kids room with them as I didn’t want one of them to wake up and see ANYTHING like that. I didn’t even allow them to watch violence on T.V. let alone in their HOME! When I came into the room they were asleep. What woke oldest son up was the light being on and me talking to the 911 operator. After he was already awake, he did hear yelling and asked what was going on. I explained the best I could to my 6 year old son that our friend was here and was just being silly and too loud but was about to leave. I did protect them from seeing or being around that ONE fight but there was NO way that I could prevent it from happening. I had no way of knowing he was coming over drunk and ready to fight. I did the best I could and can’t understand why something out of my control could be held against me and used as a reason for removal. DFCS had NO real evidence or reasons to take my kids so they were going with whatever they could find, twist it around, and fabricate their FALSE so called evidence!
*Pg.7 The maternal relatives furnished me drugs??? Not only is this NOT TRUE but it’s probably the reason the maternal relatives were not contacted about placement for kids. The only person that would have said something like that would have been paternal aunt or my fiance as he was playing BOTH sides at the time. DFCS ignored the law of searching BOTH sides because case worker, paternal aunt said the maternal side are drug dealers/users. See how powerful her words against me can be? This makes perfect sense seeing as how it was her grandfather outside of the nursery saying “test that baby, the mother is on drugs” and on the March court date paternal aunt took the stand saying that my family deals and does drugs! My entire family went for and PASSED hair tests after that.
-Final Disposition Order- Hearing was held Nov. 27, 2007 without myself, fiance, nor our attorney’s. Normally we are sent papers BEFORE a hearing but this time we weren’t so we didn’t know to go. They notified us of ALL hearings before and after the Nov. 27th hearing but not this one, why? I know why. If we knew about it then the maternal relatives would have been there to find out why they were not contacted after helping me care from oldest son sense birth while the paternal wasn’t there until he was 4, They would have proven that being with paternal relatives IS NOT in the kids best interest and the judge more than likely would have ruled in the maternal relatives favor and pat. aunt would have lost the boys. Another string pulled on her behalf. How did the court find that the diligent family search report was filed properly when it clearly listed paternal relatives only. It’s required by law that BOTH sides are looked into so why didn’t the judge or anyone else ask why the maternal relatives were not listed or contacted? Is the judge afraid of DFCS too? It seems that way after all the times he let pat.aunt make statements based on hearsay and then let her statements stand in court and be used against ME! If I get on stand and say well, so and so told me that she said…..the Judge or someone would have stopped me for hearsay, which isn’t allowed to stand in court. Unless you are the paternal aunt who can abuse her power as a case worker.
* Sept. 4,2009 court date.Motion for extention of juvenile court order with permancey hearing. Motion reads “Now comes the petioner The Co. DFCS I thought our Co DFCS wasn’t over ANY of the case, not even the legal stuff, at least that is what they told me at the FTM on 02-11-09. The FTM before that one I was told the case is in another Co. DFCS for the MOST part but our co. still handles the legal part. I don’t know which to believe. It makes alot of sense if our co. does handle the legal part or any of it for that matter, it explains how pat.aunt ALWAYS knows what is going to happen next and when. DFCS filed for a 1 year extension beginning Sept. 6, 2008 which means custody is still with them until Sept. 6, 2009. So why is it they are taking me to court and putting my kids into the pat.aunts custody in April when there is still over 5 months left on the 1 year extension? I kicked my husband out, the reason for the domestic violence and this is what me and my children get? I’d rather have him back and knock me around or put me into the wall by my throat again than for my kids be put into her custody with out giving me a chance to show that I CAN do this on my own! If they give me until the extension is up I know I can make 10 times more progress than before. The depression from my marriage drug me down and I let it, it was a very bad decision but I know that with that huge weight off my shoulders I can have a job and a home BEFORE the extension is up. I just need a chance.DFCS filed to have this done before I kicked him out. All I need is one chance. I’ve done EVERYTHING ELSE. I’ve passed random drug tests and 90 hair tests for 17 mths. What more proof do they need?
-When the home evaluations came up in court, DFCS stated that they had been done but the maternal grandmother and maternal aunt had not sent in medical papers yet. I had the medical papers with me in court along with the fax paper proving that it was faxed days before. It shows the date, time, and the DFCS fax number. This isn’t the first time papers were lost when it came to making a POSITIVE change in the case. I gave them to them again and upon talking with case worker Jan. 28, 2009, I requested again that my kids be placed with my aunt and not into paternal aunts custody, she once again said that the evaluations are incomplete because they still didn’t not have the medical papers. I had to send the pet papers twice and this will be the FOURTH time at re-sending (fax and in person) the medical papers. They “lose” the papers EVERYTIME and claim I didn’t give it to them, trying to make it look as though I didn’t really care if it was done or not, and I’m OK with my kids staying with Pat.aunt when the TRUTH is that I DO CARE AND DO NOT WANT MY KIDS WITH HER AT ALL! See how they work? The judge did grant un-supervised visit’s at this hearing and pat.aunt took the stand and of course had things to say in an attempt to change his mind. She said she was concerned about past violence and possible present violence and said oldest son claims to have been woken to fights while in my care (that’s not true, she’s putting words in my childs mouth again) The past violence she was talking about was after the kids removal. There was an incident between my father and his brother in law. It took place outside of the home and my mom kicked her brother out as a result to ensure it wouldn’t happen again as he was the cause of their fight.
*Court papers for up coming court date April 16, 2009 at 11:00am
-Non-Reunification And Placement With Fit and Willing Relative
-Pg.4 States the court will hear from ANY OBJECTION to the placement of these children with the pat.aunt. I am going to have quite a few relatives with me to object this. I’ve had my mother and aunt there before so that they could take the stand and request themselves that the kids be moved from the pat.aunt but they were never allowed in. The papers say the judge will hear ANY objection so they had better make plenty of room because there will be a line of my friends and family from the main entrance all the way to the court room door!
If you can help or have ANY advice please help me. Southernsweetness24@yahoo.com

nicole June 16, 2009 at 1:35 pm
i am a mother of a 2 year old little girl and dcs has taken her from me on false accusations they said its for medical neglect and substance abuse when i have never been in trouble for drugs in my life and havent ever had it on my record they are making me take drug tests for no reason they are abusing my child she has brusies on her every time i see her i think it is so wrong what they are doing they are making do all these classes and of no hope gettin my child back its wrong they are abusing me in the mean time they are letting her so called father have visitation rights he hasnt even took a dna test yet to even make sure he is the father and they are supervising his visits when it is court ordered for him to have them i want my child back they had no reason to take her from me

dennis d. davidson July 23, 2009 at 6:14 am
Mrs. Fincher. There is one person that can help you and will help you!That person will only help you if you take the soon to be ex away from Husband.Mrs.Davidson your husband is fighting a war not against the forces of terror.But he is fighting the war to reunite his family which involves his wife and kids. All you have to do is trust your husband and follow his guidance.He is doing everything he can to unite the Davidson’s under one roof.Key note one child will return with out him.Its ok to want your kids and your husband too.he Loves you and deserves you more than you know.

sharon August 31, 2009 at 11:45 pm
My name is sharon my sister and I have gone threw investigations galore all have been unfouded and yet they still come out everytime they get a call. This first started about five years ago when my sister first was reported the worker tried to take my sisters kids and I interfered. Shortly after another report was made when the worker came out to investigate my sister she was not home however I was doing laundry at her house with my kids when my kids where drugged into the report and then investigatd because I was there. After that my sister was reported again this time for suspected drug abuse she passed her drug test and case was closed however a month later another report came in and the worker along with law enforcement tried to remove kids but my mother took the kidsand left but cae back after threats of amber alert but my sister left with them a few hours later to new york. Shortly after this incedent I was reported to cps in which was a boggas report by school officals I then left to georgia where my sister and m lived for four years with any reports untill removed to valdosta where I tried to get the correct dianoses for my daughter {which I did even with being reported to cps} the case was clsed and we all moved back to florida we where there 30days when my sister was reported for her year old son for child molestation. The cps worker came alone my sisters 9 year old son called law enforcement terrified saying a stranger was going to take him from his mommy. The worker then said she wanted to come pick up the youngest in two days and carry him to there doctors for an exam my sister said no you expect that then he is going to the hospital asap{ that same day} the doctor gave report to my sister showing that the child has never suffered any abuse of any kind in which my sister still holds in her possion today. I totaly agree cps is corrupt and something needs done because not only are they kidnapping our children children are more likely to suffer abuse in their care due to impropper placement, over crowding, foster parents unable to meet specific childs needs and abuse that has been suffered by the removal of children by cps this includes mental abuse from legal kidnapping in which children know they where happy and loved but tooken anyway.

About yvonnemason

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by Lulu.com October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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3 Responses to CPS A National Empire Built on Kidnapping and Selling Children

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  2. Kristy De La Keur says:

    My kids were taken from me because I did not make enough money to provide each child with their own room. I have 4 boys & 1 girl. The boys all shared a room & my daughter had her own room. They placed my boys in foster care & then sent them out of county, DCFS received more money if the children were placed out of county. I also overheard conversations when I went for my “supervised” visits about how 2 of my children were adoptable. No matter the strides I made on my “reunification” plan, DCFS always found a way for me to fail in one area or another. In the end, they made sure my ex-husband had my daughter, & had 3 removed from my care, It is how they justify themselves. It has been 9 years and 2 of my kids were placed for adoption,. I have my daughter back. Though DCFS has tried to get her taken away the moment they found out she was here, DCFS is on a power trip. I also found out via the man that adopted my middle son, that once the children are adopted, they adoptive parents get money each month for the child. His adoptive father allows me contact & he told DCFS that he did not want nor need the money, yet they send it anyways.


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