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And this is just one reason the system is corrupt!

Matthew Lappin is just one reason the system is corrupt. How many more are out there? In light of what has happened in the last few weeks first with Nubia and her brother and with the two children and their mother one wonders when it will all stop! Added to that was the case worker who was arrested in Orlando for drugs and now this. The system is beyond broken. It is corrupt – greedy and abusive. It is past time to shut it down!

Matthew Lappin

A Department of Children and Families employee was arrested by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday on two charges of lewd and lascivious molestation against a child, LCSO spokesman Sgt. James McQuaig said Sunday.

Matthew Lappin, 29, was arrested on charges of fondling/molesting a child younger than 12 years of age, McQuaig said.
If convicted, Lappin could face life in prison.
DCF Communications Director Joe Follick said Lappin worked as an abuse registry counselor. His job was to field calls on the department’s abuse hotline, take information from the callers and dispatch that information to the proper authorities. Follick said Lappin did not come in physical contact with children on his job.

McQuaig said LCSO received the case on Feb. 25 through a report from DCF, informing LCSO of allegations that a child was molested twice, once on April 1 and once on Oct. 1.

“The system in place worked,” McQuaig said. “When DCF became aware of a criminal allegation, they did what they were supposed to do and contacted the appropriate law-enforcement authority.”

Follick said Sunday the department had become aware of the allegations against Lappin on Feb. 25, contacted LCSO and placed Lappin on paid administrative leave. On the day of Lappin’s arrest, Follick said DCF sent Lappin a letter stating the department’s intentions of firing him. He has 10 days from the receipt of the letter to contest the firing.

“On the rare occasion when a department employee allegedly commits a crime, we react quickly to remove that person from any interaction with families during an investigation,” Follick said.

Lappin currently is being held in Leon County Jail. Bail has been set at $25,000.


Read more: DCF employee arrested on child molestation charges | tallahassee.com | Tallahassee Democrat http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20110320/BREAKINGNEWS/110320006/DCF-employee-arrested-on-child-molestation-charges#ixzz1HBq1mScG

  1. Aaron Slaughter&Nicole HUtchinson
    March 22, 2011 at 5:20 am

    that just is really scarry there is a workker wereare babies are and he just comes off as a creap you know when you can just tell that a person has issues or is on the weird side well we got one here i wonder how many lives hel mess up befor he gets cought touching on kids i pray am wrong but oh god do i but you can just tell when hes around our kids that parent instik comes out into play a that voice in your head says watch him dont let em around the kids this just proves that dcfs workers are messed up they act as they know all about everything they aint never wrong they do no wrong my ass there lives are so messed up hell for the ones that do have kids i fell so sad forem they cant know what a true loveing parent is allways gone taken someoneeles babies hell sell there dam kids they aint never home for em in the firt place there aint no family in this whole world that lives and does all the crap the tell you how it is by there book its right here in black n white this is how you do it its right here am reading it now i tell ya its in the book they need to put that book inem and carry it for 9 months give birth to there dam book oh what am saying they still would be hartless bastereds of greed

  2. Fred's mother
    March 22, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Johnson County DCS, Judge K. Mark Lloyd, Tammi Fearin-Hickman decided to break numerous laws to shut me up and make me go away and put my son up for sale to a County Politician’s Daughter who is quite obviously used to GETTING WHAT SHE WANTS, regardless of the emotional impact it is having on BOTH A MInor child and his LOVING Mother who has NEVER Abused or neglected him OR BEEN FOUND TO BE UNFIT or incapable of BEING HIS MOTHER!!
    OBVIOUSLY Committing crimes, ignoring established policies, procedures and Indiana law DID NOT STAND In the way or presume to stop these child-trafficking creeps from ILLEGALLY AND FRAUDULENTLY Terminating my parental rights, even when the legally required findings to do so had NOT BEEN MET!!
    This type of judicial misconduct is APPALLING!! Join with me in the fight to bring this judge Down and to GET MY SON HOME, WHERE HE BELONGS!!


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