Letter to a Judge by Hope Crabtree

Stop Child Protective Services From Terminating My Parental Rights
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Published by hope crabtree on Jul 02, 2004
Category: Human Rights
Target: Circuit Court Of McCreary County, KY
Background (Preamble):
My name is Rhonda Kimberly King. I am the mother of 4 children. The father of my children commited acts of domestic violence upon me frequently. I began abusing drugs as a form of escape. My children were removed from my care and placed in the custody of the state of KY. After being incarcerated for drug use, my life changed drastically.

While incarcerated I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savour. Released on shock probation 6 months after being incarcerated, I set out with the goal of being reunited with my children. I began working with Childrens Protective Services (CPS) to fullfill requirements they set forth in order for me to have my children returned to me.

I removed myself from the domestic violence situation I was in, accuired a place of my own in a nice neighborhood in Somerset, KY, and began attending NA classes and parenting classes as well. I have also been involved in counseling sessions with my children, and for myself individually as well.

I submit to random drug testing and am joyful to say that I have been drug free for a little over 1 year now. While in the state’s custody my children have been traumatized by the lack of permanancy in a home, being moved from one placement to another often, and by being placed in homes in which my children were unfamiliar with and uncomfortable amongst total strangers.

Although I have made mistakes in my past, and failed as a mother at certain times in my life, I feel I have learned many hard life lessons. Loosing my children is the hardest thing I have ever had to face. Childrens Protective Services have had my children in custody for a little over 1 year now and have made little or no effort to reunite us as a family unit once again. I only get 5 hours of visitaion with my kids every 7 days. I have only been getting them for 5 hours every Saturday for a very short while. I was only getting them for 3 hours every 7 days until a dear friend of mine attended a case plan meeting with me and between the two of us we were able to plea an extra 2 hours from the officials.

I miss my children so very much and all I want is to have them returned to me. At the last case plan meeting around the first of June, I was told by Childrens Protective Services that the long term goal for my children was to return to parent (RTP). Not even 2 weeks later I was contacted by a CPS worker informing me that Childrens Protective Services were moving to terminate parental rights (TPR) beginning in July.

First I was told it was nothing to worry about, it was basically a procedure the department was required to do after a child has been in care for a certain amount of time, however, that they didn’t have enough negative things against me to have my parental rights terminated. Approxiametly 2 weeks later this same CPS worker informed me that I wasn’t going to get my children back because the department had enough negative things against me to have my parental rights terminated. My kids and I have long been the victims of the games that Childrens Protective Services play!

My children have even been given specific dates a numerous amount of times as to when they are going to be returned home. They are fed false hopes rountinely. How can what CPS is putting my children through be considered “CARE” and “STABILITY”? I have met every stipulation that CPS has set forth for me and they continue to say that I have not made the needed changes to bring my children home. I have inquired as to what more I can do. I am willing to meet further requirements, but it would be to no avail. CPS has never had the intentions of returning my children to me.

When pleading with CPS for more visitation time with my children, from the beginning of this ordeal, I was told that they didn’t want to increase visit time because they felt that it would just make it harder for me and the children “IF” they didn’t get to return home. Would you consider that a service of reuniting families?

CPS moves to terminate parental rights so children in custody can be adopted because what many people aren’t aware of is that they make it a goal to adopt children out because for every child that is adopted the government receives “BONUS AWARD MONEY”! Those 4 human lifes are not for sale! My children yearn to be with me, their mommy, and my heart weeps daily for the sound of their laughter, the sight of their precious faces, and all of the “I LOVE YOU’S“. Please, I need your prayers, and your help. Help me bring my children home again!

All I’m asking is that you will take time to sign the attached letter to the judge, stating that you are requesting that CPS no longer be permitted to take others lives into their own hands, and be required to return my children to me immediately. I need your help in my fight to be reunited with my reasons for living…..my children.

Thank you.

Gratefully Yours,
Rhonda Kimberly King

The Honorable Judge Dan Ballou,

I am a resident of the state of Kentucky and a relative/friend of Rhonda Kimberly King. I am confident that Ms. King has realized her mistakes and failures and worked diligently to make a change in herself and her life. She has become a much better person and mother throughout the recent trials and tribulations she has experienced. I know that she has worked closely with Childrens Protective Services in regards to the return of her children to her. I feel she has and is presently being treated unfairly and unconstitutional. I am requesting that you place yourself in the shoes of this mother and experience for yourself her pain and suffering throughout this ordeal. Please Sir, I make my plea to you and the court that Rhonda Kimberly King’s parental rights NOT be terminated and that her children be returned into her custody immediately…and at last.

Sincerly Yours,

  1. kelly ondracek
    November 21, 2009 at 4:15 am

    kelly ondracek :im a mother of 3 cps took my first child a little girl when she was 5 1/2 and and then pulled my second child off a closed case now thay took my third child off my other two cases while i was working with a state approved adoption agency and the sad part is we had my daughter yesterday and the adoptive family,the adoption agency’s social worker and case worker were all at the hospital the county protection worker still came and took my child and put her on a 72 hour hold and sent her to a fosterhome.hurting alot of ppl myself,the family i chose to adopt my child the cps said i had no right to pick who my child went to because of my loosing my last two children i feel like im invisable and i have no rights i have been working with this family for 4 month and really feel comfortable with them now i have a money manager through todd county,who gives me 25 dollers a week to live and expect me two hire a lawyer with that while thay hold over 1000 dollers of my disability and decide what i use it for when i use it,if i use it who can i turn to for help plzzz e-mail me with some places i can look to find answers on my rights

    • November 21, 2009 at 1:32 pm

      If you look at the pages to the right of this post you will see different places to contact. The best place is the public defender’s office in your area. Also write letters to your state senator, the newspapers, the governer, and anyone else. The TV stations, be articulate, and state the facts. Keep writing until someone listens.

      • Alice
        September 16, 2012 at 5:05 am

        Thank you. After reading the, “Fourth Amendment Rights”, I have come to realize my right as well as my children have been violated. The sad thing is, My lawyer doesn’t want to fight for my rights or just doesn’t want to. I am out of money to Hire another. What am I to do now that I’m out of money to fight this injustice? I want and need my children back as they need me. I have paid out close to $25k to fight this. I will fight for my girld till the end, but how can someone who can’t pay another lawyer to start this fight all over. My ex husband called in false reports and it’s on record that he did so & he was $31k behind in child support. Now he has sole custody of our 2 girls. My 5 yr old baby girl was given to her dad as a result of these lies. I want my babies back. This has been going on for 2 years now.

      • Gina
        May 14, 2013 at 4:21 pm

        All of this is bs….my grandson was taken because my daughter would call the cops when her boyfriend, now ex would hit her. Really take a child when the mother needed help. And nothing happened to the ex. Good job on protecting and serving. NOT !!!!!

    • Destiny Mitchum
      October 19, 2011 at 3:44 pm

      I am going through the same thing in Daviess County. CPS has already adopted out 4 of my children and took my 2 year old daughter from the hospital when she was 2 days old for no reason. They claimed I was a “flight risk”. Now they are trying to terminate my parental rights on the grounds that I am not finacially stable, however, I had my own cleaning company, my own place to live, and paid my bills. My mother is now trying to get my daughter and has been approved for everything, but CPS is saying my daughter doesn’t know my mother because my mother lives in South Carolina and has only seen her a few times. We have court this Wednesday to see if my mom gets her. If not, I am afraid I will lose my little girl forever. I have recently had to move to South Carolina because I am 8 months pregnant and did not want CPS to take this child as well. They are selling our kids and it is not right. They get $4,000 for every child they adopt out and more if it is a special needs child. Something must be done. This has got to stop!!!

    • December 29, 2013 at 3:55 pm

      hi your letter has really blessed mev iam a mother of 5 childern who is going through cps or they call them self dcs my kids got taken over my sister and husband lies but the is that when this all happen mysisters kids was there but no ever touch or said a word to them but theyy have madee my and kids life i would like to talk to you mmore my email is gencrockett10@Yahoo.com

    • Tonya
      April 28, 2014 at 8:31 am

      It sounds to me that u need a civil right attorney! They are free if you look in the phone book and start with any agency and ask a lot of questions and ask them where to find or locate a civil rights attorney that is willing to do it pro-bono! My brother had a situation and I felt his civil liberties were being neglected and the attorney agreed. She was free and she knew her stuff and when u have a lawyer that is fighting for what’s right instead of who has the most money u will see a different side of the legal system lol she was a pitbull and I wish I could remember her name now but that was like 7 years ago!!! Anyhow, when it comes to the kids don’t b afraid to call anyone and everyone in the government pages or Internet that u think might help u and don’t stop until u get what ur looking for :) !!! Also, ur state representative can help u as well so make an appointment and talk to them. Use the resources that are sitting around u and when u start asking questions, trust me it gets peoples attention even without u really doing anything so imagine what can get done when u really start pushing back. Use all ur research tools and keep notes cause nothing means nothing unless it’s on paper!!! The courts want to see records and proof and and names and dates. U don’t EVER want to run around accusing a government official of any kind including cps without proper proof and usually it does more damage then good to get all ticked off and call cps workers names and callin them liars and whatever just makes u look like a bitter mom who doesn’t want to accept responsibility. Now, I’m not saying let them treat u like crap cause that’s not the case. Ask for ur cps workers managers name and number and then find out who’s their boss and so on and so forth and make official complaints such as when they cut ur visitation times short ( that is an abuse of their power by the way) and make sure to always jot down day and time and what u were doing that day. I wish u nothing but the best and my prayers r with u and by the way, congrats on being clean and sober because in these types of situations they seem so hopeless and moms are so sick with grief and they just want the pain to stop that if they weren’t using before this would b a big reason a lot start up cause getting through the day without their children is like a knife cutting out their heart and nobody should have the power to make someone feel that way!!! NEVER, and I hope u come out the other side victorious and show moms it can b done!! Good luck friend, TLL

  2. Laina Bumpus
    April 9, 2010 at 3:59 am

    I am in the same situation. CPS never intended to return my children, they even removed them from my parents to put them into foster care!! They are looking for those bonuses….this needs to be investigated SERIOUSLY!!! Our kids are in DANGER…WE NEED TO STOP CPS FROM DESTROYING FAMILIES!!!!!!

    • June 17, 2010 at 2:02 pm

      I’ am also a mother but of 6 the state of Maine took my first son and then took the other 5- 1 1/2 years later. the ages of my children are 16 13 10 8 7 my boys and 5 for my only girl. I’ am starting a support group in my area for people who have or have had cps involvement It will begin next month and I will be placing memos online as to how things are going and maybe everyone else could start one in their area

    • Gina
      May 14, 2013 at 4:24 pm

      My grandson was removed from my daughter and they wouldnt let me get him because in my past my kids dad abused me and had my kids removed from me and i did all the classes to get them back and now i cant get my grandbaby because of my past which i never did anything to put my kids in danger or abuse them….something needs to be done!!!!!!!

  3. June 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Thank you for this information and I hope things are getting better for you

  4. janice Brodie
    July 18, 2010 at 2:17 am

    I am a former DSS social worker and I have seen this same thing happen over and over. It is horrifying to me what DSS can do to families.

    • Destiny Mitchum
      October 19, 2011 at 3:45 pm

      Janice, is there anything we can do? Who can we talk to about this? What are our rights on this matter?

    • Gina
      May 14, 2013 at 4:26 pm

      It is soooo horrifying. They are tearing families apart and making things worse not better

    • D. D.
      July 1, 2013 at 10:01 pm

      Janice, how long did you work for DSS? Did what you did and the decisions you made affect how you live? Are you able to sleep at night? Look at yourself in the mirror? Why are you a former DSS social worker? What happened; did you get fired (because they have a bad habit of quickly firing those who don’t get their dirty work done for them) or did you quit (maybe not being able to take what they were doing to families that you were witnessing or partaking in, whether your role was a direct or indirect one)? I just want to know, because I am a survivor of what people just like you did. I’m not trying to attack you, because you have not wronged me personally. But, you have to consider that you played a role before you stopped working there and that you directly contributed to the destruction of many families; you knew then what they were doing to families and you stayed. Sure, you no longer work there, but the actions you took and the decisions you made will linger in families torn apart for years. My only question to you now is, “What are you going to do to stand up against what you found “horrifying” regarding what DSS has done to families?” Please don’t take it personally. I am asking you how you could stay there knowing and seeing what they were all about and doing. I don’t know youur financial situation (may have been your only income to support your family), but it had to be against your morals and scruples. Join the fight and help parents get their children back. Get on the right side. Thank you.

    • Tonya
      April 28, 2014 at 8:41 am

      I’m so glad to hear that someone that used to work side by side with these agencies agrees that they have too much power to wreck someone’s life based on personal opinion. It’s funny to me because I was watching the show Hoarders and another one called Addicts. Both of these programs had state social workers or dhs or cps workers as people that were featured on these programs and their names were protected so they didn’t lose their jobs but it got me to thinking how true it must be because all these positions are held by average people with problems just like the rest of us and yet the very same people you wouldn’t trust to walk your dog , is the same people that will get up tomorrow and cast judgement on others!!! Who checks up on these agencies and their workers to insure they are not abusing their power? Nobody that’s who and that’s why they get this false sense of entitlement and they feel as though the rules certainly don’t apply to them!!! Who are you suppose to turn to when these people are out of control? Isn’t that the question of the day lol !!!!

  5. Terri Spence
    November 23, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    please contact me my daughters children were taken by cps in the same manner i am very upset they took her children in 2007 .please contact me my email is terriy@rocketmail.com IM THE GRANDMOTHER THAT IS DYING WONDERING WHERE THEY ARE AND WHO THEY ARE WITH?

  6. Jennifer
    December 5, 2011 at 6:57 am

    i’m going through the same crap in Bowling Green, KY. the state workers have repeatedly refused to provide me and my kids the needed services to be reunited and have been trying to adopt out my youngest dau for 2 years now. they have used the “excuses” of me being a single parent, then i got married to my fiancee, then they changed thier song to my “mental health issues” that i wasn’t dealing with because of my kids being taken away they wanted me to seek medication management for my bipolar diagnosis that thier frigging specialist gave me after he lied in the psychiatric eval the state had set up for me to attend. i have hours of videos of me and my kids having very well behaved visits at the office and yet they continue to tell the court that my kids are unruly, are disruptive, and don’t listen to me and don’t want to visit with me. the videos clearly prove the state is lying about the reports the swear true to the courts and yet it seemsthey are allowed to lie about me in court. there is no justice from the justice system and no consequences for the pergery acts the state commits. it is wrong and illegal and should be stopped, but how?? someone please tell me how to get these “legal child nappers” to be held accountable for the wrong they are doing to me and my kids.

    • SPEAK OUT!!!
      July 18, 2012 at 1:25 am

      I am writing letters and sending them to persons who are in position to review policy and make changes to today’s CPS. My family has also been targeted but I am strengthend and intend to fight with all my being to assist others to the best of my ability. I could really use your help and your stories. Please email me at lkegarr@comcast.net; I assure you that I am determined to get these issues heard, this is do different than human trafficking when our babies are unlawfully removed and we are left hopeless because the state has the money and resources. We are powerful together, and it’s imperative that we charge them to revisit the oaths of our founding father’s because we fall way too short and have somehow abandoned the deeply touching statement “WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE”, because the so called perfect union that’s being formed has no ethical value or integrity. CPS is an organization that is needed but even RAT POISION with it’s 97% “good, wholesome food” kills it’s digestor with the small 3% poision that’s hidden within. Please, let’s attempt to help each other lkegarr@comcast.net

      • marybeth boyd
        September 11, 2012 at 9:37 pm

        my children are being put up for adoption and i’m going through a termination trial at the end of this month. worst thing is is that it was an unsupported case against me,but they are using my past! i’ve written to a dozen people and nobody seems to really care. i’ve done 2 service plans now! boydbear77@gmail.com

      • Gina
        May 14, 2013 at 4:30 pm

        I want to take further action against he CPS. This is so wrong. My dauther is a very good mother and does not deserve this. I am going to speak out on every social media and write to tv stations whatever i can do not only to help my daughter but everyone else to.

      • Tonya
        April 28, 2014 at 8:58 am

        Amen to this and I wish u the best of luck and remember some of the workers are trying to do the right thing but unfortunately they get lost among those that are evil and have personal issues with a “certain kind” of parent and they attack with claws drawn so when u collect the stories remember the courts like to here evidence and not just stories of people that feel the courts suck lol so get people to list exactly what laws they believe were broken and what rights were violated and this will keep u on track and it will push the issue home to to the local government officials can understand and even send ur proof and letters to ur state rep and use their own people against them….. I promise they all will back away of someone they feel is gonna get caught up in some scandal cause these are all elected officials and it’s lonely at the top when everyone thinks ur guilty and let them feel what all these helpless parents and children feel when it seems nobody cares what they have to say and they are already guilty long before getting their day in court cause they had a lunch and they discuss cases and settle e and then the parents are left standing looking frustrated at their lawyer considering their fate was sealed long before that moment. It’s a sad truth and this is where we all say No way , not anymore!!! ;) thank u for everything u do , TLL

  7. lavona
    December 11, 2011 at 3:22 am

    i was living in missouri wasn t there for only about a mo max and dds got involved saying that i was abuse to my kids witch is a lie my kids are my life and then stated that single parents are not likley to take care of 2 children and for that reason it was grounds to removle and that they came back 3 days after easter and took my kids and placed them in foster care and i had a hard time to sewe them i only got to see them once a mo ehen it was coventa for the worker and the foster home then they said to me in 1998 that they were going to ternate my rights to my children and not having the propper leagle rep in court i bascily had to present my case as my own lawyer the jugde aggreed that my kids should be returned back to me the dds office made up more stuff about me with than 2 mo latter they said that my rights were ternated and there was no more vistation with my kids as being a yong parent i bleaved it 100 percent than in 2011 i called and to find out how to do a search on my son becuase hejust turened 18 yrs old they said well ur parental rights were ternaed in 2001 i said what the hell do u mean in 2001 when they told me on the phone they were ternated in 1998 so 3 years latter my kids were adopted out know the records are seald it going to cost me more money to have a complete search on my kids kust want them there was ahigh demanda on children that people wanted to adopted o lnpw i never had a fair chance either and i seen records on the internet that there was people waiting to adopted children and i have an adress to the last known place on my children… what do i do know????

  8. January 5, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    us the people NEED to stand together this is happening every day to familes all accross america.. my 2 sister both lost there right to each of there 4 children… the states r just trying to steal children to make there monthly bonus’s and we need to put a stop to it…. they make up lies and false accussions to get OUR (the people) children.. when r we gonna put a stop to it… we NEED to stand together as a HOLE… and do it together lets make awareness ALL ACROSS the united states… it is time to start NOW! befor it is to late.. help save your children and others children from going through this… it will ONLY happen if we all work together and stand up against CPS all across the US

    • Gina
      May 14, 2013 at 4:34 pm

      Im in…..we need to do something about this seriously. Its not right !!!!!

  9. Celsa
    March 12, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    I have been exactly where u r on march .19 I will go to court for termination of my rights god will open a door of blessings. We as parents make mistakes n deserve to be a parent regardless of judgement. This mother hear is pleading and has made more of an effort to show what a mother she is. A loving good hopeful and full of faith and with god standing by u those babies will return no matter how long the fight will last. U deserve ur children n righteousness will overrule stand strong the devils a liar!

  10. celsa
    April 1, 2012 at 3:09 am

    Believe this mother as well as us other mother’s deserve our children back! You say it’s about the children? Your the only one hurting our little helpless babies. They don’t deserve to be in the middle of your judgement. Regardless if we do services or not nobody but god can judge our parenting. Some parents do exactly to the t of wht court askes of case plan and still their children are given away as if they were an item to sell. they cry out to their families and get no comfort or their mommy’s or daddy’s voice touch or love to save them. they are helpless. we deserve and should get our babies back now. CPS gives our children to sometimes non-convicted molesting, abusive and ungrateful people. Who first become foster parents for money which is the root of all evil. Yet will ignore those allegations or warnings from parents who know their feelings and their children just so you dont lose out on money. Then the majority of the caseworkers don’t even have children as well as are ex-addicts and secretly molest the innocent. Then will stand as if they are correct and honestly right in what they do. God does not allow the devil to harm us in any way he dont feel we need to make us stronger. With the strength we have and the truth of righteousness, what you social workers and court system do will eventually come out. I hope you are prepared to experience extreme trials for what you have done to the families who deserve to be as one that you ripped apart. Only god could judge us. We chose to have our children so why then you feel you must intervene in that when really you could care lee. have children of your own and stop kidnapping ours. we need to stand strong, fight together in what is right and push the issue to be heard. Study our rights and what is common sense that the law nor any human being cannot and will not do to us as people who deserve respect. regardless race, class, or simply how much money we have. we as people are all different and come from different cultures and cannot by law be judged by how or what we teach or do not teach our kids especially when the law is teaching and raising children in the worse way possible. Yet we our a country united and and free but ruled for money and power.

  11. Evy Wiborg
    July 3, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    I live in ca, but u have my signature
    Evy D. Wiborg

  12. SPEAK OUT!!!
    July 18, 2012 at 1:23 am

    I am writing letters and sending them to persons who are in position to review policy and make changes to today’s CPS. My family has also been targeted but I am strengthend and intend to fight with all my being to assist others to the best of my ability. I could really use your help and your stories. Please email me at lkegarr@comcast.net; I assure you that I am determined to get these issues heard, this is do different than human trafficking when our babies are unlawfully removed and we are left hopeless because the state has the money and resources. We are powerful together, and it’s imperative that we charge them to revisit the oaths of our founding father’s because we fall way too short and have somehow abandoned the deeply touching statement “WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE”, because the so called perfect union that’s being formed has no ethical value or integrity. CPS is an organization that is needed but even RAT POISION with it’s 97% “good, wholesome food” kills it’s digestor with the small 3% poision that’s hidden within. Please, let’s attempt to help each other lkegarr@comcast.net

    April 25, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    my name is jeannie cobb,i am the grandmother of a 4 year old grand-daughter who is in foster care and i need help in stopping the the judge in balto.md city juvenile court from adopting my grandbaby she was burned 45% of her body, threw god and so many prayers her life was saved the dss was so hard on me iwasn’t there when it happened when this i wasn’t at home, when i got home i heard screaming like i never heard i knew it was chiynah and my 18 year old ran up the steps and said momma come now i went into the house and chiynah was screaming and stiff as a board, i pulled back the towel on her back and her skin just came off on the towel i cried god help and i said lets go i drove the more she screamed the more i drove until i got to maryland i went threw them doors and said help her and i looked and john hopkins ambulance attendants were there and i was behind them she had so many tubes everywhere i cried they locked up her mom at the hospital my daughter befor i run outta space the worker said i never saw anything like this she looked at me and said i’ll make sure you never get her and this lady has treated me like a dog, she lied on me when she was removed from mount washington hospital i almost lost my house but i went before a board and spoke and saved my home this worker has got counselors to lie and say i didn’t know how to rub a special cream on her burns and i wasn’t suppose to give her tylenol and if you wasn’t on her side you was gone, her supervisor was on my side and was gonna testify to all the lies and and treatment of me and at the last minute she backed saying the agency said she was making them look bad and finally she said they talking about me losing my job and i’ve had 2 lawyers who were crooked and i have used up all my life insurance but she’s worth it and more my signature was forged and the letter disappeared and the father didn’t show up and my daughter’s lawyer told me the judge would make his dedision on april 24 but the lawyer called me april 20 saying we go back to court for the first trial and she called april 22 decision i lost its about money its more to the story, please its so much the judge needs to know there needs to be an appeal i raised 5 kids and 2 grands and now i’m disabled, i am a damn good mother and a hell of a good grand-mother please help me grand-mothers have little to no rights, i have so much support i was told to tell what happened i was told she was burned by hot water from my shower hose i wanted to no not again thats what the state’s lawyer wanted but i held on i told that worker many times chiynah’s hair was dirty and her face smelled like spit and her panties had dried up poop stains that had been their for awhile and her behind smelt like it hadn’t been washed and i still have those filthy tennis she came to the office to see me when her family got to have cake and ice cream and presents after birthday her bottom lip was busted and she had a big bruise on the side of her face when my god-daughter asked her what happened she looked at the worker and held onto my god-daughter’s and said i go home wit you and my daughter asked the samething she held onto her leg and also said i go home wit you i know my chiynah is afraid of that worker. she cries when having to get into the car with her she says grand-maw i go home wit you and i cry and i walk away and i look back and she’s looking at me crying and i get in my car and i just bust out crying. the foster care mom has a grandson 1 year older than chiynah and when he grabbed hold of her coat collar and my daughter said stop that grand-mom said nothing and the state lawyers are suppose to be smart if they were then why is this woman getting away with all this lying so how smart are you and just going by what this worker is telling you and the judge should send the supervisor another suspeona cause she never showed up at this one why not? send her another one and no excuses we aren’t allowed excuses and she’s no better and the judge should appeal this cause so this baby won’t grow up with lies she’s been threw enough and should be returned to her grand-mom and family and the real truth needs to be told and the worker and foster care parents i know in my heart are friends and the foster care mom should be asked if the worker is behind all this and getting my chiynah, the worker’s supervisor has stated and she was gonna testify to it and she stated it to me and i will swear to it. please help me . time isn’t on my side before they adopt her please HELP ME KEEP MY CHIYNAH

    • April 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm


  14. Gina
    May 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    everyone needs to fight the CPS. They are not helping families but hurting them. Something needs to be done !!!!

  15. angel
    June 7, 2013 at 12:57 am

    same thing has happened to my neice, cps told her to come up to ththeir office they needed to speak with her. when she got there they told her they were puting her two children in foster care. she didnt know any better, so they took her children. now she is doing everything they have asked her to do and its still not enough. me being the aunt have tryed to get them in my care, but cps dosent want me to have them, now i had to get lawyer and had a hearing, judge wants another hearing on june 24, not really counting on them letting me get children. my lawyer said it sounded like cps is running a child ring. i have paid for a home evauation taken drug screens and everything was good, now i have just learned that the mothers lawyer told her cps was not gonna give her children back even if she does everything she is supposed to do. also told her the only way was to sign her rights over and let me adopt them, i told the mother not to sign anything, i feel that is a set up cause the foster parents already want to adopt the children. we need to all step up and do something about the cps getting away with tearing familys apart just so they can get that bonus, money is the root of all evil. we just need to figure out the right people to contact, that want just ignore the situation a turn us away. i live in tunnel hill ga, if anyone knows who to contact please contact me asap at apresley29@yahoo.com

  16. Corena Barber
    January 3, 2014 at 8:02 am

    I have read many letters today. In my opinion,The department of Human service/Child Protective/ Department of Family Service and so forth the highest paid lowest intellect employees imaginable work in the field of child welfare. The abhorrent tragedy, service providers absolutely perceive themselves as empowered? The cruelest, abstract ,froward, and derelict intentions finagling citizens? The system protocol; procedures, rules, regulations, guidelines has apon inception been eroding the dynamics and original program intentions?
    The egregious agencies for the department of human services should hang its head in shame,in my opinion.

    January 5, 2014 at 5:19 pm


  18. April 29, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    my name is jeannie cobb and i feel as though my civil liberties were being neglected and as a grand-mother i wasn’t treated fair at all and its not fair that i have no rights, there was so much fraud in my grandaughter’s cause my name forged and the letter disappeared and so much was covered up and the social worker for my grandaughter supervisor was on my side from day one ”but” at the last minute she bailed out and said the agency stated that she was making them look bad and so i just cried my heart out and i did everything i was told too and visits were held from me and anything i told the cps about things i saw wrong with my grandaughter she never did a thing about or said anything to her supervisor, they never called all my witnesses and cps worker was gonna give my grandaughter to a man who knew he wasn’t her grand-father this man had been in jail for murder and was a acholic and he got dropped i said it to the worker and i have been fighting for that baby since she was almost 1 year old and now she’s 5 years old and i used up my life insurance to get a lawyer who turned out to not even do that type of law and i wrote to the grievence committee and got my money and got another lawyer and she wasn”t much better and now i have nothing and i love my grandaughter and too them its all about money, please somebody help me i have begged pleaded to the mayor,governor, president’s people and dr.phil please that baby has a family who loves her and i have more than enough support and to top it off when i first met the cps worker she stated i never seen anything like this before how could a mother do that to her child ”but” this lady went too see my daughter in jail and took her supervisor with her and i was told by the supervisor that the worker said to my daughter that i”m gonna make sure i bring your daughter to see you and the supervisor stated to me the worker never put it in her notes, why is this being done too me, i have been lied on so much, my chiynah and myself thats her name have a bond and that worker knows it and she even told the counselor at kennedy kreiger to not let me spend the night with my chiynah and she would cry when i was leaving and so i just put her to sleep and then left i was there everyday and my daughter also always, she’s going to college to become a family lawyer because she said mother they did you wrong and i had family and friends with me every step of the way and i wasn’t even home i was out shopping with my aunt who i take to get food clothing etc. and chiynah was burned 40% of her body and i was asked if she ever hurt chiynah and i said no and i have cried so much you think things like this won’t happen to you but oy yes they can and i almost lost my home i”m on section 8 and i had to talk to a room of people and i spoke the truth and yes i cried and i got to keep my home i”m a darn good grand-mother and help anyone especially children they inspected my home top to bottom and it hurt me so to see chiynah so helpless laying in first john hopkins all plugged up iv’s everywhere and all i could do was cry ,pray and ask god to please let me bear her pain, please help me, if its my last breath i”ll fight for chiynah until god calls me home.i”m crying so much now i gotta stop it just hurts me so much.

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