Jackson County Georgia Department of Family and Children Services Conitues to try and Buy and Sell These Children

Samantha and the girls

These Are the Children Jackson County Georgia is Trying to Buy and Sell

Last week Samantha had to go before a panel in Jackson County, Georgia. This panel was comprised of Elizabeth Patrick the superivsor of Jackson County, Ga. DFCS and D. M. Brandon of COSA. Along with others.

The job of this panel was set up to emotionally abuse my daughter Samantha even more. Now for those of you who have no idea what happens when someone loses their children, they are not allowed to face their accusers, they are not allowed to see the charges and they are not allowed to present their witnesses either in court or in front of this kangaroo panel. The parent can been threatned, insulted and verbally abused and they can’t do anything about it.

   When Samantha was in front of this panel Rebecca Boles from COSA told Samantha that it was time she signed over her rights as a parent to basicly the three girls could be sold to an adoptive family for the sum of roughly $18,000.00 per the Adoptin and Safe Families Act.

  To add to the abuse of Samantha, DFCS is trying to force her to take meds for a bi polar disorder which she doesn’t have.  None of these people are qualifed to make that kind of decision. They don’t understand that our family is very drug sensitive and drugs affect us differently than most people. Samantha has told them the drugs make her like a zombie. This is just another trick to keep her from being on her toes to fight the injustice and the crimes DFCS is trying to perpatrate on her. They figure if she is drugged up then she will sign over her children. That is not going to happen.      

    Diedra Shands who is an advocate for the children sat in that room and never opened her mouth. Stephanie Smith Samantha’s case worker dropped her head and remained silent as well. These two women have been part of the abuse of Samantha since day one along with Rebeeca Boles and the entire office of Jackson County Georgia DFCS.

    I have written four letters to Judge Guidry who is the Family Court Judge in Samantha’s defense and he hasn’t even had the professional courtesty to respond. When she went to court she had witnesses there to speak on her behalf and Diedra Shands asked the Judge not to allow them in the courtroom.

    The day of the panel the Foster Mother Donna Webb brought Samantha’s girls and the little one who is five refused to have anything to do with her mother. This is abuse in it’s simplest and worst form. The state is the abuser. The foster mother is not far behind. She was told by Deidra and Rebecca that the children would be up for adoption. To add insult to injury Samantha’s lawyer was not there to watch her back. I have no idea where he was. He is becoming part of the problem as well. He doesn’t return emails or phone calls.  

     When Samantha went in front of the panel she was told that her oldest childest Shawna had been put on Ritlin as well as another mind altering drug simply because the foster mother didn’t want to deal with her. Sam was never notified. Again abuse. Shawna has never been tested by a psychologist who speicilizes in children with disiblities. It was prescribed by a regular doctor. They are going to not only retard her brain, but break her spirit as well. Again the abuse continues.

         This is just the beginning. My next blog will be about all the letters I have sent out to Gov. Sonny Perdue, the  senator for that district, all the TV stations in Atlanta and the newspapers. It is time for the abuse to come to a halt. It is time for DFCS to learn they have no right to steal children and then sell them to the highest bidder. They can’t continue to make their payroll on the backs of poor women.

         Not only is Samantha being abused by DFCS her children are too. They are being denined their mother and a quality of life they are entitled to with her. They are being denined the love of their mother. They are being rasied by strangers who could care less about them. All they want is the money they will receive if they adopt them which comes to between 500-700.00 per month per child until they are 18 years old again this is thanks to the Adoption and Safe Famlies Act which was Signed into law by William Jefferson Clinton when he was in the White House.

       This is more than a tragedy it is a travesty. It should be criminal. Even rapist and murders are allowed to face their accusers. They can’t hide behind the clock of anninimity – It is time to make DFCS face the fact that they have no right to do this to women who have children and who are poor or abused by their partners.

    IT is time to fight back

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